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Wednesday, July 2, 2014
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America Growing Angrier at the Federal Government
Guests: Father Gerald Murray & Pastor Joshua DuBois
"As you may know, the feds cannot stop the flow of illegal immigrant children into the USA. The situation has overwhelmed the border states and now thousands of illegal aliens are being sent to other communities around the country. More than 100 illegal aliens were sent to settle in Murrieta, California, but protesters blocked the buses. That confrontation got nasty, not what America is supposed to be. The fault lies mainly with the federal government and the president. Mr. Obama knew for years that the border was not secure and that smugglers were developing an industry to bring tens of thousands of foreign nationals into the USA illegally, aided by Mexico. So now we have mass chaos, a humanitarian disaster, and anger that may erupt into violence. Americans should not despise illegal aliens, who are mostly victims. But the federal government has an obligation to enforce the law and enforce the borders, and for decades they have not fulfilled that obligation. The result is a growing animosity among the folks, which should never happen. But it's the incompetence of the federal government that is driving that."

The Factor pursued the immigration issue with Joshua DuBois, a pastor who formerly ran faith-based initiatives in the White House. "I don't think we can blame the federal government," DuBois said. "Congress has lit this fuse as well - what we have is the absence of a plan, and in the absence of a plan we are going to have chaos. President Obama has put forth a number of comprehensive reform plans." Another religious leader, Father Gerald Murray, sympathized with protesters in towns like Murrieta. "I understand people going into the street because their community was about to become the unwilling recipient of people who don't belong in the country. I would advise them to put forth their grievances, but blocking roads is not a good idea." The Factor again blamed the Obama administration for failing to police the border: "The federal government has now put the folks at each others' throats because they will not enforce the law and secure the border. There is a dereliction of leadership."
Assessing Patriotism
Guests: James Carville & Kate Obenshain
A new poll shows that many Americans, particularly liberals and progressives, are not generally proud of this country. The Factor invited Democrat James Carville and Republican Kate Obenshain to opine. "I'm not surprised," Obenshain stated, "because there is a divisiveness that Obama has been stoking since day one. We have a president who has been insisting that things are our fault, but we also have to realize that this started decades ago with the liberal takeover of college campuses." Carville contended that the diminution of patriotism can be partly blamed on the Bush administration. "It's pretty hilarious to say that banks blowing up or the disastrous Iraq war has nothing to do with this. The Republican Party is more unpopular than the Democratic Party and President Obama is significantly more popular than Congress."
Sexist Question?
Guest: Heather Nauert
During a White House briefing this week, reporters actually laughed aloud when administration spokesman Josh Earnest claimed that the president's immigration policies have nothing to do with politics. FNC anchor Heather Nauert entered the No Spin Zone to analyze the incident. "I talked to our folks in Washington," she said, "and two of the three agree that the White House press corps is definitely turning on the president. One reason is the simple policy failures of this administration, and the second part is that they're not satisfied with the answers they're getting." Nauert turned to NBC's Matt Lauer, who was criticized for asking General Motors CEO Mary Barra how she negotiates motherhood and work. "Those are fair questions and good questions," Nauert said. "She brought in the mom subject in another interview and Lauer asked a logical follow up question, a question his largely female audience is wondering about."
News from the Hill
Guests: James Rosen & Carl Cameron
Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron reported the latest on the trials and tribulations of ObamaCare. "It's been ten months since the launch went so badly," he said, "and there are millions of computer glitches that have not been fixed. There are data problems for millions of people, basically the government has not been able to determine whether applicants are eligible for coverage and subsidies." FNC's James Rosen turned to North Korea, where three Americans are in jail. "One of them has been charged with unspecified 'hostile acts' because he reportedly left a bible behind in his hotel room. Another man being held was serving as a Christian missionary when he was detained twenty months ago, and the third American is charged with shredding his tourist visa and demanding asylum. The U.S. doesn't have diplomatic relations with North Korea and we've been warning all Americans not to go there." The Factor concluded, "If you are an American traveling to North Korea, you are out of your mind!"
Do Young Folks Care?
Guests: Greg Gutfeld & Bernard McGuirk
According to a new survey, young Americans care far more about the World Cup than issues like Iraq and the IRS. Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk evaluated the young 'uns and their priorities. "This is no surprise because soccer is the greatest thing ever," Gutfeld joked. "This sport is so interesting that it doesn't need scoring. And our country is in the toilet so we'll take up anything, even soccer, to take our minds off it. I actually took up nude Pilates." McGuirk issued a ringing indictment of young folks and negligent parents. "We've raised a bunch of lowest-common-denominator nitwits. They think a misogynist is somebody who gives you a back rub, they don't know Ghana from yo' mama. If it's not trending on Twitter, they don't care about it."
Chaos at the Border
Guest: Laura Ingraham
The Factor invited radio talk show host Laura Ingraham to put forth her suggestions for dealing with the immigration turmoil. "The first thing you do," she declared, "is start deporting people. Not by the hundreds, but by the thousands. Wherever we find people who are not supposed to be in this country, they have to go back to their home countries. Number two, we have to stop visas and stop foreign aid to countries that do not repatriate their citizens who left and came here illegally. Number three, there has to be an end to 'birthright citizenship.' We should also have severe penalties against employers who knowingly hire illegal workers. There are a lot of steps we can take that will take the magnet away." The Factor warned Ingraham, "If you do have mass deportations the Republican Party would become obsolete."
Doing Something Noble on the 4th of July
One way to celebrate the privilege of living in this great nation is to do something to help other Americans on the Fourth of July.
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