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Monday, July 7, 2014
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Two Dangerous Situations Still Unresolved
"In Iraq, the terrorist thug al-Baghdadi is openly threatening America, Jordan, and other countries, saying that his ISIS army will attack. Incredibly Baghdadi was in U.S. custody, but the Defense Department let him go during the Bush administration. Now he heads perhaps the most powerful terrorist organization in the world. Another big screw up in the war on terror...
"But even more upsetting to some Americans is the chaos on the southern border...The stats are grim: So far this fiscal year, about 300,000 undocumented aliens have been apprehended by the border patrol...that's a 99% increase from fiscal year 2013; so far on President Obama's watch, more than 2 million illegal aliens have been apprehended by federal authorities...
"All over the USA, social problems are arising because of the massive influx of migrants. Again the Obama administration seems unprepared to deal with the problem...Some on the left believe that the USA should accept all so-called refugees, and if you oppose that philosophy, you are inhumane, uncaring, unchristian, and so on...
"There is a lunatic fringe on the right as well, and it greatly harms the debate for effective public policy. The truth is that President Obama has lost control of the process...
"If Americans do not wake up and demand a better performance from their elected officials on all levels, this country will continue to decline. Right now, the President should degrade the ISIS army by using American air power and should move the National Guard to the southern border to stop the madness down there."
Border Chaos
Guest: Alan Long
The town of Murrieta, California has become ground zero for the current border disaster. Last week, the federal government tried to move busloads of illegal aliens to Murrieta, but protesters stopped the buses, making them turn around.

Murrieta Mayor Long explained that while protests have calmed down, emotions are still high in his town because a national problem has landed on their doorsteps. He suggested the facility Homeland Security intended to house these illegals in is basically a jail. When he demanded answers to safety and health concerns, he found out the immigrants didn't have the health screens they needed.

The Factor wondered how Murrieta's Hispanic community is reacting. Long contended many Hispanic legal immigrants in his town share the same concerns as everyone else and just want the immigration process to be fair and efficient.

The Factor commended the Mayor and his town for largely keeping the lid on a tough situation there, but the called the federal government's handling of it outrageous.
Repairing Our Broken Border
Guests: Brit Hume
In the Factor's estimation, it looks like President Obama is "paralyzed" by the ISIS and border situations.

Hume thought it seemed like Obama was going to ask Congress to change the law that treats illegal immigrant children differently than adults. The current law says kids can't be immediately deported, but instead have to be taken into custody and given a hearing before a judge. Obama, according to Hume, has changed his mind about asking Congress to amend this law, which suggests to him that he's in no hurry to solve the problem.

The Factor predicted Obama will go down as one of the top five worst presidents of all time if he doesn't start fixing some of the problems facing this country.
Can the Presidency Be Saved?
Guest: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
As mentioned, if President Obama doesn't start solving problems soon, his administration is likely to go down in history as a disaster.

The Factor expressed confusion over Obama not pulling the trigger on degrading the ISIS army, nor putting any effort into trying to deport the Central American children flooding across our border. He described the President as weak and looking like he doesn't know what to do.

Juan defended the President, saying he has insisted he's eventually going to deport most of these kids, but they're not showing up for hearings, which poses a challenge. In Iraq, Juan cautioned that we have to be careful who we start bombing.

Mary Katharine reminded the Factor that Obama is a reactive leader, not a proactive leader. She is certain Obama doesn't see himself as a failure, but she begged to differ: part of the issue with being president is figuring out solutions to complex problems.

The Factor put forth that if Barack Obama were the CEO of a major American corporation, the stockholders would fire him.

While Juan admitted the President is enjoying the lowest level of confidence since he took office, he claimed to set the record straight on immigration arguing the President has tried to get a comprehensive immigration plan through but Republicans in the House continue to block it.

That doesn't hold water with the Factor - there's only one President and he's responsible.
Trouble at the Border
Guest: Ed Henry
President Obama will visit Texas later in the week, but he's not scheduled to go to the border where all the trouble is. Is this a big mistake?

Ed Henry reported this decision could blow up in the President's face, as he's not just facing criticism from Republicans. A Democratic Congressman from Texas is now even saying the President has been slow to react to the problem. The President is scheduled to attend three fundraisers for the midterm elections and to give a speech on the economy while in Texas. Henry established the counter-argument to the President visiting the border -- the photo-op of him with these Central American kids in the background could be a political embarrassment.

If the Factor were President, he'd go down to the Rio Grande and make a speech saying the chaos has to stop within a week or deportations will start. He said this is a crisis, and the President needs to put the fire out.
Pride Parade
Guests: Jesse Watters
We sent Factor producer Jesse Watters to San Francisco for the annual gay pride parade to see what the folks think of Americans who only believe in traditional marriage.

When Jesse encountered Gavin Newsom, the Lt. Gov. stressed he believes in marriage equality. Nancy Pelosi asked him to tell Bill to love his neighbor. Parade-goers, when asked about people who oppose gay marriage, said the haters should get with the program or go the way of the dinosaurs. Others suggested gay marriage opponents should be shamed for their views.

The Factor was pleased to see that everyone had a sense of humor and treated Watters well.
Check the Hate
A conservative blogger ambushed Hillary Clinton at a book signing, mentioning Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was killed in the Benghazi attack. It was a nasty display, but the results of the poll are in and 62% of viewers didn't think the ambush was out of line. Here's the tip: hate is a motivator, but not a pathway to victory. Check the hate - you're not going to win with it.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Charlotte Kewish, Gibsonia, Pennsylvania ... "I used to live in the Murrieta area and know it's overrun with illegal immigrants. I don't support spitting on anyone but understand why the locals are so angry."

Laura Pairis, Murrieta, California ... "I had to stop a disgusting display by pro-immigrant people who were verbally abusing some elderly people. The bullying swings both ways."

Gary Schwartz, Fort Lee, New Jersey ... "Laura Ingraham's plan to round up illegal aliens for mass deportations would turn the Republican Party into the Know Nothing Party. We are not a police state."
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