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Tuesday, July 8, 2014
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President Obama Getting Hammered Over Illegal Immigration
Guests: Monica Crowley & Kirsten Powers
"Today, the President asked for nearly $4 billion to deal with the crisis on the Texas-Mexican border. Mr. Obama wants to use the money to place more immigration judges at the border, build more detention centers, and hire more Border Patrol agents. But throwing money at the problem will not work. If the President is not going to move the National Guard down there, which would stop people from physically crossing the border, the rest is smoke and mirrors...
"Nancy Pelosi and other liberals ignore the facts, preferring to live in a fantasy world of self-righteousness, attacking those who want immigration law to be enforced and the government run responsibly. According to all the polls, most Americans do want illegal aliens to be treated fairly. Only the fringe has animus towards them. People living in corrupt nations are desperate - most understand that. But fair-minded Americans also understand that this country is in severe decline, and the President, as well as the Democratic Party, is largely responsible for that."

Kirsten theorized that a lot of immigrants, including the Irish, who came to this country at the turn of the century would have taken welfare, if it existed back then. She defended liberals, saying there's nothing self-righteous about wanting to take care of children.

The Factor chastised her for claiming to hold the higher moral ground by wanting an open border situation.

Monica countered and said the earliest waves of immigrants came into this country legally. She opined the Democrats created this crisis so they could demonize Republicans for blocking Obama's immigration reform efforts - in other words, never let a good crisis go to waste.

But the Factor posited the border crisis has now made it impossible for Obama to get his comprehensive immigration reform passed, so he sabotaged himself.

Kirsten reminded viewers that fewer people have crossed our borders illegally under the Obama administration than under the Bush administration.
Defending the Border
Guests: Rep. Louie Gohmert
Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert recently said he believes President Obama is allowing illegal aliens to come to the U.S. in order to turn the state of Texas Democrat.

Rep. Gohmert, in the no spin zone: the President said he was going to turn Texas blue and he's making good on his word with this immigration influx.

The Factor warned that it's quite serious to accuse the President of subverting the process in order to flood the zone with immigrants who will vote Democrat. Because the claim is almost treasonous, it requires evidence.

Rep. Gohmert griped that he's tired of liberals saying they're the ones with compassion. As a nation of laws, he finds it more compassionate to secure the border and make people follow the law.

The Factor contended Nancy Pelosi and her ilk would like to take everyone in the Western Hemisphere in, but Gohmert said that can't be done without harming Americans.
A Libertarian's View of the Border Crisis
Guest: John Stossel
Libertarian John Stossel is not a fan of big government, but it would take big government action to stop the madness at the Mexican border. What does he think we should do?

Stossel launched the discussion by saying libertarians have clear answers to a lot of things, but not to this. When you have a welfare state and many who are coming here to freeload, you can't have open borders.

The Factor maintained liberals don't seem to want to do what's right for America and their open border view will overwhelm our system.

Stossel reminded the Factor Obama has, in fact, been deporting a lot of people, with 38 charter flights a day. But he also said Obama was playing golf and this border thing happened and he didn't know what to do, proving once again his libertarian conviction that government is incompetent.
Chicago Warzone
Guests: Steve Greenberg & Karen Conti
Over the Fourth of July weekend in Chicago, 82 people were shot, 14 of them fatally. Chicago claims to have some of the toughest gun laws in the country, but the problem is they don't enforce the laws.

The Factor reported Chicago is in the bottom three cities of federal prosecution for guns, so he wondered if it isn't the system's fault all these people are being killed.

Greenberg argued gun laws in Chicago were found unconstitutional. Conti explained that prosecutors get the gun charges and it's too much work, too many man hours, the courts are overwhelmed, the prisons are overcrowded - so they knock the charges down to misdemeanors.

Noting that Chicago's gun crimes are concentrated in the black neighborhoods and are mostly gang related, the Factor questioned whether there's also a cultural problem in play.

Greenberg pointed out it's a question of survival for these people because so many of them have guns that you're either going to be shot at or you're going to shoot.

The Factor called the situation in Chicago anarchy and suggested a stop and frisk policy might help police get it under control.
Hot Legal Stories
Guests: Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
The first trial in the Boston Marathon bombing case is underway. Two brothers allegedly set off two bombs, but today federal prosecutors are after a guy who is charged with helping to cover-up the crime.

Lis laid out the case, saying the defendant all but admitted going to the dorm room of younger brother and taking his laptop, firearms, and ammunition out of the room after getting a text during the coverage of the bombing. He is facing 25 years in prison.

Guilfoyle mentioned his defense is that he was going to the room just to get marijuana, but she said there's definitive evidence and predicted he will get convicted.

Andrew Rector, a fan caught by ESPN cameras sleeping at a Yankees game, has filed a $10 million defamation lawsuit against MLB, the Yankees, ESPN, and the ESPN commentators, accusing them of the intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Lis and Guilfoyle both agreed it was frivolous suit that will ultimately be tossed. The Factor asserted the guy's lawyer should be fined for bringing such a ridiculous lawsuit.

Finally, Washington State is celebrating today as marijuana is officially legal there. As a native Washingtonian, Lis doesn't think this is good for her state, as the unintended consequences of legalization are clear.
Can you Trust the Media?
Guest: Charles Krauthammer
Is there any press organization in the United States, besides Fox News, that's really trustworthy? Is anyone truly objective?

Krauthammer, while admitting to reading mainstream papers, insisted he's reading it through a filter because he knows it's liberal

With Krauthammer's column running in the Washington Post, the Factor asked about that outlet's trustworthiness. Krauthammer hailed the WashPo's op-ed page as the finest in the country, but said, like all mainstream media, its hard news is slanted. Pivoting to broadcast news, he purported not to have watched a network newscast in 20 years because he gains nothing from it.

Summing up, Krauthammer left us with some good news: liberals no longer have a monopoly on the media front.
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