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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
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President Obama Stays North of the Border
Guests:Ed Henry
"It has been a bizarre few days for the President. Yesterday he was in Colorado, raising money and socializing, drinking beer, playing pool. In a calm time, there would be nothing wrong with that, but this is far from a calm time. War could break out in the Middle East at any time, and we now have about 60,000 foreign children under U.S. care because the southern border is so chaotic...
"Today, the President arrived in Texas for more fundraising and socializing. He is refusing to go to the border, which has even some of his own supporters mystified...
"The U.N. is lobbying to designate many of the children and their guardians, who illegally entered the USA, as refugees. The United Nations believes that Central American countries are somehow oppressing their populations. Central America has been out of control for decades and the U.N. knows it. But that body would love to dump the problem of incompetent and corrupt governments into the lap of the American taxpayer...
"America is nearly bankrupt, and believe me, that is not compassionate towards we the people...Creating huge social and economic problems inside our own nation is irresponsible and un-American."

Ed Henry acknowledged the President is not listening to anyone right now, including his Democratic supporters who said he should have visited the border. Thus is the current state of his presidency.

The Factor pointed out that conservative Americans, including Republicans in the House, don't trust Barack Obama. The Factor himself once favored immigration reform, but now he wouldn't want to work with the President to get it done.

Henry mentioned that Obama was once again sounding the alarm for comprehensive immigration reform after his meeting today with Gov. Rick Perry. Henry also wanted to give the President some credit for meeting behind closed doors with Perry, who is a political enemy.
John McCain on the President's Troubles
Guests:Senator John McCain
President Obama is currently in Texas but did not visit the border. Is he incompetent?

Sen. McCain admitted Obama is having great difficulty, but he insisted it's more about naiveté than incompetence. He doesn't believe Obama recognizes the U.S. has to play a leadership role in the world, and he fears the lack of positive American leadership is having serious consequences around the world.

The Factor doesn't begrudge the President leisure time, but he would think with a crisis involving children who have been through a horrible ordeal, Obama should be at the border or in one of these shelters talking to people down there.

Sen. McCain said that by not going to the border, the President showed a lack of sensitivity to the issue.

Once again stressing that Americans should not travel to Mexico or buy their products, the Factor bashed our southern neighbor for allowing these Central American kids to march right through their country to America.
Hot Stories from the Beltway
Guests:James Rosen & Carl Cameron
Is the administration doing anything to pressure Mexico to stop to flow of migrant children into the U.S.?

Rosen reported Mexico just added five new control centers along its border to tighten security there, but this is just one part of a larger problem. To address some of the other issues, Central American leaders spoke with Vice President Biden today.

The Factor, however, complained that all this talk is just so hollow and urged the administration to embrace a boycott.

Rosen cautioned that a boycott would have a huge impact on American workers, as we do more business every year with Mexico than we do with Brazil, Russian, India, and China combined.

In a damaging email sent from former IRS head Lois Lerner to another IRS person in April 2013, she mentioned the need to be cautious about what is said in emails.

Cameron reported that when Lerner found out that emails were not automatically saved, her one word response to the IT person was "perfect."

To the Factor, this looks like Lerner is suggesting a cover-up is a good thing.

Cameron produced more evidence: Lerner wanted her federal employees not to put stuff in writing so Congress couldn't get their hands on it. Plus, she wrote these emails right after investigations started into the IRS targeting conservatives.
Jailed for 100 Days in Mexico
Guests:Megyn Kelly
U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi is still being held in a Mexican prison after 100 days!

Megyn called Tahmooressi's hearing today his first opportunity to address the court and tell his side of the story. She expressed concern that he could be in trouble here because Mexican authorities are going to testify he never mentioned he was a Marine or lost, and the authorities don't believe his story.

Nonplussed, the Factor maintained that this isn't a big time gun runner, and for humane reasons, authorities should let him go. After all, he's a U.S. Marine sergeant suffering from PTSD. Megyn argued Mexico takes the rule of law very seriously.

On another topic, Jesse Ventura is suing the widow of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Kyle said on this program before his death that he punched Ventura for bad-mouthing the war and Bush. Ventura, however, says it never happened and he's suing for defamation.

Megyn chastised the former Minnesota governor and told him to grow a thicker skin. She also confirmed it's very hard to prove a defamation case when you're a public figure.

The Factor noted there are witnesses to this incident and thinks if Mrs. Kyle can produce just one witness, Ventura loses.
Miller on the Madness at the Border
Guests:Dennis Miller
After two weeks off, the D-man's back!

He apologized for nearly missing his hit, as traffic in the illegal alien lane on the 405 was really backed up. He joked that any time you're letting your child travel alone on foot internationally, you're not doing a bang up job as a parent.

The Factor indicated it's a more complicated situation than that, and turned the focus to President Obama, whom he said is incapable of doing anything besides blaming House Republicans.

Miller doesn't know why these immigrants even want to come here since our best days as a country are behind us.

For the Factor, the tipping point was when he saw video of a smuggler using a jet ski to bring someone to our side of the Rio Grande.

On the World Cup, the Factor complained that he watched Argentina vs. Netherlands for hours, but there was no scoring.

Miller wondered who the heck would want to watch an Argentina vs. Germany final.
Media Becoming More Fair & Balanced?
Guests:Howard Kurtz & Lauren Ashburn
More and more, we've been seeing the national media realize the Obama administration may not be as great as they once thought.

Kurtz suggested it's getting harder and harder for liberals to defend the President, as this is the 4th or 5th train wreck in a row for his administration. Liberal commentators are disillusioned with their guy.

According to the Factor, MSNBC avoids the issue or throws out straight propaganda, but he is recognizing a shift in the mainstream press.

Ms. Ashburn concurred and said that on MSNBC today, Chris Matthews claimed Obama looked "conflicted" about visiting the border.

Kurtz clarified the President doesn't want to be seen in Brownsville, Texas because then he owns the problem in a visual sense. But the Factor disagreed - and said it's all about avoiding the problem entirely.

Ashburn said the media are turning against Obama now because reporters are actually human beings first and this crisis is too big for them to ignore.
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