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Thursday, July 10, 2014
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GOP Presidential Hopefuls Get a Boost from Border Chaos
Guest: Laura Ingraham
"With President Obama's poll numbers in a freefall and his strategy of disengagement on major issues, some Republican presidential hopefuls are stepping up. The man taking the most advantage of the situation is Texas Governor Rick Perry, who has now become Mr. Obama's primary adversary. Governor Perry is clearly looking to run in 2016, and with a good economic story in Texas he does have a solid foundation. Possible candidate number two is Mitt Romney. Some of his acolytes are whispering that he's considering another presidential run and The Factor has learned that this is not just idle talk. The third possible candidate taking advantage of the southern border situation is Texas Senator Ted Cruz. He is the darling of committed conservatives and is certainly looking at a presidential campaign. You can expect the Republican candidates to become more visible, more vocal, and more critical of President Obama. By early next year they must be out raising money if they want to compete with Hillary Clinton, who is a lock for the Democratic nomination. The border has given Republicans a big opening and there is no doubt that some GOP folks are crossing into presidential competition."

The Factor was joined by conservative Republican Laura Ingraham, who opined on the GOP hopefuls. "Rick Perry has amazing fundraising ability," she said, "and he has a lot of star power one-on-one with people. He lights up a room, people like him, and he stepped up in this current border crisis." Ingraham also assessed the other Republicans mentioned in the Talking Points Memo. "I think it's still a long shot for someone like Romney. Remember that a couple of million people stayed home and I'm not sure what state he would win in 2016 that he didn't win last time around. As for Ted Cruz, he has been playing nice with the establishment lately and this border thing throws everything into flux. Do I think Ted Cruz will be the nominee? I don't, but he might surprise a lot of people." The Factor concluded, "I think Governor Perry has put himself as the front-runner because he would be acceptable to many Republicans."
Going to Texas, but Not the Border
Guests: James Carville & Andrea Tantaros
Some Democrats are criticizing President Obama for visiting Texas for fundraisers but avoiding the border. Republican Andrea Tantaros and Democrat James Carville evaluated the president's decision. "I think this was a significant mistake," Carville conceded. "The public expects a president to show up at these kinds of moments and people are frustrated. He should have gone, this is a humanitarian crisis." Tantaros also questioned the judgment of the president's advisors. "This was a huge mistake. If he had gone to the border or even just to one of the immigration processing centers, he could have had the moral high ground and taken the issue away from Republicans. But he didn't go because he and his press secretary repeatedly told us that they sealed the border."
Border Chaos
Guests: Rep. Steve King & Linda Chavez
The Factor pursued the border issue and President Obama's request for emergency funding with columnist Linda Chavez and Republican Congressman Steve King. "I'm not going to vote to approve $3.7 billion for the president to hire more lawyers and to squander," King declared. "There is nothing in this that actually secures the border, and until we stop the bleeding at the border we are not going to solve this problem. I have concluded that the president has no intention to secure the border." But Chavez urged Congress to approve the money. "I want these kids to be able to get back home to El Salvador and Honduras and Guatemala, but it cannot happen unless Congress appropriates money so we have enough judges to hear the cases. We have a human trafficking law that says these kids have to be handled a certain way, we have to deal humanely with these kids."
What Makes YOU Mad?
Guests Heather Nauert
FNC anchor Heather Nauert joined The Factor to field letters from angry viewers. One of them, Melinda Davis of St. Louis, Missouri, is ticked because her hometown newspaper leans so far to the left. "The St. Louis Post-Dispatch filed for bankruptcy a couple of years ago," Nauert reported, "and that paper really is left. I'm not even talking about the editorial page, but the news pages lionize Democrats or promote a liberal agenda." Meanwhile, Georgian Marty Wilkes is peeved because alcohol use, despite its often tragic consequences, is widely celebrated in popular culture and commercials. "About 30% of driving fatalities are related to alcohol," Nauert said. "I'm glad this person called it a tragedy because alcoholism can destroy families."
Is the media changing its tune with the Obama administration?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
The Factor welcomed FNC media analyst Bernie Goldberg, who took issue with Sarah Palin's recommendation that President Obama be impeached. "There are only two groups that think impeachment is a good idea," Goldberg opined. "The hard right because they are ideological purists, and the hard left because they know it will destroy the Republican Party. The good news is that no serious politician will take this seriously." Goldberg also examined whether the mainstream media, even MSNBC, are more likely to criticize President Obama. "From time to time, especially when his poll numbers are low, the press will get tough on Barack Obama. But it never lasts. If the press has suddenly decided to behave like real journalists, why haven't they jumped on the IRS scandal? If things get worse for Barack Obama, are we really supposed to believe that they're going to behave like real journalists and push him off a cliff?"
Low income? Get free pot!
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Hard Work Pays Off
The film version of "Killing Kennedy" has been nominated for an Emmy as best TV movie of the year.
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