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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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The Collapse of the Southern Border
Guests: Genevieve Wood & Jason Roe
What do you think about the collapse of the southern border? I use the word collapse because when the most powerful nation on Earth cannot or will not stop people from illegally entering, our border protection has collapsed. A new poll by the Public Religion Research Institute asked Americans about the kids coming illegally to the U.S.A. 70% said we should offer shelter and support while beginning a process to determine whether they should be deported, while 26% said we should deport them immediately. Americans are a compassionate people, we want poor children to be treated humanely and fairly. But most of us understand that not controlling our southern border is a magnet for illegal aliens. The hidden headline is that not one president has even tried to seal the southern border. The reason is purely political. The Hispanic lobby is powerful, and so is big business, which has used illegal aliens as cheap labor. So the dereliction of duty on the part of all presidents and Congress is appalling, and we the people are suffering, along with defenseless children. Talking Points will remind everyone that most illegal immigrants are good people, most of them help the nation because they work hard. But 50% of all families headed by an immigrant receive some kind of welfare, so immigration certainly should be controlled. Bottom line, we need to stop illegal immigration into the U.S.A. ... cold.

The Factor elicited reaction from Republican strategist Jason Roe and Genevieve Wood of the conservative Heritage Foundation. "You're right that there is a combination between the Hispanic lobby and big business," Roe said, "in terms of the work force we're importing to do the jobs that a lot of Americans don't want to do. After 9/11 George Bush could have implemented the most draconian border protection policies in history, but instead he decided to lead with the guest worker program. That undermined the will to do anything serious about border control." Wood described her recent visit to the Texas-Mexico border. "Every official I talked to told me they had never been overrun like this, and everybody said they are coming here because they understood that if they got in they would be allowed to stay. Americans are told that you're somehow 'anti-immigrant' or 'inhumane' if you want to secure the border, and that's just not true. It's important to remember that we let in over a million legal immigrants every year."
True Colors Exposed
Guests: Carl Cameron & James Rosen
Newly released emails reveal that former IRS official Lois Lerner mocked and denounced conservatives. Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron reported the latest. "Some of the emails are salty," he said, "and in one email she calls conservatives whackos and ***holes. In another, she actually compares conservatives to terrorists. Republicans say this shows she was clearly mistreating conservatives." The Factor reminded viewers that President Obama insisted there was not even a smidgen of corruption at the IRS: "If you have a high ranking IRS official calling a political party obscene names, that's a 'smidgen' of evidence, Mr. President." Moving to foreign affairs, FNC's James Rosen analyzed Secretary of State John Kerry's decision to visit India while other parts of the world are in turmoil. "The question of whether Kerry is too 'all over the place' is misleading," he declared. "It's akin to the question of whether the president should ever take a vacation. The quality and pervasiveness of modern communications make it possible for officials to administer their duties even while on the road."
Fixing the VA
Guest:Senator Bernie Sanders (I)
Congress is about to pass a bill intended to repair the severely damaged Department of Veterans Affairs. Senator Bernie Sanders explained what's in the legislation. "This will address the problems of long waiting times," he said, "by providing money to allow veterans to go out and get private health care. This also rebuilds the VA, making sure there are enough doctors and nurses, and we make sure that people who lie or manipulate data can be fired easily." When The Factor asked Sanders how the VA became so chaotic to begin with, the Senator protested the premise of the question. "If you talk to most veterans," he insisted, "they will tell you that once they get into the VA the quality of care is good. The problem is one of access in certain parts of the country. We need better management and we need accountability."
Demanding Answers
Guest: Mary Ann Mendoza
The Factor welcomed Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son Brandon was killed by a drunk driver in Arizona. That driver, Raul Silva Corona, was in this country despite being an illegal alien with a criminal record. Mendoza revealed that she has written a letter to President Obama. "I asked him for an explanation," she said, "as to why illegal alien criminals are allowed to stay in our country and kill our citizens. President Obama seems to be willing to raise the limit of crimes that illegals can commit in this country before they are deported, and I don't think this is something Americans should allow." The Factor told Mendoza not to expect a reply to her letter: "There is no answer, the federal government is derelict in all of these things. As soon as an illegal alien commits a crime, he or she should be on the next plane."
Welfare in the U.S.
Guest: Dennis Miller
Dennis Miller entered the No Spin Zone with an unusual request. "About 50% of Americans pay federal income tax and 50% don't," he began, "so I'd like to go to a one-on-one sponsorship where I could actually meet the guy once a month at a diner and slide the check across the table. That's a joke, I actually don't really think people owe me an explanation about why they're on welfare, but I do think they owe the federal government. I find it truly heartless on liberals' parts that they lump the truly needy in with the truly seedy. I want to help the helpless, but I don't want to help the clueless. It's heartbreaking what liberals do to the poor people when they say everybody on welfare deserves it."
Violent Confrontation Caught on Tape
Guest: Martha MacCallum
Mireille Miller-Young a professor at the University of California, was arrested after she physically assaulted some pro-life demonstrators on campus. FNC's Martha MacCallum reported on the outcome of the case. "This professor essentially pled no contest to battery, vandalism, and grand theft," McCallum stated, "and she'll be sentenced in August. She's an associate professor of feminist studies who teaches a class in pornography and sexuality. The only comment from the school was that they really shouldn't let outsiders onto the campus." The Factor decried the double standard on liberal college campuses, saying, "Things would be much different if a professor had grabbed a sign from a pro-choice person."
Legalizing Marijuana
Our poll on the legalization of marijuana caught the attention of the pro-pot brigades, who flooded the poll and totally skewed the results. The lesson is that morons are everywhere, but especially difficult to avoid on the Internet.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Dianne Cowell, Bloomfield Hills, MI: "Bill, excellent Talking Points about the dangers of ISIS and the attacks on Christians. Also, how frightening is it that the U.S. carelessly allowed weapons to go missing in Afghanistan?"

Simon Obi, Sun City, AZ: "Illegal immigration is not primarily President Obama's fault. Blaming him for everything is just part of Fox News' method of discrediting him."

Joan Schnabel, Harwich, MA: "As my Irish grandmother might say to Jesse Ventura, take the money and all the bad luck that goes with it."