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Thursday, August 14, 2014
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Our Presidential Pundit
"President Obama interrupted his vacation today to chime in on the racial unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. He said 'there is never an excuse for violence against police' and 'no excuse for police to use excessive force against peaceful protests.' The leader of the free world, with sagging approval numbers, is jumping into another local criminal justice situation before all the facts have been gathered, before authorities on the ground have completed their investigation. Remember his 'beer summit' after his silly comments on the Henry Louis Gates break-in? Or his 'If-I-had-a-son-he'd-look-like-Trayvon' remarks? These interjections have stoked racial discord in America, and have sown more distrust between minorities and local law enforcement. Think about what the president said today - while urging calm, he also intimated that the Missouri police are out of control, targeting the largely minority crowds with unreasonable force. This is irresponsible and dangerous speculation, especially coming from the president. There is the distinct possibility that politics is really the impetus driving the president's involvement. His numbers are down and his party is looking vulnerable in November, so he switches the focus to racial injustice in Missouri and away from his policy failures to try to gin up the base. This is textbook Obama. The country is facing serious national issues every day - a demoralized middle class, mass illegal immigration, major foreign policy quandaries. He should stop micromanaging local police and stop playing the politics of division. There is supposed to be a difference between being the president of the United States and a liberal commentator on"
Tension in Missouri
Guests:Mike Tobin & McGraw Milhaven
For the latest on the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, Laura welcomed FNC correspondent Mike Tobin and St. Louis radio talk show host McGraw Milhaven. "Police Chief Thomas Jackson says his officers have come under fire from rocks and Molotov cocktails," Tobin reported, "and that the police helicopter has been fired on. He said that is what led to the amount of force that they showed here today. But if this was intended to calm things, it's had the opposite effect. Now the demonstrations are about both the death of Michael Brown and police tactics as well. Protesters feel that President Obama came down on their side and put the weight of the White House in their corner." Milhaven lauded the police for their restraint. "People have been talking about police brutality for the past five days, but do you know how many people have been injured by police over the past five days? Zero! No one has been injured and the police brutality angle on this is absurd." Laura criticized those protesters who have descended on Ferguson to stir up more trouble: "There are a lot of opportunists in this crowd. The death of an unarmed black teenager is serious stuff, but there's all sorts of hooliganism and people taking advantage."
Reporters Swarm Missouri
Guest:Howard Kurtz
Laura was joined by FNC media analyst Howard Kurtz, who assessed the multitudes of media that have flooded to Ferguson. "There does seem to be an anti-press attitude among some members of the police force," he said, "and firing tear gas at a camera crew is an attack on journalism. I am troubled by the way the national media feasts on these racially charged cases, but also by the cops arresting reporters and asking them to turn off their camera phones." Laura reminded Kurtz that some reporters seem to be goading the cops: "I am not a police apologist, but in some cases the journalists are all hopped-up. Everyone is looking for a confrontation."
More on the Situation in Missouri
Guest:Benjamin Crump
For another perspective on the Missouri racial tension, Laura spoke with attorney Benjamin Crump, who is representing the family of slain teenager Michael Brown. "The family was heartened," Crump said, "to hear President Obama address Michael and the situation in their home town. These parents are trying to deal with the reality that their son was shot multiple times by a police officer in broad daylight when he was clearly unarmed. They continue to wait for answers from the police department, but the police won't even give the name of the officer who shot their son. We want an independent autopsy because there is no way to justify doing this to this kid." Crump added that Michael Brown's parents are "very disappointed" with the looting and rioting that has ravaged the town of Ferguson.
Tension Between Hillary & Obama
Guests:Richard Fowler & John Rowley
Laura turned to politics and the reported rift between President Obama and his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Democratic strategist John Rowley and radio talk show host Richard Fowler entered the No Spin Zone to opine. "In terms of presidential politics," Rowley said, "this is probably a good exchange for Hillary. Anybody who seeks to be the nominee of their party wants to carve out some space, so whether her criticism a few days ago was casual or calculated, this will accrue to her benefit." Fowler expressed doubt as to whether or not Hillary Clinton is actually going to run. "Clearly she is trying to create distance between herself and the White House that she was once part of, but it's really too early to tell if she's running." Laura scoffed at that suggestion: "Are you kidding me, you're still guessing about whether Hillary is going to run for president? Why go and criticize Obama if you're not running for president?"
Powerful New Film
Guests:Harvey Weinstein & Michael Flaherty
A new movie called "The Giver" looks at an ominous future where an all-powerful government controls everything, including people's emotions. Producers Harvey Weinstein and Michael Flaherty joined Laura to talk about the film. "This is one of the most beloved books ever," Weinstein said, "and I called Meryl Streep and said I really wanted her to do this because she and Jeff Bridges would be great dueling politically. The movie gets both viewpoints out there." Flaherty explained that the movie benefits from the fact that he and Weinstein don't see eye-to-eye politically. "You don't have to agree on everything, you just have to agree on one thing in a joint venture. But we also found out that we agree on a lot more than we ever would have suspected." Laura gave "The Giver" a hearty two-thumbs-up: "I love this film, which represents different things to different people. I thought about it for weeks after seeing it."
An Update on the Tragic Loss of Robin Williams
Guest:Dr. Marc Siegel
Earlier today Robin Williams' widow revealed that in addition to suffering from depression and anxiety, he had also been battling the early stages of Parkinson's disease. Could that have contributed to the depression that ultimately caused him to take his own life?
Best of Watters' World
Guest:Jesse Watters
Tonight, Jesse discovers just how much Americans know about the nation's history, asks folks to grade the president and checks out Hillary Clinton's book tour as it rolls through Manhattan.