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Monday, September 29, 2014
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Why President Obama and Congress are Not Protecting Us Effectively
"If you are not troubled about how the USA is being run, you are not paying attention. The threat from Islamic killers is growing, and our response is disorganized to say the least. But even more dangerous than that is the fact that our government is caught by surprise time after time. That is simply unacceptable, and the one body that could do something about it is Congress. The House and Senate have oversight on the president and how he conducts himself in office, yet our Congress people and Senators say little. A few like John McCain and Lindsey Graham have been outspoken about the danger to America, and they have been vilified by the left as warmongers. On the Democratic side we hear gibberish, foolish rationalizations, or attacks on people like me, who are pointing out the danger of the worldwide jihad. Last night on '60 Minutes,' President Obama stuck by his talking points, saying this: 'We've got to get Arab and Muslim leaders to say very clearly, these folks do not represent Islam.' So let me get this straight: President Obama believes that he is going to get Muslim leaders to speak out against the jihad? Most Muslims are peaceful people, but Muslims are afraid that if they do speak out they will be killed by the jihadists. However, in his interview last night President Obama remained positive, saying there is 'an unprecedented international coalition.' The fact is that out of the 62 coalition nations only four will attack ISIS inside Syria. That is a very weak coalition, a bunch of nations that are talking but are not acting. The sad fact is that the United States is the only nation on the Earth capable of destroying the jihad. China and Russia could do it, but will not because they want to see America damaged. Their capabilities are directed toward expanding their power, not fighting evil. The jihadists well understand that the West does not have the will to defeat them. That's why they behead people on camera. These savages do not fear reprisals because the reprisals are so weak. The jihadists are all over the world now, and our government is befuddled to say the least. President Obama and leaders of Congress need to sit down and find out why we are so often taken by surprise by dangerous situations. There is something very wrong here, and it's just a matter of time until more Americans die because of it."
How to Defeat ISIS
Guest:Brit Hume
FNC's Brit Hume entered the No Spin Zone with his observations on President Obama's Sunday night '60 Minutes' interview. "The thing that was most striking," Hume opined, "was his effort to blame the intelligence community and its leader Jim Clapper for failing to see the strength of ISIS in Iraq. But even if we assume that there had been no intelligence, back in February ISIS had crossed into Iraq from Syria and captured Fallujah and Ramadi. So their capacities were unmistakable and the fact that we missed the whole thing is absurd. In the sense of taking responsibility, President Obama is weak. But he's strong and stubborn when it comes to sticking to policies even when they're manifestly failing." The Factor concluded, "Either we have a tremendous intelligence problem or the president simply doesn't care about it."
Oklahoma Beheading
Guests: Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
30-year-old Alton Nolen, who recently converted to Islam, is accused of beheading a former co-worker in Oklahoma last week. The Factor analyzed the case with Juan Williams and Mary Katharine Ham. "This guy has a criminal record," Williams said, "and he has assaulted a police officer. But you can't ignore the fact that he recently converted to Islam and he killed somebody by beheading them. People who don't want to see that connection are ignoring what's staring them in the face." Ham ridiculed those on the left who insist that Islam is totally unrelated to this crime. "It's willful blindness. This doesn't have to be all about Islam, but it's part of the equation and it's what the FBI is investigating. This is America's first 'workplace beheading,' and there tends to be one strain of religious extremists who do that."
The Media & President Obama
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
The Factor asked Bernie Goldberg to grade Steve Kroft's '60 Minutes' interview with President Obama. "I'll be diplomatic and say it was somewhere between an 'A' and an 'F,'" Goldberg began. "President Obama is very slick and if you are going to stand a chance of getting information, it has to be with follow-up questions. I think Steve Kroft's questions were fine, but the follow-ups not so much." Goldberg added that ratings for this '60 Minutes' episode were extremely low. "Even with all the promotion that he was going to be on, people say they don't want to hear him, they've heard it all already." The Factor advised questioners to be more combative when interviewing President Obama: "They don't debate the president, which is the only way you'll get anything out of him. You have to say, 'Mr. President, isn't it your fault that these two American journalists were beheaded because if you had taken action last March the ISIS guys might be dead by now?'"
Hot Legal Stories
Guest: Megyn Kelly
Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly joined The Factor to discuss the recent shooting of a cop in Ferguson, Missouri. "This happened under strange circumstances," she explained. "Police first said that this officer saw two suspects trying to burglarize a community center. But then the police changed their story and said no one was trying to burglarize the center and there was just one shooter. The suspect is still at large." Kelly also predicted that Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi will soon be released from the Mexican jail where he has languished for six months. "He has already spent more time in jail than virtually any other soldier, and apparently things are getting a lot more friendly between the prosecution and the defense attorney." The Factor added, "We will say prayers tonight that the sergeant gets out this week."
Watters & the ACLU
Guest:Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters visited the college town of Princeton, New Jersey, where he interviewed some attendees at an American Civil Liberties Union conference. A few of their far-far-left sentiments: "I'm opposed to the war on terror, I think it's way too broad" ... "You can't just prosecute a war because we wish to execute everyone who might do us harm" ... "They have very extreme agenda, but we have people in this country like fundamentalist Christians who have very extreme agendas" ... "If someone sells a little meth on the corner, I don't think he needs to go to prison for a long time." Watters revealed that he got out safely and is not a card-carrying member of the ACLU ... yet.
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Nick Talaganis, Anaheim, CA: "O'Reilly, so no big deal that the president gives a half-assed salute to a Marine. You defend it because he has helped get wheelchairs for wounded vets. Is that spin?"

Scott Dowling, Ballybunion, Ireland: "Hey, Bill, I looked up your name on YouTube and much of the stuff was misleading. They have a video entitled 'O'Reilly: we don't owe anything to homeless vets.'"

Joe Chuchran, Cedar Hills, UT: "Bill, Gutfeld hit it out of the park when he described why we in Utah are so happy! He is wise beyond his years, and you should listen to him."
Dealing With Dumb People
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