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Friday, October 3, 2014
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Disturbing News about Ebola
"33-year-old Ashoka Mukpo, an American freelance cameraman for NBC News, has contracted Ebola in Liberia and is being flown back to the USA for treatment. Mr. Mukpo was working with NBC News medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman, who is also being flown back to America in a private plane. She and her team will be in quarantine for 21 days. The Factor has called for the Obama administration to halt flights and deny entry to any person in West Africa until the epidemic subsides, but so far that request has not been heeded. At least 13 African countries are restricting people entry from the nations where Ebola is a problem. In addition, British Airways and Air France, among others, have suspended flights to dangerous areas. But the USA has done nothing. Does that make sense to you? 3,000 American military people have been ordered to Africa to help out, and that's humane and proper, but civilians are another matter. Talking Points despises panic and irrational fear, but thinking ahead and taking precautions is simply responsible policy. Time and again, the Obama administration has failed to do that. The Ebola virus will eventually be controlled, but right now action is needed to make sure Americans are protected. So let's get on it, Mr. President."

The Factor diagnosed the Ebola panic with physicians Marty Makarey and Mary Schmidt. "In the context of other infections and threats," Makary said, "more people will die of the common cold in the United States. If a flu virus mutates from China, we don't stop flights from China. I think it's reasonable to limit flights from West Africa, but if we enact too dramatic of a limitation we won't get the humanitarian folks in and out." Schmidt, who specializes in infectious diseases, worried that infected individuals will always find a way to get to the USA. "Stopping flights will be helpful, but one problem is transit from these countries to other countries. To have better screening of flights is a good idea." Nevertheless, The Factor insisted, "There is no reason on earth that we should be accepting anyone into this country with a West African passport."
Bergdahl Investigation Update
It's been four months since Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, likely a deserter who was captured by the Taliban, was swapped for five Gitmo terrorists. The Factor asked former Marine prosecutor Christopher Oprison and former Pentagon official Cully Stimson to explain. "Unlike most courts martial where the investigation is done relatively quickly," Stimson said, "the Army inserted a general into the process to do a full investigation before the potential court martial even started. So there's an extra bump along the way." Oprison implied that the administration is delaying the proceeding in order to avoid damaging the Obama administration. "This is one guy! How long does it take to do an interview? The general waited almost two months to do his interview with Bergdahl. I think they're slow-rolling this, everything about this stinks!"
Ferguson Still in Chaos
The Factor welcomed St. Louis radio talk show host McGraw Milhaven, who provided the latest on continuing protests in Ferguson, Missouri. "These protesters are more like jihadists or anarchists," he said. "They're not protesting for anything, they're just looking for trouble. Most of the people who are breaking windows are not from Ferguson, but they're being led by elected officials who want to make trouble. When you ask the protesters what they want, they don't really have an answer except that they want prosecutor Bob McCulloch off the case. But he was just re-elected and has the support of the entire community. We are watching Ferguson die a slow death, we are losing all sense of civility."
What Makes YOU Mad?
Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson responded to emails from some angry viewers. One of them, Ashley Cracker of North Carolina, is befuddled by the outrage over the football nickname "Redskins." "There are 80 Native American councils who want a name change, "Carlson reported, "but if you ask Americans, 71% say the Redskins should keep the name. The latest poll of American Indians was done in 2004, and back then 90% of American Indians said the name didn't bother them." Another viewer, Floridian Tom Price, is upset because he can no longer have driver's licenses issued in two different states. "This has been in place since 9/11," Carlson said. "If you live in New York and Florida, you can't have two licenses, you have to have one or the other. It's about security."
Controversial New Law
Nancy Pelosi got upset this week when a reporter asked her about "illegal aliens," eschewing Pelosi's preferred term "undocumented immigrants." Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk, both fully documented, entered the No Spin Zone to react. "Nancy and I talk about this all the time," Gutfeld joked. "She doesn't refer to me as 'short,' I am an 'air-space conservationist.' I keep a lot of space above me free so other people can use it. Words are more important than deeds to a leftist." McGuirk was bemused by the left's word games. "A 'trailer park' is now a 'mobile home,' a 'bum' is 'homeless,' and you can't say 'dingbat,' which brings me to Ms. Pelosi." The boys then looked west to California, which has enacted a ban on plastic shopping bags. "The tree-huggers out there," McGuirk groused, "claim these plastic bags are killing the ocean and the sea turtles and the seagulls. But with all due respect to the seagulls, I have to get my groceries home. Paper bags rip and the beer falls out."
University Cancels Controversial Party
Brown University in Rhode Island has canceled its annual sex party, although the $50,000-a-year school still celebrates "nudity week." Jesse Watters, fully clothed, paid a visit to Brown during last year's nudity week. "It provides a comfortable space for people to express themselves," one student told him. Another said, "Some of the kids here are really into being naked," while another insisted, "It's a good way for students to feel comfortable with their bodies." Back in the studio, Watters reported on the end of Brown's annual sex bacchanal. "It got a little nasty," he said. "There were sexual assaults and people were taken to the emergency room. I think they self-imposed the ban because it was getting a little crazy."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Al Tornblad, Tigard, OR: "I am elated to have Alan Colmes comforting us about Ebola when another disease spread by bodily fluids, AIDS, has resulted in approximately 30 million dead."

Don Newsham, Happy Jack, AZ: "Colmes is right. You are fear mongering, Bill. Ebola can only be passed along through bodily fluid contact."

Scott Thompson, Houston, TX: "If we do not close our borders to West Africans, any person who gets sick over there can get on a plane and come to the USA for medical care. It's self-preservation!"
President Obama Criticizing Fox News
President Obama, who took another shot at Fox News this week, should know that FNC has not been unfair to him. We cover him with skepticism, which is exactly how journalists should treat every powerful person.