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Monday, February 23, 2015
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Giuliani vs Obama
Guests:Mary Katharine Ham & Juan Williams
"Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has questioned whether President Obama loves America. In the mayor's opinion, he does not. That has ignited a firestorm, but the mayor is not backing down. No one can know what is in the heart of any individual, but let's look at the two men. Rudy Giuliani was deeply affected by the attack on 9/11. Day after day he had to console the families of those who were killed. You might say the mayor was a casualty of the terror attack because he experienced so much pain. Thus, Mr. Giuliani despises the terror killers who murdered all those innocent people. So if you are not aggressively fighting those savages, Rudy Giuliani does not approve of you. Therefore, his opinion of President Obama is negative. On the president's side, he is not deeply emotional about fighting terrorism. Soon after condemning the beheading of journalist James Foley, the president took to the golf course. That was a mistake and Rudy Giuliani certainly noticed it. Barack Obama is a man who lives in his head, he is largely unemotional. Rudy Giuliani is the opposite, he takes wrong-doing very personally. These two men have a drastically different view of life. Talking Points believes President Obama does love his country. I've had conversations with him about helping wounded vets and American history, and I don't doubt his patriotism. But if he were here today on this set, I would tell him that he needs to stop equivocating about terrorism. On his watch ISIS has grown from a nothing organization to a powerful terror threat. That's not a good thing to have on your resume. The president needs to begin taking ISIS and the other jihadists somewhat personally, the way Giuliani does. If he would take a leadership role in defeating the jihadists, Mayor Giuliani and other critics would begin to support him. One more thing: Those haters who call Rudy Giuliani a racist are despicable. As mayor of New York City, Mr. Giuliani saved thousands of black lives by devoting much of his time to making poor neighborhoods safer. He took crime and murder in the black precincts personally, and he succeeded in making those neighborhoods safer."

The Factor invited analysis from Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams. "What Giuliani did was divisive," Williams declared. "He basically said the man is not a patriot and does not love his country, which is a personal attack. I think Giuliani hurt Republicans." Ham took aim at the mainstream media for its coverage of this squabble. "The media has so comically overblown this - they go overboard when any Republican says anything, but they don't say anything when Democrats call Republicans 'hostage takers' or things like that."
Sticking up for the State Dept.
Guest:James Rosen
While State Department spokespersons Jen Psaki and Marie Harf have been widely ridiculed, Fox News correspondent James Rosen has gone out of his way to compliment the spokes-duo. He entered the No Spin Zone to explain his assessment. "There have been photo-shopped images of these women," Rosen lamented, "and they've been called 'dumb bitches' and 'Lucy and Ethel.' I've given each of those women a tough time with very pointed questions, and one can disagree with the policies these women are paid to promote. But both of them are smart and competent professionals and they don't deserve to be skewered along sexual or gender lines."
Attacks on the Factor
Guest:Joe Concha
Last week the far-left writer David Corn accused Bill of exaggerating his war reporting in the 1982 Falklands War, but CBS News has now released footage that backs up Bill's account of the mayhem in Buenos Aires. Former NBC News Miami bureau chief Don Browne, who oversaw that network's coverage, gave his recollection of the chaos in Buenos Aires. "There were tanks in the streets," he said, "and it was a country at war. Buenos Aires got progressively more intense, it was a situation where people got hurt." Media reporter Joe Concha portrayed the Mother Jones story as a political hit job. "David Corn was employed by Fox News as a contributor from 2001 to 2008, but his contract wasn't renewed, which is a nice way of saying, 'you're fired.' And former CBS reporter Eric Engberg went on CNN and called it a relatively tame riot. But the video that CBS News released today contradicts that." The Factor concluded with this testament: "It was an extremely violent and volatile situation, and every single fact I reported about this Falklands experience is true."
Unfair Coverage?
Guest:Brit Hume
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, has been attacked by the New York Times columnist Gail Collins and other liberal outlets. FNC's Brit Hume analyzed the coverage. "Gail Collins claimed that a teacher lost her job because of budget cuts Walker had put through," Hume said, "but those cuts went into effect before he became governor. It was a glaring error, but no correction appeared in the paper for six days and there was no apology from Gail Collins. If you make a big error like that, you want your audience to know that you recognize the error and you regret it." The Factor suggested that GOP candidates should get used to negative coverage: "I don't think any of the Republican contenders can get a fair shot in the media, they're going to tear them all down."
The American media in crisis
Guest:Bernie Goldberg
While Scott Walker has been under fire in the media, what kind of coverage can Hillary Clinton expect? The Factor posed that question to Bernie Goldberg. "The press is probably going to go easy on her," Goldberg predicted. "They're going to treat her like they treated Barack Obama, who was a historical figure. The elite media has always been liberal, but the media in general has become even nastier. Some of the radicals of the 60s who marching on campus and setting fires are now teaching journalism." The Factor lamented, "I truly believe that this is the lowest level of national press the country has ever seen."
The Global Warming Edition
Guest:Jesse Watters
Neither bitter cold nor massive snowdrifts could stop Jesse Watters from making his appointed rounds. The intrepid Watters trekked north to Boston, which has been smacked by blizards and sub-zero temperatures, and asked some people about the phenomenon formerly known as "global warming." Some of their replies: "I'm up to my rear end in global warming and if I see Al Gore I'll punch him" ... "Al Gore's an idiot" ... "This is God's way of punishing liberals who voted for Obama and Elizabeth Warren."
When You're Right, Don't Back Down
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