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Thursday, April 21, 2016
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Donald Trump and the Media
"From the very beginning Mr. Trump's run for the White House has been met with scorn from many in the national press. There are a number of reasons. He's obviously a non-liberal candidate. He has mobilized support by mentioning ethnic groups like Mexicans and Muslims in negative ways. Also, he has used a variety of personal attacks against his opponents, although the media is no stranger to that technique. However, the root cause of the media's disdain for Donald Trump is not his policy or behavior on the campaign trail. It's him, who he is - a wealthy man who is not politically correct and who has made an enormous amount of money by selling himself in high-profile ways. Mr. Trump knows the press is against him and uses that to stoke up his supporters. But he also knows that if he wins the White House he will have to make some kind of arrangement with the press corps, thus he tempers his remarks somewhat. But make no mistake. Trump knows the media will support Hillary Clinton and will denigrate him at every turn, sometimes savagely. The New York Daily News, a rank tabloid will do just about anything, including denigrating those voting for Trump. The Philadelphia Daily News, another down market tabloid, is the same kind of situation. There are no limits. But the network news and cable operations like CNN will be a bit more measured, knowing that they will lose audience if they attack Trump outright. In the end Donald Trump will not get a fair shake from the press. As the campaign against Hillary Clinton unfolds, things will become brutal and the press will try to rattle Mr. Trump. They see him as personally unworthy, beneath them and destructive to their ideology. Mr. Trump needs to begin preparing himself for the onslaught."

The Factor asked for reaction from communications professor Jeffrey McCall and media analyst Steve Adubato. "Even when newspapers hate him and go after Trump," Adubato observed, "they can't live without him. I'm not a fan of his, but you can not look away from this guy. He is such a gift to the media that even those who hate him are rooting for him to win the Republican nomination. What the media hates more than a candidate they disagree with is a boring campaign." McCall pointed out that coverage of Trump has undergone a gradual shift. "The media at first treated Trump as a novelty, and now they are treating him as dangerous and unfit. The majority of coverage has dealt with issues having nothing to do with his position on issues. Many people view the media as the establishment and Trump certainly represents the anti-establishment." The Factor concluded with a prediction, saying, "The elitists who control the media and the major urban newspapers are going to come after Donald Trump."
Running Mates for Hillary and Donald
Dana Perino entered the No Spin Zone and put forth some very early predictions regarding vice presidential possibilities. "The good news for Republicans," she said, "is that there is a strong bench across the country. So if you're a New York guy like Trump, you probably need a conservative westerner. Meanwhile, the Clinton temptation is always to focus group everything to death. But I have always thought that Senator Mark Warner of Virginia is a good choice for her. He's understated, he's well-liked by the military, and Virginia is important." The Factor offered some sage advice to Donald Trump: "There is only one choice if he wants to win the White House, and that is Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico. She is a Republican conservative who would help him immensely."
Hillary Email Investigation
The Justice Department is expected to imminently announce its findings regarding Hillary Clinton's email server and possible security breaches. "The FBI is at the very end of its investigation," Judge Andrew Napolitano revealed, "and it has invited Mrs. Clinton's five closest advisors for interviews. Hillary Clinton is the subject of the investigation and they would like to talk to her." Napolitano reaffirmed his earlier declaration that Hillary Clinton broke the law, saying, "The evidence of her guilt is overwhelming to anyone who has observed what she did, but whether they will indict is another question." For an opposing view, The Factor turned to former Obama campaign advisor David Tafuri. "The FBI is moving very calmly and slowly," Tafuri said, "to look at all the evidence. The questions are whether she broke the law and whether there is enough evidence to prove that to a jury. Judge Napolitano did not address that fact. Hillary Clinton says she did not know she was emailing classified information."
Colorado Pot Study
The Factor asked Fox News anchor Eric Shawn to inhale a new report on legalized marijuana in Colorado. "The headline is that more people are smoking pot," Shawn said, "and that it's killing more people. Traffic deaths involving THC are up 44%, and hospital visits because of marijuana are also up. Twice as many adolescents in Colorado smoke pot than the national average, and it's gone up even more for adults. Parents are getting stoned!" FNC's Shannon Bream turned to President Obama's decision to commute the sentences of some convicted drug dealers. "Melissa Ross was sentenced to 24 years in prison back in 2002," she reported, "and she had 21 prior arrests. She was supposedly the girlfriend of a drug kingpin. She's getting out in July after serving 14 years. And Carol Denise Richardson, who was sentenced to life in 2006 after prior felony convictions, will also get out in July."
Unfavorable Views of the Candidates
Bernie Goldberg analyzed the stubbornly high unfavorability ratings of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton, who has spent more than three decades on the political stage. "Hillary Clinton has very high unfavorables," Goldberg stated. "A lot of people don't like her and don't trust her, but they think she is competent and they'd rather have her than a socialist from Vermont. It's a good thing for Hillary that Joe Biden decided not to run. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the most despised front-running duo in the history of polling."
Watters' World: The Apollo Edition
While she may have high unfavorables among the general population, Hillary Clinton has widespread support among black Americans. Jesse Watters headed to the historic Apollo Theater to find out why. Here's what some Harlemites told him: "She's one of the best" ... "We need a woman in the White House" ... "I like her as a person" ... "She's been places, she's been to Brooklyn and Queens" ... "She's about as honest as most politicians."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Linda Dorr, Laguna Beach, CA: "Bill, you've been fair thus far, but I am disappointed that you have awarded Trump the nomination."

Patrick Collins, Huntington Beach, CA: "Bill, I concur with your analysis. I bet Cruz fans are lighting up your email."

Seaborn Hall, Pasadena, CA: "Bill, your Trump Talking Points was the worst ever. Only 37% of the Republican vote has gone to him. I hope you correct the record."

Ronald Ortiz, Vero Beach, FL: "O'Reilly, you again bowed down and kissed Trump's ring."

Mark Holmlund, Rancho Santa Fe, CA: "Bill, kudos for a penetrating, hard-hitting interview of Trump. You challenged him in ways he is not accustomed to."
Death of a Master
The superbly talented musician Prince, who has died at age 57, brought much joy and pleasure to the world with his unique sound.