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Monday, June 13, 2016
The Factor Rundown
Monday: Trump Weighs In On Orlando Terror Attack
The Aftermath of the Orlando Massacre
"There are two major situations the nation must deal with in the interest of your public safety. First, the Islamic jihad. Second, guns. On the ISIS-jihad front, Congress must declare war on specific terror groups like ISIS, shifting the primary role of protection from law enforcement agencies to the military. That would give the president much more leeway in neutralizing terror threats both within and outside the country. Also, NATO nations would then have to step up the fight against the savages, bringing more power to the battlefield, which of course is everywhere. In a war situation, investigators would have far more options in defining enemy threats and dealing with them. It is troubling that the current commander-in-chief will not say the words 'Islamic terror' to define the threatening enemy. Again, today responding to mass murder carried out by an ISIS sympathizer, Barack Obama would not reference the specific threat from the Islamic jihad. But organizations like ISIS and al Qaeda can be confronted and destroyed just as the Third Reich was during World War II. President Obama does not seem to understand that you cannot contain evil, you most destroy it. His policies of retreat in the Middle East directly led to the rise of ISIS, a situation that has resulted in horrific mass murders in at least twenty countries, as well as the migration crisis in Europe. America is under attack by Muslim fanatics. Just because they don't use tanks and planes doesn't mean this isn't war. It is. Now on to guns. President Obama is much more comfortable promoting anti-gun policy than he is discussing the jihad. He is correct in asserting that Congress should debate which weaponry is acceptable under the Second Amendment. Public safety demands that certain weapons not be allowed - you can't sell a bazooka or hand grenades. Congress has the power to outlaw specific weapons and did so in 1994 with certain kinds of rifles. That ban has lapsed and a debate is valid and necessary. But when you hear a politician or pundit say that banning guns will stop mass murder, you are being deceived. There are hundreds of millions of guns in the USA and bad people will always be able to get them. Also, self-protection is guaranteed by the Constitution, and that will never change. All Americans have a right to own firearms, but not necessarily to carry them. Summing up, the sane, constitutional gun policy might be this: Certain kinds of deadly weapons should be banned for sale by congressional legislation. All crimes committed with guns, including illegal gun sales, should be federalized and subject to strict mandatory prison terms. But the right to own most firearms for protection should remain protected everywhere. America needs to punish the jihad and protect its citizens by finding realistic solutions to vexing problems Crazed ideologues on both sides actually help the terror killers. And so do weak leaders."
Krauthammer On America's Greatest Threats
Charles Krauthammer joined The Factor with his thoughts on the Orlando slaughter and its aftermath. "It may be a good idea to declare war," he said, "but it will make no difference. Either you have a president who wants to wipe them out or you don't. The next president will have to explain that he or she is going to have to do something very different than President Obama, who decided that the war on terror was not a good idea." Turning to politics, Krauthammer theorized that Hillary Clinton would be more of a terror warrior than President Obama. "She was much tougher during the internal deliberations when it came to early intervention in Syria. Obama was not and we know what happened. It's likely that her foreign policy would be far more hawkish."
Trump Reacts To Orlando Terror Attack
Hillary Clinton rejected an invitation to join The Factor, but her opponent Donald Trump entered the No Spin Zone with his reaction to the terror in Orlando. "I have no idea," he complained, "why President Obama doesn't fight ISIS with strength and vigor. He is not doing a good job, that is for sure, and nobody knows why he doesn't have more anger and zeal to knock them out. This Orlando attack was horrendous and he still won't use the words 'radical Islamic terror.'" Trump doubled down on his vow to restrict some Muslim immigration to the USA. "Bad things are happening and we have to get down to it. Otherwise we won't have a country, we'll be having this every weekend. We need a president who is going to show passion and the Muslims have to turn people in!"
Trump Turns to Hillary Clinton
Returning for a second segment, Donald Trump reacted to the fact that Hillary Clinton has finally used the term "radical Islamism." "She's doing this," he claimed, "because she's afraid of President Obama, who has a lot of power over her future. He could put her in jail. And the only reason she even did this is because I've been pounding her." Trump declared that he will be better at keeping homosexuals safe. "I'm far better for the gay community than she is. She talks a lot about it, and yet she'll let people in who want to kill people from the gay community. It's the same with women, the radicals want to make women slaves! She wants a 500% increase in people coming in from Syria." The Factor reminded Trump, "Hillary Clinton would vehemently refute the idea that she would ever allow a radical Muslim in."
Hume Reacts To Trump Interview
The Factor invited FNC's Brit Hume to evaluate Donald Trump's post-Orlando statements. "It would be hard to argue," Hume said, "that the Obama administration's policies against terrorism have been a success. Remember, this is the president who said ISIS had been 'contained,' so clearly there is an opening here for Donald Trump. This has brought the issue into the forefront and Donald Trump gave a speech today where he pretty much stuck to the script. He basically did the same in his conversation with you, so he may be on to something. All of this strengthens the argument for a more muscular and robust response to terrorism."
Geraldo On The Latest From Orlando
Geraldo Rivera spent Monday talking to survivors of the terror attack and family members of the dead. "As of midday," he reported, "There were still a few victims who had to be identified. The carnage was savage, they were chopped up pretty badly by that ammunition. My headline is that the blood is flowing again today in Orlando in the form of blood donations, there is an eight-hour wait at the blood donation center. But the trauma that has affected this community is really profound. Almost all of them are Latino, their families are flying in from Puerto Rico and the trauma is really sinking in."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Richard Hertel, Otter Rock, OR: "I agree lunatics can never be stopped from killing. But as a gun rights supporter, how can a person under suspicion for terror sympathies be allowed to purchase a gun?"

Ken Doerfler, Glendale, AZ: "Everyone should stop calling these killers lone wolves. They are lone cowards."

William Ford, Citronelle, AL: "When you put the 'mentally ill' label on a killer, you give the person an excuse. They are evil."
A Majestic Soliloquy
Actor Frank Langella, who won a Tony Award last night, struck just the right chord in his acceptance speech when he affirmed Broadway's solidarity with the Orlando victims and their families.