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Tuesday, June 14, 2016
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Tuesday: Major Mistakes from the Left & Right
Talking Points: Acceptable Losses
"In the debate over the Orlando terror attack and fighting ISIS, both the left and right are making major mistakes that are getting people killed, the so-called 'acceptable losses' theory. Today, under heavy pressure,President Obama was forced to talk tough about the ISIS savages, saying 'we are making significant progress.' Some progress is being made in the half-measures being used against the ISIS savages, but not enough to vanquish the jihad or even dent their murderous swagger. The president and the American left bear a good measure of responsibility for not annihilating terror threats that have changed our way of life. The left opposes a declaration of war against radical Islamic organizations. They oppose the Patriot Act, which gives U.S. intelligence agencies more tools to blunt attacks, and they oppose tough border security measures. And in perhaps the greatest hypocrisy of all, instead of demanding strong punishment for criminals and terrorists who use guns, the left stands silent on that and so does Mr. Obama. The president does not seem to understand that it is his job to lead the world against the jihad. By not spelling out the precise danger, he is sending a message that it's not really the fault of the Muslim world that this atrocious jihadist campaign has taken root. But if all the good Muslims in the world would unite against the jihad, it would be wiped out in weeks. Now for right-wing responsibility. There is too much gun crime in the USA and high-powered weaponry is too easy to get. We all have the right to bear arms, but we don't have the right to buy and maintain mortars. No bazookas, no Sherman tanks, no hand grenades. Congress should debate what kind of weapons should be available for public sale and the states should decide what kind of carry laws are good for their people. Also, gun dealers should be required to report the sale of certain heavy weapons to the FBI. That's sane and would make it a lot tougher for the Omar Mateens of the world to kill. But as Talking Points has stated many times, no society will ever stop all gun crimes, especially in a country which has hundreds of millions of guns already in circulation. Now, back to ISIS. According to a study by the Rand Corporation, the number of Sunni jihadist Muslims doubled between 2010 to 2013, the prime years of President Obama's pullback in Iraq and the Middle East. While the president is content with wearing ISIS down and outsourcing the direct fight to others, that strategy is clearly leading to more death and disruptions all over the planet. A new Fox News poll asked Americans if we are a stronger or weaker country under President Obama's leadership. 49% say the USA is weaker since Mr. Obama took office, 40% say stronger. Summing up, the Islamic jihad has declared war on America and the West. We have not responded with any kind of urgency. And at home we need tighter regulation of individual weapons of mass destruction, but we also need to stop demonizing good people who own guns for protection and want to keep their rights in place. I hope we are all clear."
Kirsten Powers on Obama & Terrorism
Democrat and Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers evaluated President Obama's anti-terror strategy. "I'm not surprised that terrorism is expanding," she admitted, "but I am less inclined than you are to think we can eradicate terrorism. There some things he could have done differently and he underestimated the threat by calling ISIS the 'jayvee team.' If you think they're the jayvee team you probably won't respond to them." Powers criticized The Factor's dim view of the terror war. "You're very focused on this idea of declaring war and the president wants to do that, he said he wants an authorization. You're suggesting that President Obama has done nothing, but he just hasn't done what you want him to do, which is go to war."
Assessing the Media: New Gallup Poll
A new poll shows that Americans have very little faith in TV news shows and newspapers. With that in mind, The Factor asked Juan Williams and Lisa Boothe to analyze Donald Trump's decision to ban the Washington Post from his campaign. "He has a point to be mad," Williams said, "but he does not have a point when it comes to the ban. The First Amendment is a pillar of our society and a major news organization has the right to cover someone running for president." But Boothe argued that Trump is well within his rights. "The Post can still report what they want, no one is restricting their freedom. But the Post has openly bragged that they hired 20 opposition researchers to dig up dirt on Trump." The Factor, after giving lukewarm praise to the Post's print edition, savaged the online edition: "The Internet arm of the Washington Post is a sewer filled with guttersnipes who are paid by the Post to attack Trump."
Colbert Plays Partisan Politics
During The Factor's appearance on Stephen Colbert's show Monday, the host accused Donald Trump of trying to score political points off the Orlando terror attack. Longtime presidential adviser Karl Rove accused Colbert of rank hypocrisy. "When this attack happened," he pointed out, "Hillary Clinton immediately changed the nature of her speech to address terrorism, and today she and the president double-teamed Trump over the attack in Orlando. The president hijacked an event at the White House to make a political address attacking Donald Trump. Let's see if Stephen Colbert jumps on President Obama for exploiting the situation!"
Jesse Ventura's Court Controversy
A federal court has reversed a ruling that awarded $1.8 million to former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, who had sued the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle for defamation. Legal wizards Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl wrestled with the ruling. "The court said Ventura's lawyers had talked about defamation insurance in the courtroom," Wiehl reported, "but you can't talk about defamation insurance. That told the jury that Kyle's widow would not be paying the damages." Guilfoyle added that Ventura's lawyers made other mistakes. "They claimed 'unjust enrichment,' saying Chris Kyle made money off his book because of what was in the book about Jesse Ventura. Also, two witnesses were improperly cross-examined, so this was a matter of Ventura's attorney making errors. Ventura can appeal or start the entire process all over again."
The Hamilton Edition
Jesse Watters took his act to Broadway and camped outside the musical "Hamilton," which dominated the Tony Awards and has been a runaway hit. When he asked theatergoers some questions about the musical and its subject, these were a few of their replies: "It's a Shakespeare classic" ... "The tickets cost $3,000" ... "Hamilton wrote the Declaration of Independence" ... "He died on a boat" ... "Weren't we fighting against the Soviets?" The Factor concluded, "I'm glad this show is a hit because it draws attention to Alexander Hamilton, who was a hero."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Bob Crews, Coral Springs, FL: "Our Constitutional right to keep and bear arms was given to us not just for protection, but so that we may stop government from trying to take our rights away."

James Sordi, Greentown, PA: "Bill, if you think Syrian women and children don't pose a problem, just look at San Bernardino. A Muslim woman allowed into our country to marry becomes a terrorist."

Bruce Fraser, British Columbia, Canada: "Bill, why do you turn everything into an attack on President Obama? Orlando was not ISIS?"

Laura Facciponte, Houston, TX: "O'Reilly, good job on Colbert. He badgered you, but he did let you finish what you were saying."
No Cheers for Yahoo!
The Yahoo! news feed, which has become increasingly biased, ran an extremely misleading headline about the O'Reilly-Colbert discussion that was lifted straight from the left-wing Huffington Post. Always keep in mind that many Internet news sources are unfair and definitely not balanced.