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Thursday, July 14, 2016
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Thursday: Live Coverage of the Deadly Truck Attack in France
Trump on Another Terror Attack in France
Dozens of people were slaughtered in the south of France Thursday when a massive truck plowed into Bastille Day revelers. The Factor spoke about the incident and the scourge of terrorism with Donald Trump. "This is out of control," Trump said, "and we have a president who doesn't want to call it what it is. Look at San Bernardino, Paris, and Orlando - unless we get strong and very smart leadership, it's only going to get worse! There is something very evil going on and we had better get awfully tough and vigilant." Trump urged Western powers to band together to fight ISIS and the global jihad. "We are supporting NATO and getting nothing out of it, and getting rid of this cancer would be a good thing for NATO to be involved in. This is war and we are fighting people without uniforms. We are also letting people into our country without knowing who they are and where they are from, and Hillary Clinton wants to let even more in." Because of the terror attack in France, Trump postponed his scheduled Friday press conference at which he was expected to announce a vice presidential candidate. The Factor lauded Trump for his availability and candor and concluded, "We're in a world war scenario, it's no longer just isolated ISIS attacks."
More on the France Terrorism
The Factor turned to FNC anchor Bret Baier, who reported the latest on the bloodshed in Nice. "A large white truck plowed through the crowd sitting in front of cafes," he said, "and the trucker also shot into the crowd. The driver was killed and this is being treated as a terrorist attack by the French authorities. U.S. authorities says it bears the marks of ISIS, which has been praising the attack, and President Obama has offered assistance to French authorities."

Geraldo Rivera also joined The Factor and put the terror attack in starkly human terms. "We have decided not to show most of the horrific scenes from the carnage, but if you have the stomach for it, you have to see what this person did to these innocent revelers in France on their Independence Day. He mowed this truck at high school through people in their bathing suits and summer frocks. He ran them over at high speed and the carnage is unbelievable! People have lost limbs, some are decapitated, and it is horrifying to see." Rivera also beseeched President Obama to escalate the war against ISIS. "There is no doubt that when we were crushing Al Qaeda, the grandfather of ISIS, they had fewer resources to devote to sending these killers into our midst. I don't understand why President Obama has not yet wiped out the caliphate! We must wipe out this cancerous network in their rat's nest." The Factor lamented, "You understand that, I understand that, Leon Panetta understands that, our military leaders understand that, but the president of the United States has chosen not to do it."
Krauthammer Reax
Charles Krauthammer entered the No Spin Zone with his take on the terror war. "It's a fantasy to think that a declaration of war and bringing in NATO will solve the problem," he declared. "There are only three serious nations in NATO when it comes to terrorism - the United States, the British, and the French. When you talk about NATO, it's a symbolic gesture, and neither you or Trump or Geraldo have told me what you are going to do when you have your declaration of war." The Factor responded to Dr. K's criticism: "It's fairly obvious that NATO ground troops have to attack Raqqa, Syria and wage a war there. The American people are going to demand that President Obama change his terror posture. This is World War III and it is directed toward eliminating the jihadist terror." Krauthammer harshly denounced President Obama for his apparent insouciance regarding terror. "Obama certainly is soft on terror and he certainly is responsible for the resurgence. He thought that if we could get out of the region everything would be fine, and he's been in denial. He doesn't seem to understand the gravity of this. He thinks terrorism is an awful thing but not an existential threat to the West."
Eyewitnesses to Terror
The Factor spoke by phone with Joel Fenster, who was in Nice when the terrorists struck. "I was on the beach watching the fireworks," Fenster said, "and then we saw a huge crowd of people running. We heard shots being fired, we saw people crouching down and hiding in doorways. Right now everyone has gone indoors, the streets are empty and there is just the sound of silence." Another eyewitness, Imad Dafaaoui, described the actual moment of terror. "We heard people screaming and I saw people getting smashed by the truck. There was gore everywhere, it was going really fast." Dafaaoui, a Muslim from Morocco, also denounced the Islamic jihad. "I don't call these people Muslims because Islam doesn't tell us to kill people. This is not related to religion at all, these people are mentally sick. Everyone in Morocco is against ISIS, which is about killing people."
Hillary Clinton Joins The Factor to Talk Terror
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton called in with her reaction to the terror attack in Nice. "It's important to stress that our alliance with France is strong," she began. "We need to stand strongly with them and strengthen our alliance, and I include NATO in that. This is a war against the radical jihadist groups, and we need to be smart about how we wage it and we have to be determined about how we win it. I have long called for NATO to be modernized to take on the threat and one of my priorities would be to launch an 'intelligence surge.' We don't have enough intelligence cooperation between our agencies and those in other countries." Secretary Clinton expressed reluctance when asked about sending more U.S. ground forces to fight in Syria and Iraq. "We should look at the progress we are making against ISIS. It is a dream of ISIS to pull American ground troops back into Iraq. We have been able to get the Iraqis and the Kurds and others to do a much better job of fighting. And as we take territory back, they will try to engage in other nefarious attacks."
Parting Thoughts
The Factor concluded Thursday's show with an abbreviated Memo: "One of the things we did not talk about today is how terrorism has changed everybody, how paranoia has grown. That has happened more in Europe than America, but ISIS and the jihadists are trying to hit us here. Go to the airport and everything has changed; go to a major city and there are cops everywhere; go to a ball game and you get wanded down. The terrorists really have put the world in a place that the world should never have been. We need strong leadership because this is extremely important. Our country is on the defensive socially, we are on the defensive in the terror war, and we are on the defensive because we are fighting each other. If you study American history, that is not where this nation has traditionally been. And now we have to step up and tell the world that we are going to take care of ISIS."