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Monday, November 28, 2016
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Shooting at Ohio State University
Bill began Monday's show with the latest from Ohio State University, where 18-year-old Somali immigrant Abdul Artan attacked other students with his car and a knife. Artan was shot dead, but not before he injured eleven people. Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin reported the latest on Artan. "He was a refugee who had obtained legal permanent status here," she said, "and this was his first semester at Ohio State. He plowed into students and then got out of his car with a butcher knife. The FBI has been called in and they are looking at possible overseas terrorist ties. We know that Artan had complained about the treatment of Muslims and that ISIS had put out a video calling for attacks on Westerners." The Factor predicted that the attack will have political implications: "Somalia is terror haven and one of Donald Trump's main themes was that he will stop this, so this story will be very big."

The Factor then turned to Hampshire College in Massachusetts, where administrators are refusing to fly the American flag. Adriana Cohen of the Boston Herald elaborated on the events. "Political correctness has run amok on campuses," she groused, "and in Massachusetts these students brought the flag down to half-mast before Veterans Day. Then students burned the flag and the administration cowardly decided to ban it permanently. It's a complete disgrace!" Cohen added that the move was a response to the election of Donald Trump.
Allegations of Voter Fraud
President-elect Trump has tweeted that he would have won the popular vote if millions of illegal immigrants had not cast ballots. The Factor expounded on the subject with a mini-Talking Points Memo: "California and 11 other states now give illegal aliens licenses to drive. Once you have a valid driver's license in California, you are automatically registered to vote if you use some sleight of hand. You must provide a valid Social Security number, but we all know that phony Social Security numbers are legion. So it is not inconceivable that millions of illegal aliens did vote, but it is not a fact, either." Charles Krauthammer disagreed with the Memo and ridiculed Donald Trump's claim. "Of course he cannot back this up. It could be that there are aliens circling the earth and they trained their ray guns on ballot boxes and 3-million GOP votes disappeared. Can you disprove that? There's a difference between saying something 'might have happened' and saying something 'did happen.' That's the issue here." Krauthammer also dismissed Jill Stein's demand for recounts as "a joke" and "a fundraising scam."
Castro and the Anti-American Left
"Fidel Castro is dead and it is incredible that a vicious dictator is being praised all over the world. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada lauded Castro's 'tremendous dedication and love for the Cuban people.' That probably doesn't include the 7,000 Cubans executed by Castro because they disagreed with his communist philosophy. Back in the USA, Jesse Jackson praised Castro for establishing 'many economic freedoms.' The average wage is $20 a month and most of the population lives in decaying shacks! Economic freedom? What a joke. I visited Cuba last spring and it is a mess. But still, the left loved Fidel because he provided his people with 'free medical care.' But there are few doctors left in Cuba and forget about having sheets on the bed if you go to the hospital. So why are some lionizing Fidel Castro?"

The Factor posed that question to Augusto Maxwell, a Florida attorney whose family fled from Cuba and Castro. "One of the frustrations for me as a Cuban American," Maxwell said, "was the way people romanticized or over-estimated Fidel Castro. A lot of people in Latin America and Europe have domestic constituencies that are liberal and admired Castro. But many Cubans were left behind in the revolution and now we have to acknowledge our feelings about Castro and think clear-eyed about what we want the future of the country to look like."
Rampant White Supremacy Groups in America?
"The liberal press is so angry that Donald Trump won the election, they're now putting out absurd story lines designed to denigrate those who voted for him. The top one is that the white power movement is gaining momentum in the USA. About 275 hapless nuts recently showed up for a white nationalist conference in Washington, and 50 reporters were there to greet them. 275 morons covered by 50 journalists! That meeting got more press coverage than a Louis Farrakhan rally ever has. According to the FBI, in 2015 there were about 1,200,000 violent crimes committed here in the USA. The same year there were less than 6,000 hate crimes reported. Does that sound like an epidemic of hate-driven violence to you? And then there are the folks who voted for Trump and whom the media is trying to make into some kind of fascist cadre. They are routinely demonized by the left-wing media as racists or whatever. The truth is there is no substantial white power movement in this country. Donald Trump won the election because of economics, but the press will never tell you the truth. Individual nuts are everywhere; assigning them status is grossly dishonest. I am so tired of this, I can't tell you."
Hate on the Rise?
The Factor invited reaction to the above Talking Points Memo from Katie Pavlich and Mary Anne Marsh. "Because these accusations of hate crimes are repeated by liberals," Pavlich lamented, "the accusations get watered down and it does a disservice to actual victims of hate crimes because there are so many accusations. This is all driven by liberals' need to prop up their false narrative that Trump and his followers are racists." But Marsh contended that Trump's campaign and election have encouraged atrocious acts. "After Donald Trump's election the New York City Police Department has reported a 400% increase in hate-related crime reports. The Massachusetts attorney general's office has received 400 calls about hate-related crimes. People are saying and doing things publicly that they did not used to do."
Watters World: A Trump/Clinton Christmas
Jesse Watters headed to Pittsburgh and interrupted some Steeler fans who were doing their Christmas shopping. Asked what they might give Hillary Clinton for Christmas, here were their suggestions: "A new job" ... "Maybe some tissues" ... "Trump already covered that by not sending her to prison." And what to get for Donald Trump? A few possibilities: "Nothing" ... "Some decent cabinet members" ... "He has everything, he should get me something."
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Jeffrey Corbett, Friendship, NY: "Several mayors say they will continue to be sanctuary supporters. They should be held legally responsible for crimes committed by the undocumented."

Margo Beaton, Corona, CA: "O'Reilly, I want to thank you for being honest even when I don't want to hear it."

Bob Hurt, Clearwater, FL: "O'Reilly, your adult books are entertaining and informative, but Give Please a Chance can be life-changing for a young child."
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