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Monday, January 9, 2017
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Kate's Law is Reintroduced
"First, the big picture. I believe that Donald Trump separated himself from his Republican competitors by being tough on illegal immigration. Mr. Trump made it very clear to the American people that he believes people entering the USA illegally should be held accountable for their actions. He also championed Kate's Law, which would impose a mandatory minimum five-year federal prison term on foreigners convicted of crimes in the USA who reenter after being deported. Kate's Law specifically says that convicted felons are the targets, not chambermaids and farm workers. As you may know, The Factor came up with this law after 32-year-old Kate Steinle was shot to death, allegedly by an illegal alien felon, Juan Francisco Lopez Sanchez. That man had been deported five times but illegally entered here six times. How can that possibly happen? How can the guy avoid a long prison term - defying deportation - all those times? It's insane, America is at fault for allowing it to happen, and the toll on the Steinle family is immense. The murder trial begins February 17th, and a federal judge has ruled that the Steinle family is free to sue the U.S. government for general negligence. That is why Kate's Law is needed. No American family should suffer at the hands of convicted foreign felons who defy deportation. Talking Points believes one of the main reasons Donald Trump won the presidency is that he felt the outrage over Kate Steinle, while many other politicians, including the entire Democratic Party and President Obama, did not. Even if you are not a politically involved person, failing to harshly punish foreigners who defy deportation after committing heinous crimes in this country is inexcusable. The government is there to protect we the people, not to look the other way when things break down, like our immigration system. And remember, San Francisco let Sanchez go, let him out of jail after ICE requested the county hold him. How bad is that? This time around we expect Kate's Law to pass as the Democrats will have a very hard time blocking it. And that will be a tremendous victory for every American citizen."

The Factor quizzed Charles Krauthammer on the likelihood that the new Congress will pass Kate's Law. "I expect it to pass," Dr. K predicted. "We've had an election, immigration was a major issue, and Kate's Law is a slam dunk. It's hard to imagine a logical argument against it, and although it's not at the top of the list in terms of importance, it's very symbolic. It will be very hard to it be filibustered, especially because ten Democratic Senators from states that voted for Trump will be up for reelection in 2018." The Factor reiterated, "Kate's Law is directed at criminals who have been convicted of heinous crimes, not people who paint houses."
Did Russia Lose Hillary the Election?
Some Democrats are now claiming that Russia's hacking of the Democratic National Committee played a major role in Donald Trump's victory. The Factor examined that contention with FNC's Brit Hume. "I don't think anyone who is serious," Hume declared, "believes that the hacking of the emails affected the outcome of the election. But it's fair to say that the coverage those embarrassing emails got didn't help the Clinton campaign." Hume also advised Donald Trump to be very wary of the Russian president. "Vladimir Putin is a bad actor, and I think Trump will eventually figure this out. But he is nursing this notion that he will be able to do business with Putin because of his personality and stature."
The True Story of Gitmo
As President Obama continues to release suspected terrorists from the prison at Guantanamo Bay, his critics lament that many of the freed inmates are returning to the battlefield. The Factor spoke about the situation with James Mitchell, who interrogated terrorists for the CIA. "It takes a little while for the effects of being at Guantanamo to wear off," Mitchell said, "and for them to get back into their old behaviors. The people who are still at Gitmo are explosive experts, experts in chemicals and poisons, and trained assassins. They are pretty horrible people and it will be a mistake if President Obama lets more out. If you return them to Yemen, I can't imagine that they would do anything other than go back to being a jihadist."
Hollywood vs. Trump
Actress Meryl Streep made created a stir Sunday night when she lambasted Donald Trump while accepting a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes. Fox News host Tucker Carlson, in turn, lambasted pontificating Hollywood celebrities. "Whenever privileged people act like victims," he said, "it annoys me so much that I almost can't control myself. Hollywood is a mass market retail business and they seem to hate their customers. Have they learned anything from the election? They have retreated in on themselves and decided that the rest of the country is just evil. They have abandoned religion and liberal politics has replaced it." The Factor contended, "This is a business decision for these people because they know they'll get job offers if they play into the system of liberalism in Hollywood."
Washington Showdown Over Jeff Sessions
Some on the left are virulently opposed to the nomination of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, dredging up alleged 'racially insensitivity' from three decades ago. FNC's Bret Baier looked ahead to the confirmation hearings. "Some of this is about firing up the base," Baier said about the Democratic opposition, "and some of it is about building up a momentum for protests around the inauguration. But the bottom line is that all or most of these nominees will get through without any problems." The Factor denounced the nastiness and accusations of racism, calling it "the cheapest form of political discourse."
Watters' World: The Presidential Inauguration
Jesse Watters took to the streets and asked some people about the impending inauguration of Donald Trump. Here are a few of their replies: "I'm pumped up, baby" ... "I'm sure there will be a lot more riots" ... "I think he will start mellowing out a little bit" ... "There will probably be a lot of backlash directed at any entertainer who performs at the inauguration" ... "Mariah Carey could probably use some redemption."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Kathy Bond, Louisville, KY: "O'Reilly, why should we believe James Clapper when he says Russia is behind the hacking? He lied to Congress and received no punishment."

Peter Plaza, Queens, NY: "O'Reilly, you let Cornel West and Carl Dix bloviate about fascism, Hitler, and the Central Park 5. You should have showed them the Facebook video in Chicago."

Jan Gibeling, Williamsburg, VA: "Mr. Dix and Dr. West are the real scary ones. Not Donald Trump."
Serenading Unsung Heroes
Former Senator Elizabeth Dole and actor Tom Hanks are involved in a charity called 'Hidden Heroes,' which helps wounded vets and their loved ones. Check it out at
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