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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
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President Trump and Executive Orders
"As you may know, Donald Trump has promised to sign a number of executive actions almost immediately after taking office. Some of which may overturn things President Obama did. But what things? We have been investigating and here is the best available evidence. Mr. Trump is likely to issue notification that the USA will withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Trading Partnership. That will rock some Asian countries and put the entire region on notice. Mr. Trump is also promising to cancel restrictions on the coal industry and other fossil fuel concerns. Now for the big ones: Donald Trump is going to do something on the southern border; we're not exactly sure what. Also, Mr. Trump will get specific about Obamacare and possibly suspend some government mandates by executive order. One thing a new president cannot do is overturn pardons issued by a previous president. There is some word from inside the Trump Organization that the new president will institute a 'shock and awe strategy' and sign a number of far-reaching executive actions to signal that he will shake up Washington. If that happens next week, all hell will break loose, no question about it. So summing up, Americans can expect a wild first week with Donald Trump as president. He will issue a number of executive orders. Democrats will not be happy with them, and the media condemnation will be intense. Take it to the bank."

The Factor was joined by Fox News correspondent James Rosen, who has been investigating what may happen in the Trump administration's first days. "There is going to be a period of time," he reported, "after Donald Trump has taken the oath of office and before he walks out onto Pennsylvania Avenue to participate in the inaugural parade. He will have time to sign executive orders, and we are told that on Friday he will sign a number of them. Mr. Trump himself told us that the big signings will probably wait until Monday. There was a debate among his advisers whether to do this 'shock and awe' strategy to which you alluded or to do the 'drip, drip, drip.' From what I can ascertain, the 'drip, drip, drip' forces won, partly because some of the Cabinet nominees are still up for confirmation." Rosen predicted that Donald Trump will act on immigration very quickly. "Certainly by next week you will see then-President Trump do something about the border. There is only so much he can accomplish by executive action, but he can declare that it is the intention of the United States to build this wall."
Obama's Last Press Conference
President Obama held his final White House press conference Wednesday, at which he was thrown mostly softball questions by the still-adoring press corps. The president dodged the opportunity to opine on the dozens of Democrats who will boycott Friday's inaugural. Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling weighed in on that controversy. "He had a great opportunity to talk about the smooth transition of power," Bolling groused, "but he chose not to. Barack Obama dodged the question about the boycotters because he'll soon be one of them." But Rivera insisted that President Obama was not out of line. "The president's appearance at the inaugural, along with the first lady and Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton is enough to signal to the world that there is a peaceful transfer of power. The president has done everything to ensure a smooth transition." The Factor lamented the fact that President Obama "did not take the opportunity to promote what is a proud day in American history."
McCain Reacts to the Manning Commutation
President Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning, formerly Bradley Manning, who provided thousands of state secrets to WikiLeaks. Senator John McCain joined The Factor and denounced the president's leniency. "I feel rage and frustration and sorrow," he declared. "The sorrow is for the families of the individuals who were identified by these leaks and then murdered by the Taliban. The rage is because this president is basically endorsing letting someone go through who was responsible for the needless deaths of our allies. What is more egregious than providing the enemy with information that helps them?" Senator McCain added that, while he is still at odds with President-elect Trump, he has good relations with many people in the incoming administration
Inauguration Controversy
The Factor welcomed singer Tony Orlando, who will perform at one of the weekend's inaugural galas. Orlando lamented the fact that so many other entertainers are refusing to participate. "It's sad to me," he declared, "because I am in a red, white, and blue state of mind. It saddens me that this country is being torn apart when we are seeing a transition of power. I think it is my patriotic duty to answer when the president-elect asks me to sing at the Armed Services Ball. It's a great honor, and if Hillary Clinton had won, I'd be just as proud." The Factor lauded Tony Orlando for "doing the right thing."
Trump's Time is Almost Here
Dennis Miller looked ahead to the inauguration and the boycott by dozens of Democratic representatives. "I'm not going to the inauguration," Miller quipped, "because they threatened the life of Andrea Bocelli. He's blind and can sing beautifully, I can see and I sing like crap, so what are they going to do to me? Kill me twice? I'm also not going because there are too many 'loving' protesters with 'loving' hearts who want you dead if you aren't as loving as they are." More seriously, Miller denounced the politicians who are disrespecting an American tradition. "I've never seen anything like this. Donald Trump hasn't even had a success yet, and if he gets successful can you imagine how crazy it will get?"
Protestors & the Inauguration
A group called 'DisruptJ20' is threatening to protest violently at Friday's inauguration. Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum entered the No Spin Zone with more. "This group is mostly sourced from social media," she reported, "and there is expected to be tens of thousands of them on Friday. They are planning to link arms and block all the entrances to the parade area. They are saying the parade must be stopped, but 3,200 police officers are coming from across the country to try to allow people to enjoy this transition of government."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Andy Samovici, Suffern, NY: "Bill, your Talking Points were simplistic. No matter how well Trump may do as president, his detractors will not fall by the wayside. They'll find something."

Leann Johnson, Thousand Oaks, CA: "Mr. O, you said President Obama 'leads the league in getting cut slack. How can you say that when Mitch McConnell and others tried to sabotage him?"

Jeff Gardner, Cleveland, TN: "Hey, Bill, L.L. Bean pants won't fit you because you are obviously too big for your britches."
The Most Trusted Name In News
When Pew Research asked American voters which news agency they relied on during the presidential campaign, Fox News won quite easily, beating all the other cable and traditional networks.