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Thursday, January 26, 2017
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The Pro -Illegal Immigration Movement
"With President Trump signing executive orders to build the wall on the border and threatening sanctuary cities with a funding penalty, all hell is breaking loose. Many on the left simply do not want immigration law enforced. They want anarchy and believe everyone has a right to come to America for whatever reason. Logic dictates if America's immigration laws are unfair, Congress should change them. But right now Talking Points believes what we have is reasonable. You apply to come to the USA, and your application is either accepted or rejected. If you simply show up with no papers, you are violating U.S. law. Yet Governors Jerry Brown of California, Andrew Cuomo of New York and John Hickenlooper of Colorado, to name a few, say they will not obey immigration law. That is a violation of their sworn oath to uphold the laws of the United States. So there really isn't any legal argument; it's all about theory and politics. President Trump campaigned on ending the illegal alien madness, so let's look at what he wants to do: Right now there are 654 miles of fencing along the southern border with Mexico. Mr. Trump is going to expand the fencing and rename it a wall. The primary reason a wall is needed is that tons of narcotics are being smuggled from Mexico into the USA. The sad truth is Mexico is corrupt and cannot stop the drug cartels from doing their evil business, and will not stop millions of migrants from crossing its territory and entering into the USA illegally. So if a barrier stops some of the drugs, why would anybody object to that? Today President Trump suggested Mexico may have to pay a 20% tariff to fund the wall. This is all way too much for the Mexican president, who cancelled a meeting with President Trump. It really doesn't matter who cancelled what, what matters is that last year 560 pounds of heroin were confiscated on the Mexican border, and that's just a fraction of what got through. 50,000 people died in 2015 from drug overdoses. So if you object to a wall designed to prevent drugs from being smuggled here, what is your rationale? Now on to sanctuary cities. It is clear that President Trump is not ready to deport illegal aliens who do not commit crimes in the USA. The left-wing politicians know that, but lie about it. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, an uber leftist, completely avoids the criminal alien subject, always trying to deflect the sanctuary city situation to house painters and chambermaids. In Chicago, where Mayor Rahm Emanuel cannot control gang violence, he remains defiant on criminal aliens. Irresponsible politicians like de Blasio and Emanuel put their own people at risk for political gain. This week there were demonstrations in places like New York City, Washington, San Francisco and Denver to protest President Trump's executive orders. What exactly are these people objecting to? Trying to stop narcotics from coming in? Trying to get a handle on illegal aliens who commit crimes? Part of Mr. Trump's executive action orders Homeland Security to make public a list of crimes committed by aliens on a weekly basis. The Trump administration wants the folks to know the full extent of the problem. So if these protesters and loony mayors think that open borders and lax immigration enforcement are good things, they deserve to be scorned. Breaking it down, sanctuary cities and counties promote anarchy. If the left doesn't like immigration law, petition Congress to change it. If the mayors refuse to obey federal law, President Trump should cut off federal funds immediately."
Trump's Extreme Vetting
The Factor continued on the subject of immigration and "extreme vetting" with historians Jon Meacham and David Azerrad. "These executive orders are based in logic," Meacham said, "and there is a 1952 law on the books that says the government can screen any immigrant on the grounds that their entry could be detrimental to the United States. It's a historical tradition, but we don't want a religion test." Azerrad added that a wall and tight borders make perfect sense. "The basic axiom of political theory is that nations have sovereignty over their borders. No one has the right to come to America, no one has the right to become an American. This is simply about regaining control of our borders, and the hysteria it is provoking on the other side is disconcerting."
Hollywood Loons vs. Trump
Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro joined The Factor and took aim at left-wing entertainers who denounced Donald Trump at last Saturday's march in Washington. "I was at the Women's March," she said, "and I heard the kind of destructive and divisive language that we can't even repeat on television. This is about the disintegration of respect for the First Family, with the First Lady being called ignorant and President Trump being compared to Hitler and the devil. We have a left that is so upset that they lost the election and can't get over it." The Factor surmised, "They play to the crowd and to each other in the hope of being accepted."
Special Report: Kayla and Charles
The Factor welcomed Fox News anchor Jon Scott, who reported the moving story of Army Sgt. Charles Gaytan and his wife Kayla, who recently gave birth to quadruplets in Kentucky. "Just days after their marriage," he said, "Kayla was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma and went through months of chemotherapy. Then she got pregnant with quadruplets and was again diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The babies had to be born earlier than they hoped because she had to begin cancer treatment again. The babies are not home, but they are doing well in intensive care. The mother has the best attitude, this is the most amazing couple I have ever met." Scott added that viewers can help the Gaytans, who are facing severe financial hardship, by searching Gaytan's Quadruple Pregnancy at
Bernie on Trump's ABC Interview
Bernie Goldberg entered the No Spin Zone and assessed President Trump's interview with David Muir of ABC News. "David Muir did a predictable and routine interview," Goldberg began, "but he asked the president about things we have heard before. I would have tried to break new ground by doing a psychological interview because it's important to know what makes Donald Trump tick. I would ask him why he brags so much, why he says so things that are blatantly untrue, and why he says that millions of people voted illegally. I would rather ask these kinds of questions." The Factor will be interviewing President Obama on Super Bowl Sunday.
Watters' World: Women's March
Jesse Watters spoke with some young women and invited them to react to the extreme statements made by Ashley Judd and Madonna at Saturday's Women's March. Some of their replies: "That's excessive" ... "I don't think she actually means that" ... "I think she went a little too far" ... "I don't think that will solve anything" ... "This makes us look a little crazy" ... "It's kind of disgusting that women are saying these things."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Ray Prew, Cheyenne, WY: "Bill, calling well-paid, elected officials 'heroes' for supporting Kate's Law is disrespectful to the people who have truly earned that title."

Judith Fenton, Chester, NJ: "I was saddened but not surprised that Geraldo would vote against Kate's Law. You were gracious in your response."

Sue Renard, Mill Creek, VA: "I told a friend that President Obama would pardon Bowe Bergdahl or I would eat my hat. I'm looking for a small hat."

Vincent Darcangelo, Hermitage, PA: "I am a Vietnam vet who believes that having endured four years of captivity in Taliban hands, Bergdahl has suffered enough."
A Ratings Juggernaut
Last week The Factor was the highest rated cable show in all of America, with all five episodes in the top ten. Topping it all off was Friday's show, which captured a whopping 7.1 million viewers. Or, if you are a TV executive, that's 14.2 million eyeballs.