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Thursday, February 23, 2017
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The Most Important Problem in the USA
"According to a new CBS News poll, the most important problem in the USA is immigration. More Americans want that situation dealt with than any other problem. 39% of Americans approve of the way President Trump is handling the immigration issue, while 55% disapprove. That number should come as no surprise because the media in general has hammered the president for his aggressive order to remove criminal aliens. As you saw last night on The Factor, the left does not want to consider the word 'criminal,' instead always falling back on peaceful migrants. When you examine the illegal immigration situation without emotional politics, it all comes back to the law. Talking Points believes the law should be changed. There should be a generous guest worker program put into place so American businesses have access to labor that they need. Also, the illegal aliens already here should have a hearing, all of them, to determine whether their presence is benefitting the country. For decades the federal government has turned the other way while migrants came in here, there's no question about that. So while the individual illegal alien did violate immigration law, our federal government permitted it. The apathy on immigration is going to change because President Trump wants the rule of law to be re-established in America. South of the border it is depressing to watch the Mexican government object to a lawful display by America. What nerve! It's entirely Mexico's fault that millions of their citizens feel they have to come here to earn a decent living. Canada doesn't have that problem, but Mexico does and always has because their system is chaotic. Same thing with the violent drug cartels. The government of Mexico cannot control them, so we're not entitled to put up a barrier to try to prevent poison from coming into this country? That's just insulting. Mexico should take full responsibility for its inability to provide a decent economy for its own people and for failing to defeat drug peddling monsters. But they never will."

The Factor asked law professor Jonathan Turley to opine on Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy, who has ordered state law enforcement officials to ignore federal immigration edicts. "President Trump can do a lot about this," Turley explained. "He can cut off federal grants, particularly from Homeland Security and the Justice Department, and there is an open question as to how much he can do with education and transportation funds. But President Trump cannot commandeer state and local authorities." Turley also scrutinized the legal argument used by sanctuary cities to release illegal aliens. "Illegal immigrants are afforded Fourth Amendment protection and some courts have suggested that holding people for two days may be unconstitutional."
Refugee Problems in Sweden?
There is a raging argument about Sweden, which has taken in vast numbers of Muslim migrants and has seen a concurrent rise in crime. The Factor spoke about the issue with Swedes Anne-Sofie Näslund and Nils Bildt. "It's still one of the safest countries in the world," Näslund insisted, "and most of the people who say they don't feel safe are from other countries. There is more gun violence, but that has nothing to do with refugees. Of course there has been a challenge, but there is not a quagmire." But Bildt implied that many Swedes and the government are in outright denial. "There is a problem with socially deviant activity, there is a problem with crime, and these are not being openly and honestly discussed. You cannot have an open and honest debate in Sweden, because if you do not agree with the liberal agenda you are viewed as an outsider. We cannot socially integrate these people."
Watters' World: Who's the Most Admired Conservative?
Jesse Watters headed to the big conservative confab in Maryland and spoke with a few right-leaning folks. When he asked them to name their favorite conservative, here's what some said: "I admire Nikki Haley, she has paved the way for a lot of women" ... "Ronald Reagan is the epitome of conservatism" ... "It would be between Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan" ... "I love Kellyanne Conway." And when Watters actually cornered Kellyanne Conway herself, she said this: "I'd have to put Jesse Watters as one of my most admired conservatives."
GITMO Outrage
A British terrorist who was released from the prison at Guantanamo Bay detonated a suicide car bomb in Iraq this week. The Factor asked Fox News anchor Eric Shawn to elaborate on the story. "There was a big human rights effort to get this guy out of Gitmo," Shawn reported, "and he was released in 2004. He was also part of a lawsuit and he got $1.25 million from the British government because they facilitated his imprisonment. He went to Syria, then to Iraq where he blew himself up with the car bomb." FNC's Shannon Bream turned to a 'fake news' story about the Trump administration's hiring freeze. "Some military families got notices saying that the military bases could no longer hire anyone to take care of their kids. But the freeze does not apply to those who provide child care to military families. The funding is in place, there is no drama."
Remembering Alan Colmes
The Factor wrapped up the show with a tribute to Fox News Channel's Alan Colmes, who died Thursday morning at age 66. Colmes always put forth his liberal viewpoints with great humor and insight, and often debated his conservative sister-in-law Monica Crowley. The Factor delivered a personal remembrance: "Alan Colmes had no malice, he was a kind guy and he never took political debate personally. I gave him all kinds of jazz in the hallways and he always had a witty comeback. And if you ever needed a favor, there was no better guy than Alan Colmes. He sincerely cared about other people and he will be deeply missed."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
John Yarborough, Peachtree City, GA: "O'Reilly, congratulations on keeping your cool with Giselle Fernández on the border security issue. I doubt her leftist views are held by all Mexicans."

Wendall Sexton, Lee's Summit, MO: "Great Debate with Ruben Navarrette and Giselle Fernández. I disagree with most of what they say but there was honest dialogue."

Ryan Pollock, Garden Grove, CA: "It's unbelievable that Maxine Waters can go on TV and call the president a vile name. Liberal thinking has brought society to an all time low."
Media Dishonesty Rides Again
President Trump was widely ridiculed by media types for incorrectly referring to an attack in Sweden by a Muslim migrant, but those very same people ignored it when a Muslim area of Sweden erupted in riots the very next day. It's another reminder that the American media are largely dishonest.