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Wednesday, April 5, 2017
The Factor Rundown
Do Powerful People in Washington Really Want to Know the Truth?
"You may remember that the IRS was accused of auditing some conservative groups for political reasons. The woman in charge of the office where that allegedly happened was Lois Lerner. She was called to testify in front of a congressional committee and she invoked the Fifth Amendment. Talking Points believes the Obama administration did not want to know what happened with the IRS. The leftwing media did not want to know, nor did the Democratic Party. Today we have two big time political allegations: Whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia and whether National Security Advisor Susan Rice was spying on the Trump campaign and transition team using her position with President Obama to surveil and hurt Mr. Trump. Answers to both of those questions have not been provided to the American people, as they must be if we are to keep our election system legitimate. The FBI is investigating the Russia deal, but I'm not sure where the agency is on the illegal surveillance issue. Congress is looking into Ms. Rice, but Democrats and the liberal media have already acquitted her. Congressman Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, says she is a scapegoat even before any testimony is heard. Does Congressman Schiff really want to know what happened in the surveillance deal? It is obvious his fellow travelers on the left do not want to know. In fact, the loons are now branding the whole thing racial. Susan Rice is entitled to the presumption of innocence and should be called by Congress to testify as soon as possible. I expect Ms. Rice to take the Fifth, just as Lois Lerner did. That means others in government will have to step forward to testify about what Susan Rice did or did not do in order for we the people to know. Today President Trump said that he believes the surveillance situation is 'one of the big stories of our time.' It is clear the president has a vested interest in this after having tweeted he was surveilled by President Obama himself. But the anti-Trump folks will try to prevent sunlight on Susan Rice, no question about it. Because if the former national security advisor was using her very high office to help the Democratic Party before and after the election, that is a huge scandal and President Obama will have to be questioned. That's a big if, and premature conclusions as well as speculation are the enemies of true justice. The polls say that most Americans want answers to the Russian intrusion into the presidential election, and I believe most of us want to know the full Susan Rice story as well. If the federal government cannot define both fairly quickly, this nation is in major trouble. America simply has to have a justice system that works."
Reax to Talking Points
The Factor asked Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling to assess the Memo and the Susan Rice allegations. "By concentrating on the left and Susan Rice," Rivera said, "you are absolutely half-right. If you have an extremely hostile Republican candidate running to be president, then of course you want to get dirt on him. But the other half of this is that the right and Trump officials want to obscure the Russia story. Both are interesting stories, let's investigate everything." Bolling was far more eager to indict Susan Rice and her alleged unmasking. "There is no evidence on the Russian collusion story, but in the Susan Rice story there is a felony. A felony was committed, point blank! Once Michael Flynn's name was leaked there was a felony." The Factor reiterated, "Both parties want to protect their own so we must depend on the FBI."
Sen. Graham on Investigating Susan Rice
Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who has called for Susan Rice to testify before Congress, entered the No Spin Zone. "Obama intelligence officials need to be asked a simple question," he said. "They need to be asked whether Susan Rice made any requests of any agencies to unmask Trump transition figures. I've made a request for John Brennan, James Clapper, and Sally Yates to come before our Judiciary Committee and testify in public. Our committee is ready to move forward." Senator Graham disagreed with The Factor's prediction that Susan Rice is likely to plead the Fifth Amendment."
Trump Condemns Assad
Donald Trump has strongly denounced Syria strongman Bashar al-Assad, who apparently used chemical weapons against rebels, killing women and children in the process. The Factor asked Fox Business host Lou Dobbs what President Trump can and should do. "He should understand that the United Nations will not work any better for him than it has for the preceding three presidents," Dobbs said. "He needs to bring the leaders of China and Russia and other countries together and first come up with a plan for the refugees. They have to try to understand the world order, and you have to have a president exactly like the one we have. Donald Trump actually knows what he's doing."
Border Wall Costume Controversy
Some sensitive folks are upset because Amazon is selling a costume that resembles a border wall and includes the message, "Mexico Will Pay." Dennis Miller used the controversy as a launching pad for one of his patented rants. "I don't understand the world we live in," he confessed. "I would tell anybody who's thinking of coming here from Mexico to stay home because this country has gone to hell, it's nuts! You've been told great things about America, but it's whiny and people spend all day protesting about Halloween costumes on Amazon. Mexican people have a stoicism about them, they're nice people who take care of their families. I'm telling them that they don't want to come here."
More on Susan Rice
Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, who has spent his career around classified material, provided his take on the Susan Rice story. "She had the ability to get names of American citizens that were concealed," he explained, "but you have to do that for a legitimate purpose. If the purpose was political, that is completely impermissible. And if she told the National Security Agency that she did it for her job and it was really about politics, that's a criminal violation. If she saw some possibility of illegal activity, her job was to transmit that to the Justice Department. The White House does not conduct criminal investigations." Turning to Syria, Bolton argued that the U.S. should begin by eliminating Syria's air force.
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Brad Forest, Eagle River, AK: "O'Reilly, you said Susan Rice should be given the benefit of the doubt. I don't think we should trust anything she says."

Richard Thoma, Pell City, AL: "Bill, you asked what was Susan Rice's motive? What planet are you living on? The Democrats were desperate to stop Donald Trump."

Allen Weaver, Belfast, ME: "As someone who spent 33 years in law enforcement, I thought Susan Rice displayed the classic deer-in-the-headlights look during her interview on NBC."
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