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Thursday, October 27, 2005
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Harriet Miers withdraws nomination
Guests: Fox News analyst Juan Williams & conservative commentator Ann Coulter

"Last week I bet Harriet Miers would be confirmed, but she was thrown overboard by the Bush administration. The official word is that she didn't want to talk about her counsel to the president, so she withdrew. What really happened is that Ms. Miers had become a big problem, and the Bush administration has so many problems it didn't need that one. The president sees an opportunity to energize his base, so I predict he will now nominate a high-profile conservative judge to jazz up the right. I got a real kick out of Senator Kennedy saying the Republicans were mean to Harriet Miers and had a 'litmus test' for a Supreme Court judge. This is extra special, as Kennedy is the crown prince of litmus tests. If you don't support unfettered abortion, you don't get his vote. Summing up, Harriet Miers got a bad deal. She should have been given a chance to speak, but politics got her. Not nice, not good for the country."

Fox News Video:

The Factor was joined by conservative author Ann Coulter, one of the most vocal critics of the Miers nomination. "I'm a big fan of the president again," Coulter exulted. "Your analysis was exactly right - when President Bush doesn't have his base with him, then he has nobody defending him. We love the president - he made a mistake and the mistake is gone now. What we are asking the president to put up is another judge like Thomas or Scalia." Fox News analyst Juan Williams accused the administration of treating Miers shabbily. "Even Republican senators are saying it's unfair. She never got due process. This is a far-right Donner Party where they're eating their own. The president's now in a box, and according to Ann he's got to nominate somebody from the far right. And he's going to get a hell of a fight here in Washington."

Bush vs. Kerry in 2005
Guest: Fox News contributor Dick Morris

According to a new poll, if the 2004 election were held today it would be a dead heat between John Kerry and President Bush. Fox News contributor Dick Morris suggested how the president can recover from the Harried Miers debacle. "What Bush should do now is pick one of the federal judges who have already been confirmed by the Senate. And then he can say you guys voted for this person before." Morris also declared there is one sure-fire way for President Bush to gain instant approval - take on the major oil companies. "What's needed is for the president to lead a national movement to get away from oil, to break the habit. But people think Bush is an oil man who is not going to do that." The Factor agreed that energy prices are one of the primary reasons the president is not riding high. "I firmly believe that President Bush's low poll numbers are driven down by two things - the perceived chaos in Iraq, and most of all the pain Americans are feeling because of high gas prices. The focus is oil."

Record oil profits continue
Guest: Dr. Dean Baker, Center for Economic and Policy Research

The third quarter was very, very good to major oil companies. Exxon Mobil earned nearly $10 billion in the quarter, an increase of 75%. Royal Dutch earnings were up 68% and Marathon Oil's profits tripled. Economist Dean Baker recommended that legislators consider enacting a special tax on excessive profits. "A lot of people are really hurting, and to me it makes a lot of sense to take back some of these profits. The attitude of oil company CEOs is they want to show as high profits as they possibly can and pay big dividends to their shareholders." The Factor opposed a "windfall profits" tax, but urged Americans to punish big oil by using less energy. "Nobody can believe how much money these companies make. They are exploiting the chaos in the war on terror and Hurricane Katrina. And in the process they're going to ruin the economy. Now you've got people in Congress calling for hearings, and the oil companies are going to be sorry."

Religious holidays struck from school calendar
Guest: Brian Blair, Hillsborough County commissioner

Students in Hillsborough County, Florida will now have only three days off during the school year - Labor Day, President's Day and Martin Luther King Jr. Day. All religious holidays have been eliminated, and county commissioner Brian Blair declared that the community are outraged. "This is unacceptable. Special interest groups are continuing to whittle away at American traditions that our forefathers died for. People want their holidays and we're going to ask the school board to reconsider the vote." The Factor pointed out that America was built on Judeo-Christian principles that have been honored for centuries. "Religion is very important for many Americans, and now they're going to be penalized because of some crazy anti-religious movement. Everybody should remember this when the school board is up for re-election."

Border policy attacks continue
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Anyone suggesting tighter immigration controls risks being branded a racist by open border advocates. The Factor debated that subject with Fox News host Geraldo Rivera. "You and I disagree on the border issue," Rivera said. "But I've read some of these columns that criticize you. The people who try to attack you on the basis of your being a racist are out of line. It's worse than dishonesty, it's almost a criminal intent." Rivera elaborated his own views about the immigration. "My fear is that there is a demonization of the illegals going on right now that is very unfortunate. It's the fear of the foreigner, the fear of these people overwhelming us and raping our daughters. These people are coming here for jobs as babysitters, as lawnmowers, and as dishwashers." The Factor argued that while most immigrants are indeed honest and hard workers, illegal immigration is out of control. "The government has a duty to secure the borders. Most people sympathize with poor people coming here from the south, but they understand that anyone can come in now. Then the unintended consequences of crime and declining property values frighten people. The problem is solved by securing the border and setting up a guest worker program that is fair to both immigrants and employers."

Alleged Vitale killer arrested
Guest: Dawn Perlmutter, expert in ritualistic crime

16-year old Scott Dyleski has been charged with murdering Pamela Vitale, wife of high-profile lawyer David Horowitz. Dyleski allegedly beat the victim to death, then carved a "Goth" symbol in her back. Crime expert Dawn Perlmutter described Goth culture as one part of a larger movement. "Goth is a manifestation of a number of dark subcultures. It's also affiliated with Satanism and a vampire scene. They're all related subcultures. In this case, the indications with Scott Dyleski were more of someone involved with Satanism." The Factor advised parents to monitor their children's friends, behavior, and attire. "If parents see their kids undergo a transformation like the Dyleski kid did, that's a warning sign. This stuff is nothing to ignore."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many emails dealt with the segment on far left web sites such as MoveOn.Org and Media Matters, which are lavishly funded by billionaires George Soros and Peter Lewis. Some excerpts:

Diana Lovejoy, Buckfield, ME: "I equate the Bush administration with fascism. I support Media Matters."

Don Stacy, Houston, TX: "Bill, thanks for informing us that Peter Lewis is the CEO of Progressive Insurance. I have cancelled my policy."

Mary Kay, Chicago, IL: "Bill, surely you jest. The Factor and Fox News invented the concept of smearing."

Frank Gutting, San Antonio, TX: "Mr. O, the left attacks you personally because they have no constructive solutions to major problems. The smear tactics you encounter are a desperate attempt to impose radical views on this country."

Capt. Christ Dalton, San Diego, CA: "The smearing is rampant on both sides. Instead of engaging in honest debate, we the people are forced to listen to lies and garbage."