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Thursday, November 3, 2005
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Protecting the Kids in New Jersey
"The only way Jessica's Law will be passed in all 50 states is for the folks to vote out governors who will not support it. New Jersey has a tremendous problem with abused children - the child protection agency is chaotic and predators often receive light sentences. Raymond Ritter was sentenced to probation for molesting an 11-year old boy - while on probation he was charged with sexual assault against another child. Milton Moore served seven years after assaulting a 14-year old girl. He got out and was promptly charged with assaulting a 13-year old girl. I could list many more cases, but you get the idea. Next Tuesday voters will select a governor between Senator John Corzine, a Democrat, and Republican Doug Forrester. The Factor doesn't endorse candidates, but in this case Forrester will push for Jessica's Law, Corzine will not. So if you live in New Jersey and care about the kids, in my opinion you've got to go with Forrester. Corzine is a classic liberal who believes there is gray in pretty much every issue. We believe there is no gray in adults sexually assaulting children - you do it one time, you go to jail for 25 years. That's Jessica's Law. That's what's needed in New Jersey and every other state in the union."
French Muslims
Guest: Mahmoun Fandy, Professor of Arab Politics at the National Defense University

For more than a week, young Muslim men have been rioting and setting fires in predominantly Muslim suburbs of Paris. Professor Mahmoun Fandy warned that many other European nations may soon face the same kind of violence. "This is really the challenge for Europe today. Throughout Europe there are 32 million Muslims - many of them are young and poor. These are the pool of recruits for Al Qaeda. France is the most assimilationist in its policies and France is going through a lot of trouble, so imagine what will happen elsewhere." The Factor compared the problems in France with our own immigration situation. "France brought this problem on itself, as America will if it doesn't stop the nonsense about illegal immigration."

Casualty Count in Iraq
Guest: Shellie Starr, Corporal Jeffrey Starr's mother

Last week the New York Times profiled 22-year old Marine Jeffrey Starr, the 2,000th soldier to die in Iraq. The Times included portions of a letter Corporal Starr had written to his girlfriend, but omitted this passage: "If you are reading this then I have died in Iraq ? everybody dies but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. I'm here helping these people, so that they can live the way we live." Jeffrey's mother Shellie joined The Factor and expressed displeasure with the Times' selective editing. "There were factual errors, and the important part of the letter was left out. It was an important part for America to hear, and that's what should have been emphasized." While some critics have accused the Times of intentionally distorting Corporal Starr's feelings, The Factor gave the paper the benefit of the doubt. "The article was about how multiple tours put soldiers in jeopardy, and they used a part of the letter that expressed his concern about doing three tours. But I don't think the Times tried to denigrate your son or use him as a propaganda tool. "

Code of Conduct
Guest: Douglas Brinkley, Presidential Historian and author of "The Unfinished Presidency: Jimmy Carter's Journey Beyond the White House"

It's been an unwritten rule in American politics - former presidents don't criticize their successors. But Jimmy Carter has denounced George W. Bush repeatedly, most recently implying the administration of manipulating intelligence to take the country to war. Historian Douglas Brinkley pointed out that Carter has been critical of all presidents, beginning with Ronald Reagan. "Jimmy Carter has become a far left figure when it comes to war. He was against the first war in Iraq, and wrote letters to the United Nations asking them to vote against the United States. He's found a spot for himself as one of the leading voices of the anti-war movement." The Factor accused Carter of breaking a longstanding tradition. "Gerald Ford wouldn't say anything bad about Clinton, and neither would Bush the elder or Reagan. That's been a precedent throughout history."

High Stakes in the Iraq War
Guest: Colonel David Hunt, Fox News Military Analyst

According to a new government report, more than a billion dollars may have been siphoned off by corruption in Iraq. Fox News analyst Colonel David Hunt, who has investigated the situation, declared that fraud is rampant. "You have US money coming in for large projects like schools and refineries and electrical grids, and corruption is rampant. This was money that was going to the Iraqi military police, and the bottom line is that Iraqi soldiers are not getting the food and the gear to fight the fight that allows our guys to come home. You can't start a democracy with this kind of corruption. Everybody's got their hands in the till, and it's got to get cleaned up.

Racial Debts, Part II
Guest: Rev. Al Sharpton, Civil Rights Activist

On Wednesday's Factor Shelby Steele asserted that black Americans are not owed anything. "This constant focus on what we are owed drags us down," Steele said. "What we owe ourselves is to take responsibility for making ourselves competitive." Rev. Al Sharpton put forth a different view on Thursday. "I agree that we should be more responsible, but that doesn't excuse institutional racism. Blacks are still treated much differently in the criminal justice system, health care, and education." The Factor urged Americans of all races to take responsibility. "If you're going to play the victim, no matter your color, you're going to lose." The Factor also teased Sharpton for dancing a salsa in a TV commercial endorsing New York mayoral candidate Fernando Ferrer. "Isn't this a great country where a guy like you can get TV time doing that dopey dance? Soul Train just called - they want you next Sunday."

Religion Problems?
Guest: Rev. Jim Wallis, author of "The Call to Conversion: Why Faith is Always Personal, But Never Private"

Democrats have had difficulty earning the votes of devoutly religious Americans. Author and minister Jim Wallis has been providing advice to politicians such as Senator Hillary Clinton and DNC chair Howard Dean. "Democrats who are people of faith," Rev. Wallis said, "should let their faith shine through. Religion is about being converted to the poor, and Democrats and Republicans need to hear that. Religion should not be a wedge to divide us, but should be a bridge to bring us together on the big issues." The Factor suggested that some Democrats, among them Hillary Clinton, have taken positions that many consider hostile to religion. "Senator Clinton is going to run for president, and she's going to be viewed with suspicion by many religious Americans. She's a secularist."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your e-mails dealt the Florida school board that banned religious holidays from the school calendar. Some excerpts:

Jackie Ferreiro, Hillsborough County FL: "Mr. O, thanks for bringing the school board situation to our attention. I didn't know anything about it."

David Organ, Loveland CO: "Bill, you rant that 20 years ago religion wasn't under attack in America's schools. Well, 20 years ago we didn't have evangelical Christians trying to ram their brand of religion down everyone's throat."

Bill Chapman, Knoxville TN: "Bill, I agree that it's wrong for the school board to hinder education by removing religious references. But let us be correct - you object to the moral effect that no religion has on children rather than the removal of historical religious references.

Robert Stahley, Odessa FL: "I am embarrassed for this community."

Book Mentions
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Call to Conversion: Why Faith Is Always Personal and Never Private
by Jim Wallis

The Unfinished Presidency: Jimmy Carter's Journey Beyond the White House
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