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Wednesday, May 17, 2006
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Is Mexico threatening the US?
Guests: Rob Allyn, PR expert & Mark Falcoff, American Enterprise Institute

"Millions of Canadians aren't illegally crossing into America. That's because Canada has a good economy, a strong middle class, and a workable society. Mexico has none of those things, despite fabulous wealth in the form of oil and other fossil fuels and two spectacular coastlines. But because of the incredible corruption throughout Mexico, 40% of its citizens live below the poverty line and few foreign investors will put money into that country. Thus Mexico exports its poverty problem to the USA. After hearing President Bush order 6,000 National Guard troops to the southern border, Mexico's Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez threatened to 'immediately start filing lawsuits through our consulates.' Okay, then Mr. Secretary, here's a no-spin message back to you - if the Mexican government files one lawsuit in the USA pertaining to the National Guard, I will call for a total boycott of Mexican goods and no travel to your country. That may sound presumptuous, but enough's enough. We in America have a right to security and a right to expect our immigration laws to be enforced. Mexico has an obligation to work with our National Guard, not sue it. And by the way, Mr. Secretary, you're welcome on The Factor any time."

Fox News Video:

The Factor was joined by Rob Allyn, a public relations specialist who represents the Mexican government. "I think you're misreading the situation," Allyn stated. "There was no threat. Secretary Derbez was responding to a hypothetical that nobody expects will exist. President Bush made it clear the National Guard will not be used to detain or arrest immigrants at the border." Latin expert Mark Falcoff agreed that Derbez was not issuing a threat. "The Foreign Secretary's statement was extremely moderate. Some of the things we saw in recent demonstrations were much more inflammatory and provocative than anything he said." The Factor maintained that Derbez's statement had the ring of a direct challenge. "I and every other person that I know, when we heard what Secretary Derbez said, we took it as a threat."
The UN and Iran
Guest: Fox News senior correspondent Eric Shawn

Fox News correspondent Eric Shawn, who has written a book about the United Nations, explained how the UN views the immigration issue. "In the UN world, there's no such thing as an 'illegal immigrant.' They call it an 'irregular migrant,' and they basically want them to have the same rights as documented immigrants." Shawn also denounced the UN's failure to prevent mass slaughter in Sudan. "They won't call it a genocide. The United Nations has fallen off the tracks and has lost its moral principles." The Factor depicted the organization as ineffective and immoral. "The UN just sits there and watches another genocide take place after Rwanda. The United Nations is corrupt and ineffective, and you prove it in your book."
Ward Churchill investigation complete
Guest: Attorney David Lane

The University of Colorado has completed its investigation of professor Ward Churchill, who compared some 9-11 victims to Nazis. A panel found Churchill guilty of "falsification, fabrication, plagiarism ... and other serious deviations from accepted practices." Churchill's lawyer David Lane predicted his client will be fired. "That's been preordained since he made his comments. There two sides to every story, and I expect that someday I will be in front of a federal jury presenting our side." Lane actually compared Ward Churchill to Galileo, who was persecuted by the Catholic Church, and mocked the citizens of Colorado. "Every taxpayer in Colorado is currently paying Ward Churchill to write his book. And soon they will be paying me - the University of Colorado is obligated to give me $20,000 of taxpayer money to continue the defense of Ward Churchill." The Factor told Lane that his case is on shaky ground. "You have five fairly prestigious individuals investigating your client, and they all came to the conclusion that he did things he shouldn't have done. I think you're going to lose this case."
Americans and gay marriage
Guests: Tony Perkins, Family Research Council & Maggie Gallagher, columnist & author

Some conservatives want President Bush to forcefully condemn same-sex marriage, and columnist Maggie Gallagher explained why. "I would like the President to speak up because I think it's so important for children and the common good. Any time the people have voted on this directly, between 60 and 85 percent have said we want to keep marriage the union of one man and one woman." Tony Perkins of the Family Research Center also called on President Bush to step up. "The President's leadership is absolutely critical in pushing something of this magnitude, and the signals coming out of the White House are mixed at best." The Factor doubted whether the President will spend much political capital on this issue. "He'll say heterosexual marriage should have an elevated place in society, but that this is a state issue."
University publication mocks Jesus
Guests: Tyler Graf, Oregon Commentator & student Jethro Higgins

A student publication at the University of Oregon has run odious depictions of Jesus, showing him in a state of sexual arousal. Senior Tyler Graf argued that even distasteful material deserves protection. "This is an anarchist-Marxist publication, and they have strange views. But if the administration tried to shut down every student publication every time someone was offended, there would be no publications." Junior Jethro Higgins countered that mockery of Jesus is taking press freedom too far. "Hate speech under any circumstances is unacceptable, but especially when it's funded with our money. Up to this point the administration has said they can't do anything." The Factor pointed out the glaring double standard. "If any publication funded by student dollars endorsed the KKK or Nazism, the university would step in and say it violates the standards of the school. But in this case you can brutalize the image of Jesus and nothing is done. University president Dave Frohnmayer is a coward who needs to be fired."
Protecting Floridians from sex offenders
Guest: Judy Cornett, child safety crusader

The Factor was joined by Judy Cornett, a woman on a mission. She quit her job to form an organization that monitors child predators after they are released from prison. Cornett was spurred to action when her 11-year old son was molested by Kevin Kinder, who served just six years. "He kept moving into areas where there were children. I went digging through his garbage and found evidence that I reported to his probation officer. They found he had lied and they went ahead and gave him 60 years." Cornett now warns other parents about molesters in their neighborhoods. "Some people have called me a vigilante, but a vigilante goes out to hurt people. I'm going door-to-door and educating people I want our children to be safe." The Factor praised Judy Cornett as a model of activism. "I tend to think you're a hero. Just the fact that you got this Kinder guy off the streets for 60 years, I think you're doing a good thing."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your continued to focus on President Bush's immigration initiative. Some excerpts:

Bob Wedwick, Phoenix, AZ: "John Kasich spoke for me. Rewarding people who break the law diminishes our core values in this country."

Bob Simpson, Laredo, TX: "I agree with Kasich in theory. It is wrong to reward those who break the law. But in order to obtain peace, IRA terrorists were released from prison and Guatemalan rebels were pardoned. Deporting millions of illegal aliens is not a peaceful solution."

Dave Barker, Mount Vernon, PA: "I thought President Bush would be strong in the face of difficult problems, that's why I voted for him. I was wrong."

Pamela Hart, Phoenix, AZ: "For Juan Williams to say you shouldn't link drug smuggling with the immigration issue and the border shows that he is clueless. Crimes are crimes."
Book Mentions
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The U.N. Exposed: How the United Nations Sabotages America's Security and Fails the World
by Eric Shawn

The Case for Marriage: Why Married People Are Happier, Healthier and Better off Financially
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