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Friday, December 10, 2004
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New support for Kofi Annan
"The Bush administration doesn't want United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan to resign. Since Mr. Annan has not exactly been helpful to the US over the years, what does this really mean? It means some kind of deal has been made. Perhaps Kofi will put UN people in place for the Iraqi elections. The question is whether the US should overlook Kofi Annan's inglorious past and use him in the future? Is the President looking out for us by supporting Annan's job? This is a complicated situation that requires some thought. President Bush is rewarding bad behavior, but it might be for the betterment of America."
Scott Peterson sentencing
Guests: Fox News legal editor Stan Goldman & journalist Aphrodite Jones

The jury is deciding how Scott Peterson should be punished for killing his wife and their unborn child. Fox News legal editor Stan Goldman explained how it works. "The jury is going to have to come back unanimously in order to execute him. One juror could hang the death penalty, which would result in life imprisonment." Journalist Aphrodite Jones contended the jury is anything but unanimous. "Some of them feel Peterson should be executed, that he manipulated everyone around him his entire life. There are others who have sympathy for Peterson." Jones reported most people outside the courtroom want Peterson dead. "The public hatred of Scott Peterson is obvious. They want this man killed. It's like a public hanging. I feel like I'm at the Salem witch hunts."
Inside the mind of Scott Peterson
Guest: Author James Ellroy

What enables a seemingly normal man like Peterson to kill without apparent remorse? Crime author James Ellroy has studied and written about psychopaths. "He's shallow, he's narcissistic," Ellroy explained. "He views other humans as obstructions and intrusions. Guys like this--on rare occasions, in times of psychological duress--are capable of murder." Ellroy also claimed the O.J. Simpson verdict may have played a role in the case of Laci Peterson. "O.J.'s getting away with murder made an impression on a lot of would-be killers, leading them to believe they could also get away with it."
Democratic leadership threatened by the far left?
Guest: Bill Allison, Managing Editor, Center for Public Integrity

The far left organization MoveOn.Org has issued this statement about the Democratic Party: "We bought it, we own it, and we're going to take it back." Bill Allison of the Center for Public Integrity explained why the organization feels so powerful. "MoveOn did raise hundreds of millions of dollars," Allison said. "Because of campaign finance reform, parties can't raise that kind of big money. And they can push the Democratic Party to the left. The Factor contended MoveOn has a clear message for Democrats: "You either do it the far left way, or we're going to put a hurt on you."
Female suicide bombers
Guest: National Geographic Channel correspondent Lisa Ling

The National Geographic Channel has produced a special on the phenomenon of female suicide bombers in the Arab world. The program's correspondent Lisa Ling visited the Gaza Strip, where suicide bombers are idolized as we do with sports heroes. "They have posters everywhere of people who have killed themselves. People see themselves as being able to redeem themselves through these attacks, and believe they will reach paradise." Ling and her crew spoke with young girls who expressed their desire to kill Israelis, even though they will die themselves. "They weren't particularly religious fanatics. They just want to escape their situations."
Bush endorsing Kofi Annan
Guest: Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich

What is the reason behind President Bush's expression of support for UN Secretary General Kofi Annan? Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich expressed astonishment. "I can't explain it," Gingrich told The Factor. "The United Nations is at its lowest point I can remember, and Kofi Annan tried to undercut our efforts to have elections in Iraq. How can you defend an institution that presided over and covered up the stealing of $24 billion from the people of Iraq?" Gingrich also commented on the aggressive attempt by MoveOn.Org to influence the Democratic Party. "It presents the party with a challenge. The left wing is saying if you go to the center we're going to bolt and form a third party."
Clint Black's Christmas CD
Guest: Clint Black

Country star Clint Black has released a new Christmas CD. Black told The Factor he can feel the growing secular opposition to the holiday. "I feel inhibited from saying Merry Christmas to people. So I decided I'm going to say it to everyone. I think you've got to be a pretty big Scrooge to be offended if someone says Merry Christmas to you. Even if you don't believe that Christ is the Son of God, you can't deny that message is good." The Factor mentioned another reason not to fear Christmas: "Santa has never invaded a country."
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