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Tuesday, December 28, 2004
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John Gibson fills in for Bill today.
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Latest on the Situation & Relief Efforts in Southern Asia
Guests: Adam Housley, Fox News
Patrick McCrummen, Director of Communications for the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Program.

Massive relief efforts are underway for Tsunami victims in Southern Asia. The death toll is staggering - more than 50,000 people in 11 nations.
US Relief Pledge
Guest:Bill Sammon, Washington Times Correspondent

The massive relief effort is underway in the countries hit by the disastrous tsunami. The US made an initial pledge of 15 million dollars that the UN yesterday called stingy. The UN honcho said he was misinterpreted as the Administration has found another 20 million dollars for the relief effort.
Oil For Food
Guest: Brett Schaefer, Research Fellow at the Heritage Foundation

The man heading up the investigation into the UN Oil for Food scandal says that Saddam Hussein illegally lined his pocket with billions of dollars from a smuggling scheme and that the UN Security Council knew about it but did nothing to stop it.
Al-Qaeda Alliance South of the Border
Guest: Erick Stakelbeck, Investigative Project

US Law Officials now think a dangerous Salvadoran gang is working with Al-Qaeda to smuggle operatives into the US across the Mexican border.
Al Sharpton
Recently, some in the media have hammered Al Sharpton about his personal life, even as he continues to be deeply involved with the Democratic Party. Rev. Sharpton faced off with Bill earlier this month.
A Harrowing Story of Survival and Despair
Guest: Lisa Bernhard, Fox News

Petra Nemcova, a Victoria Secret Supermodel, spent 8 hours clinging to the top of a palm tree after a killer wave crashed into her bungalow resort in Thailand. That same wave swept her boyfriend out to sea right before her eyes.
Suzanne Somers
Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania reviewed 10 well known diet programs and found there is no way to know if they work, because there hasn't been enough studies. That said, there are thousands of diet books out there?one of them by celebrity dieter Suzanne Somers. Bill spoke with her last year about her book, "Suzanne Somers, Fast and Easy, Lose Weight the Somersize Way with Quick and Delicious Meals for the Entire Family"
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