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Monday, January 3, 2005
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Top stories in 2005
"The two big stories in 2005 will continue to be the war in Iraq and the culture war at home. The goal of a free Iraq is noble, the Americans are the good guys, and there's no other honest way to see it. Now back home, the culture war is getting nastier by the day. I am target number one in the media for the progressives. For example, we took on the anti-Christmas controversy and won big, further infuriating them. Just today the Boston Globe took two quotations from me completely out of context. The strategy is to marginalize The Factor and the Fox News Channel to make us look like right-wing crazies. Will it work? Will the progressive movement damage us? They have big money behind them, and they have vicious web sites. What they don't have is you, the folks. And only you will decide the winner of this very intense culture war."
Is the United States
Guests: Lawrence Korb, former Assistant Secretary of Defense & Lawrence Eagleburger, former Secretary of State

The New York Times and others have claimed the US has been stingy in supplying aid to tsunami victims, while the Wall Street Journal says America is remarkably generous. Which view is accurate? Former Secretary of State Lawrence Eagleburger lauded the administration. "Before this is all over," Eagleburger predicted, "we will have put in more money than the President has even pledged. We have done everything right, but we won't get credit for it." Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Lawrence Korb disagreed. "The government has not been as generous as it could. The perception is that the President and the administration had to be dragged into this. The government was slow getting off the mark." The Factor suggested that, as usual, many in the media have used this as another excuse to bash the President. "The liberal press, which hates Bush, never tells the full story of how much money we spend abroad."
US pledges aid for tsunami victims
Guest: Carol Adelman, foreign aid expert

How does the US government's pledge of $350 million compare with other nations? "Americans are the most generous people in the world," foreign aid expert Carol Adelman told The Factor. "Americans give abroad like they do domestically--through private donations more than through the government. And that $350 million doesn't even take into account all our military costs." Japan leads all nations with a pledge of $500 million, while oil-rich Saudi Arabia has promised a mere $10 million. The Factor also noted that some European nations that continually criticize the US have given relatively piddling amounts. On a personal level, Bill O'Reilly added, "I'm getting tired of all the America bashing. Our duty is to let people know that we are the most generous nation on Earth."
Is boycotting France the right strategy?
Guest: Author John Miller

Some foreign policy experts claim France is actively undermining the war on terror, and some, including The Factor, have called for a retaliatory boycott of French goods. Author John Miller explained that enmity between France and the US is nothing new. "Anti-Americanism is deep within French culture," Miller said. "We have had a 300 year history of friction and warfare. The French think when American interests are thwarted, their interests are served." However, Miller expressed doubts about the wisdom and effectiveness of a boycott. "I think there are other things we can do, such as being more aware of the history of Franco-American relations."
Anticipating another attack on home soil
Guest: Author Harvey Kushner

Since 9/11 Americans have feared another terror attack on US soil. Harvey Kushner, author of "Holy War on the Home Front," asserted there are genuine reasons for concern. "[Terrorists] have been here for more than twenty years setting up shop," Kushner told The Factor. "There are documents I have from the INS saying there are people who went through terrorist training camps and have still been let into this country. And there are federal judges who are releasing known terrorists into our communities."
A collision of lifestyles
Guests: Brian Fahling, American Family Association & Chuck Volz, representing "Outfest"

Last year in Philadelphia, members of a Christian group crashed a gay event called "Outfest." Some from the Christian group were charged with criminal felonies. Chuck Volz, a representative of "Outfest," provided his version of what happened. "They were telling us we're sinners, we're abominations, and we're going to hell. They refused orders by the Philadelphia police to follow basic rules." Brian Fahling of the conservative American Family Association presented a far different view of events. "My clients were peacefully evangelizing in a gentle voice. They were doing what every evangelist does, that is, bring the message of Jesus to those who don't know Christ. I have never seen an abuse of power like this, and every American ought to be stunned and outraged."
Michael Jackson trial set to begin
Guest: Harvey Levin, "Celebrity Justice"

Michael Jackson is scheduled to go on trial later this month for child molestation. Harvey Levin of "Celebrity Justice" said the pre-trial rumors and revelations have already begun. According to Levin, the boy allegedly molested by Jackson was diagnosed with cancer in 2000. "His mother went to a local newspaper," Levin told The Factor. "And said the medical bills are enormous and we need money. The newspaper wrote an article and donations were sent. What we found out is that this boy's medical bills were paid in full by insurance. The writer of this story feels the mother was completely motivated by greed."
Book Mentions
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Holy War on the Home Front
by Harvey Kushner

Our Oldest Enemy: A History of America's Disastrous Relationship with France
by John J. Miller & Mark Molesky