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Tuesday, January 4, 2005
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The whole truth on the numbers
"The Factor wants you to have all the facts before you make up your minds on an issue, but not everyone in the media does. For example, The New York Times didn't mention that Americans donate millions to overseas charities when the paper called the government cheap in dispensing foreign aid. The reason the left doesn't want you to know the whole truth is an agenda. The liberal media believes only a huge federal presence can make us a humane nation. The progressive goal of income redistribution requires steep tax rates. That is what the New York Times and its acolytes are after, but they will never tell you that. Likewise, we're not getting the whole truth about Attorney General nominee Alberto Gonzales. The left despises Gonzales because he doesn't want Geneva Convention protections given to accused terrorists captured abroad. He reasons that if a person is captured targeting civilians, that terrorist should be bound over to the military and subject to sleep deprivation and other methods short of physical contact. This is violently opposed by the left, which wants no coercive techniques whatsoever. So Gonzales is being branded a villain by the far left. And that's the whole truth."
The Gonzales nomination
Guests: Adm. John Hudson, U.S. Navy (Ret.) & Elisa Massimino, Director, Human Rights First

Some retired military officers have joined human rights groups in fighting Alberto Gonzales' nomination as Attorney General. Retired Admiral John Hutson disagrees with Gonzales' opinion that suspected terrorists are exempt from the Geneva Conventions. "I want the Conventions protections extended to cover all our enemies," Hutson told The Factor. "We are required by law and morality to treat these people as human beings. That does not mean you can't put them through hard questioning." Elisa Massimino of "Human Rights First" agreed. "When you send people out to an intense conflict with very dangerous people, you need clear rules. And now there are no rules, which is why we have a problem with Gonzales." The Factor argued that terror suspects fall into a category of their own: "You are elevating terrorists who kill civilians to the status of soldiers in a war. A terrorist is not a soldier and has to be dealt with under a totally different set of rules."
Child abuse in the tsunami aftermath
Guest: Christine Knudsen, Senior Protection Officer, Save the Children

According to some reports, child abuse, kidnapping, and the selling of young girls into prostitution are on the rise in the wake of the deadly Asian tsunami. Christine Knudsen of "Save The Children" is on her way to the disaster area. "The stories we're hearing are very disturbing," Knudsen told The Factor. "More than a million children are trafficked in the area already, and it's hard to know what the scope of this is. We're working to make sure we can prevent this in every single way that we can."
Election nears in Iraq
Guest: Author Larry Garza

With the election less than a month away, there is chaos and violence in Iraq. Author Larry Garza is among those who feel Iraq can never be a functioning democracy. "Islam and democracy are contradictory terms," Garza contended. "The very term Islam means submission, and if we look at the history of the movement it was enforced by violence. The ultimate goal is establishing the Koran as the political law of the land, and there is no room for dissent." The Factor cited Turkey as an example of a democratic Islamic nation, but Garza said the Turks are a special case: "Turkey has taken a very important step that we are overlooking in Iraq--they have outlawed all Islamic parties."
Airlines in chaos
Guest: Vaughn Cordle, CEO, Airline Forecasts

Some air travel has recently been marked by poor service, flight delays, and cancellations. Vaughn Cordle of "Airline Forecasts" feels part of the problem is that major carriers are loaded down by debt. "You have financial distress in the industry," Cordle said. "Average fares are sixty percent less than they were thirty years ago, and business travelers avoid flying like the plague." Cordle predicted if the price of oil remains above $45 a barrel, "you're going to see a rash of bankruptcies, including Delta, Continental, and America West."
An intervention for Kofi Annan?
Guest: Ambassador Richard Holbrooke

Senator Joseph Lieberman has joined those who say UN Secretary General Kofi Annan has lost all credibility. But some politicians and statesmen have rallied to Annan's defense, including former UN Ambassador Richard Holbrooke. "After the Presidential election," Holbrooke explained, "a bunch of people sat down with Kofi Annan to brainstorm how he could improve relations with the US government. You can't have the largest contributor and host country in opposition." Holbrook asserted Annan deserves to stay in his job. "A good chunk of the attacks on him are absolutely unfair. He is not incompetent."
"The Sins of Two Fathers"
Guest: Author Denis Hammill

Columnist and author Denis Hamill's latest novel "Sins of Two Fathers" centers on a family ruined by a single reckless newspaper column. Hamill, a longtime journalist, contended that many in the media have gradually become irresponsible, especially in their coverage of suspected criminals. "I've seen so many examples of it," Hamill said. "Gary Condit was tried and convicted in the press. The Ramseys were convicted in the court of public opinion of killing their child because of the press. A lot of that used to be only in the gossip columns, but when it made it to hard news is when we started to have problems."
Book Mentions
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The Destruction of the Veil of Islam
by Larry Garza

Sins of Two Fathers
by Denis Hammill

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