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Tuesday, January 18, 2005
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America's image in the world
"According to a new poll, people in many nations have a strongly unfavorable view of America. Some Americans think these perceptions are the fault of the Bush administration for being too arrogant. But two other factors are undeniable. First, overseas media coverage is blatantly anti-American. And here at home, partisan political displays like the interchange between Barbara Boxer and Condoleezza Rice are rabidly reported overseas. Michael Moore is a hero over there and, sadly, there is no pro-USA alternative. In places like Germany and France, the media are so far left it's almost impossible for people to get a balanced view, while hateful outlets like Al Jazeera dominate information flow in the Arab world. So there is little the Bush administration can do to reverse the anti-American trend. Europe is sitting out the war on terror; Russia and China are actually profiting from it; and many in the third world are rooting for the terrorists. It is indeed a cold world out there. And it has nothing to do with January."

Intelligent design in schools?
Guests: Michael Grant, professor of biology

A controversy has erupted over "intelligent design," the theory that a higher power was involved in creating the universe. The ACLU and other like-minded groups are adamantly opposed to even mentioning "intelligent design" in public schools. Biology professor Michael Grant agrees the theory has nothing to do with science. "The proper place to talk about those issues," Grant said, "is in comparative religion and philosophy classes. Biology classes should be science. Science uses our best understanding of the natural world at this point in time." The Factor argued that evolution and intelligent design can both be offered as competing theories. "People like the ACLU who don't want you to mention the possibility of intelligent design are the Taliban in this case; they are the ones infringing on the rights of American students."
Kerry at King breakfast
Guest: Nate Persily, University of Pennsylvania

At a breakfast honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, John Kerry implied that Democrats, and blacks in particular, faced long lines and other unfair obstacles that made it difficult for them to vote in November. Election expert Nate Persily said Kerry's complaints are not based in reality. "Most of the problems we had were very regular. This was a high-turnout election, and a lot of the problems we saw happen when you have a flood of people." The Factor suggested that Kerry's complaints diminish his image. "He sounds like a sore loser, and he's painting a picture that is not true."
Howard Dean and the Dems
Guests: Fox News analysts Ellis Henican & Mary Ann Marsh

Former Presidential candidate Howard Dean wants to run the Democratic National Committee. Columnist Ellis Henican claimed Doctor Dean could be just what the Dems ordered. "If Democrats are going to win, they have to believe in something. And Howard does believe. He was able to excite a big part of the base." Fox News analyst Mary Anne Marsh added that, even if Dean leads the DNC, he won't set the agenda. "Running the DNC is more about organization. The message of the party won't come from Howard Dean." The Factor contended that Dean's abrasive personality could hurt the party. "Howard Dean has alienated a lot of people because he's an obnoxious SOB. A more neutral guy would help the party more."
Was Abraham Lincoln gay?
Guest: Historian Philip Nobile

A new book claims President Abraham Lincoln may have been bisexual, and historian Philip Nobile agrees with the book's basic premise. "Lincoln slept in a bed with his bodyguard in the White House," Nobile told The Factor. "Why would he sleep with his bodyguard? If he slept with a female, wouldn't you assume they had sex? I do not argue that Lincoln was gay, but I argue that the gay theory could be accurate." Nobile admitted there is no known testimony from any man who claimed to have a physical affair with President Lincoln.
Americans and their health
Guest: Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich

Politicians and policy experts have long debated which is the best model for providing health care. Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich said the key is encouraging people to make their own decisions, while keeping government involvement to a minimum. "I do not think we want bureaucrats to own the health system," Gingrich said. "In places like Canada, things work well as long as you're not sick. The American people have the right to expect a system where they can buy insurance, and we should have a tax credit to help the very poor buy insurance. But we want you as an individual to have control of your own health."
PETA & controversy
Guest: Ingrid Newkirk, President, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, no stranger to controversy, recently ran an ad campaign comparing animal slaughterhouses to the Holocaust. PETA President Ingrid Newkirk defended her organization and its goals. "Pigs are as intelligent as dogs; all animals are wonderful if you get to know them. We look down at animals, but they fell pain and have grief." The Factor argued that PETA's Holocaust comparison could be self-defeating. "You're offending millions of people, and I don't know if you're persuading anyone."
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