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Wednesday, January 19, 2005
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Sen. Barbara Boxer on terrorism
"Enough is enough with Barbara Boxer, a far left partisan who has crossed the line into destructive politics. Faced with savage terrorists bent on killing Americans, Senator Boxer wants to modify the Patriot Act, is against coercive interrogation of illegal combatants, against the war in Iraq, and opposes just about every other anti-terror measure in the US arsenal. Now Senator Boxer has implied Condoleezza Rice is not sympathetic to the troops, which is way over the line. The truth is that Boxer has no solutions to the war on terror. She wanted to embarrass Condoleezza Rice, but has nothing to bring to the terror table herself. So in the end, the Senator wound up embarrassing herself."
Rice confirmed by Senate
Guest: Senator Lamar Alexander

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee overwhelmingly recommended that Condoleezza Rice be confirmed as Secretary of State. Among those voting in her favor was Republican Senator Lamar Alexander, who disagreed with the tactics of Democrat Boxer: "Barbara Boxer chose to attack Condoleezza Rice's integrity," Alexander told The Factor. "She was inaccurate in her charges against Rice. I think Dr. Rice was eloquent and persuasive--she strengthened her position by the way she handled the attacks." Alexander conceded, however, that there are legitimate reasons to criticize the war effort. "The situation is worse than we expected. Humans can't predict every possibility, and this war hasn't gone like we thought it would, and we need to make adjustments."
Zell Miller signs on
Guest: Sen. Zell Miller, D-GA (Ret.)

Georgia Senator Zell Miller is retiring from Congress, but joining the ranks of Fox News as a political analyst. Miller began his new job with typical bluntness, lambasting Barbara Boxer. "She would not even use spitballs to fight terrorism," Miller said. "She would use powder puffs." Miller also asserted it will be a mistake if his party elects Howard Dean as its chairman. "He'll work very hard, but he'll be carrying the party in the wrong direction."
Inauguration Day conflict?
Guest: Historian Kenneth Davis

President Bush's inauguration ceremonies will include posh parties and gala balls, but is it all necessary? "I certainly don't think we need it," Historian Kenneth Davis said. "But Americans don't have any other kind of coronation ceremony and Americans like a spectacle." Davis recalled the most infamous inauguration party in US history, when Andrew Jackson invited anyone and everyone. "Thousands of people descended on the White House and knocked over tables and punch bowls. They actually had to hustle Andrew Jackson out of the White House."
Spending on the progressive message
Guest: James Harding, Financial Times

According to a report in the Financial Times, wealthy liberals such as George Soros plan to pour even more money into progressive groups, although a conservative group claims Soros is violating federal election laws. FT reporter James Harding explained. "Soros and others got together after the election and determined there was a need to build more think tanks, to build the machinery to get their message out. They committed to spend even more money than they spent in the last election cycle." The Factor argued that Soros and the organizations he bankrolls specialize in spewing bile. "I welcome issue debate, but they're smear merchants. I hope the government looks at Soros very hard, because he's a danger to the country."
"The Apprentice" 3
Guest: Donald Trump

Donald Trump's successful reality series "The Apprentice" is back for its third season. Trump told The Factor this version will have a new twist. "This is book smarts versus street smarts. People who went to college versus people who didn't get a great education." The Donald also claimed that he abhors all the publicity surrounding his upcoming wedding. "I would love to have it be a private affair, but it's a monster out of control." The Factor wasn't convinced by Trump's self-proclaimed aversion to publicity. "You've got private planes. You could take your fianc�e and zip off to the Canary Islands, get married and come back."
Adoption controversy
Guest: Allyson Roberts, adoption advisor

A Florida couple adopted a boy named Evan soon after his birth. But three years later, his biological mother said she wanted him back--a judge agreed, and ordered the adoptive parents to give the boy up. Adoption advisor Allyson Roberts lamented the decision and its consequences. "This child is devastated, and will continue to be devastated. Unfortunately we only hear the tragic stories. We don't hear about the beautiful adoption stories that happen every day." The Factor argued that this case will ultimately harm children by making people less willing to adopt American infants. "This has to deter people from adopting if they think they're going to lose the child."
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