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Thursday, January 27, 2005
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The Iraqi election & your family
Guests: Ruth Wedgwood, professor of International Law

"Sunday's vote is a defining moment for America. If the Iraqi people step up and embrace the chance to vanquish terror, the world will be much safer. If they do not, the war on terror will get worse and worldwide terror will dramatically increase in power. Enter Senator Edward Kennedy, who demands a timetable for American withdrawal from Iraq. While the Senator is right in saying things are not going well in the war, his solution is to systematically pull American troops out and let the Iraqis fend for themselves. The question is whether Kennedy is willing to accept a terrorist state in Iraq if the forces of evil win. It is a simple question, Senator, and Talking Points awaits your answer. The election on Sunday is vital to our safety--if Syria, Iraq, and Iran are allowed to support and protect terrorists, there will be a world war in the future that will dwarf anything this planet has ever seen."


International law professor Ruth Wedgwood agreed with Talking Points. "You certainly can't leave Iraq to burn and have a bloody civil war," Wedgwood told The Factor. She also agreed that America's future is inextricably linked to Iraq's. "You can't simply say this is a local problem. We have to stand an Iraqi force and give them enough training so they can actually defend their country."
Train crash suspect investigated
Guest: Steven Camorata, Director of Research, Center for Immigration Studies

Juan Manuel Alvarez has been arrested and charged with causing the California train crash that killed eleven people. Authorities either don't know, or haven't revealed, whether Alvarez is an American citizen. "We don't have a good system to determine if someone is in the country legally," said Steven Camorata of the Center for Immigration Studies. Camorata also commented on the dangerous situation inside northern Mexico. "The State Department has warned Americans that conditions in Mexico are really chaotic. There have been kidnappings, car thefts, and escalating lawlessness around the Texas border." The Factor said this is more proof that America needs to secure its borders. "We've been hearing for years how the new Mexican president is going to improve things, but in my opinion things are worse now than they've ever been."
AARP: Honest, or agenda-driven?
Guest: William Beach, Heritage Foundation

The American Association of Retired Persons released a poll showing 70% of Americans oppose partial privatization of Social Security. In contrast, a poll taken by Fox News showed a majority in favor of partial privatization. William Beach of the Heritage Foundation said the discrepancy is a result of flawed methodology in the AARP poll. "This was a classic push poll," Beach contended. "They attached certain conditions to their questions. But that's not the worst of it ? they completely omitted people who are between 20 and 30." Beach contended the AARP seems to be driven by a desire to maintain the status quo. "Social Security is incontestably imbalanced, and AARP has the responsibility to take the leadership. And what's the first thing they do? They come out with a bogus poll." The AARP was invited to send a representative to The Factor, but declined.
Is the Shroud of Turin legitimate?
Guest: Barrie Schwortz,

The Shroud of Turin is a piece of linen some believe was the burial garment of Jesus Christ, and that it includes an imprint of his image. Scientific analysis conducted in 1988 indicated the cloth was not old enough to be genuine, but shroud expert Barrie Schwortz said there is new information. "Chemical analysis and spectroscopy now indicate that the corner of the shroud that was analyzed did not represent the rest of the Shroud of Turin." According to Schwortz, the Shroud of Turin could well be an artifact of Jesus Christ. "I find myself more and more convinced by the science. I have no underlying motives for wanting to prove the shroud authentic, but I am convinced this piece of cloth could easily be the cloth that wrapped Jesus."
The opposition to the Bush agenda
Guest: Kim Gandy, National Organization for Women

The National Organization for Women is opposed to virtually every item on President Bush's domestic agenda. NOW's Kim Gandy explained. On Social Security privatization: "Women have the most to lose if Social Security is privatized. We are at the greatest risk of poverty in retirement." On the Bush tax cuts: "If you took just the tax cuts to the top 1%, that would be enough to guarantee the complete solvency of the Social Security system." On gay marriage: "I absolutely think two people who love each other should be able to get married. That's a basic human right."
Americans and slang
Guest: Journalist & author Robert Macneil

Journalist and author Robert MacNeil has written a new book about the English language as it is spoken in America. "What I see," MacNeil told The Factor, "is a great informalizing of American speech and a lot less concern about grammar. Even the President of the United States says things like 'there's no negotiations with South Korea.'" The former PBS anchor contended language matters, both on the job and in life. "The more standard English you speak, the better the chances of your doing well in this society. I think that's obvious."
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