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Friday, February 11, 2005
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The networks & Ward Churchill
"For everyday folks the Ward Churchill story is big--it has emotion, free speech implications, a villain. But not for the nightly news broadcasts. CBS and NBC have each run one short report, and ABC's Peter Jennings has not reported the story at all. So here again is the difference between the elite world and the real world. Radical professor Ward Churchill has insulted thousands of American families who lost loved ones on 9/11, and the guy is being paid nearly $100,000 of taxpayer money by the University of Colorado. This is huge, but not to the national news TV people. If ever there was an explanation of why they are losing audience and Fox News is gaining, this is it. Talking Points can say two things with certainty. The rantings of Ward Churchill do not help the far left cause, and it's mighty strange that Dan, Peter, and Brian have avoided a great story that has all America talking."

Major League Baseball steroid scandal continues
Guests: Paul Alexander, KDKA & Steak Shapiro, 790 The Zone

In his new book, former baseball slugger Jose Canseco claims he personally injected steroids into former teammates, including Mark McGwire. Radio host Steak Shapiro acknowledged that while steroid abuse is widespread in baseball, Canseco's allegations should be viewed with skepticism. "I urge everyone to consider the source," Shapiro said. "Jose Canseco has financial issues. He is a low life trying to profit by destroying other people's reputations." Paul Alexander, another radio host, said the allegations ring true. "When you see a guy like Barry Bonds transformed, you don't have to see the injections. We know steroid use is rampant. If these guys have a problem with Canseco or what he says, they should sue the guy." The Factor placed the blame for this mess on the sport's top brass. "I want people to give the presumption of innocence to Mark McGwire and everyone else, but we know that Major League Baseball looked the other way on all this steroid stuff."
Churchill plans Wisc. appearance
Guest: Wisconsin State Assemblyman Steve Nass

Several universities have cancelled speaking engagements by radical professor Ward Churchill. But the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater will go ahead with an upcoming Churchill lecture, for which he'll receive $4,000. Wisconsin State Assemblyman Steve Nass, himself a UW Whitewater graduate, urged the university to reconsider. "Churchill is using divisive language that is over-the-top," Nass told The Factor. "It is not free speech, it's hate speech, and that's where the line has to be drawn. Churchill's academic credentials are also being challenged. The university has to withdraw its invitation for him to speak."
Challenges to Mass. gay marriage
Guest: Attorney Robert Muise

Last year the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, but has now agreed to hear a legal challenge to its decision. Attorney Robert Muise, who will argue the case against gay marriage, explained his strategy. "The state legislature has convened a constitutional convention, and they are proposing an amendment that would ban same-sex marriage. The people of Massachusetts have an absolute right to amend the state constitution to preserve the tradition of marriage, which has been a cornerstone of our society for hundreds of years. What we're asking the court to do is stay this decision until the constitutional process can run its course."
Determining broadcast boundaries
Guest: Bob Parsons,

The most controversial ad in this year's Super Bowl was for, which featured a suggestively clad woman testifying at a Congressional hearing. The spot was scheduled to air twice, but Fox pulled the ad after just one showing. GoDaddy's Bob Parsons claimed, "An NFL official was upset because we poked fun at the NFL and the wardrobe malfunction from a year ago. Our commercial didn't show anything you wouldn't see at a shopping mall."
Soros & Redford connection?
Guests: Byron York, National Review & Terry Scanlon, Capital Research Center

Left wing billionaire George Soros and actor Robert Redford have made a money connection. Terry Scanlon of the Capital Research Center explained the arrangement. "Soros started a documentary fund to support films with leftist leanings. Last year he transferred that operation to Redford's Sundance Institute, and gave an additional $4.6 million. If this were a conservative doing the same thing, the media would go bananas." Byron York of the conservative National Review reasoned that the partnership makes perfect sense. " Redford is a well-known liberal, Soros is a well-known liberal. And they sponsor films that are overwhelming liberal. But what's wrong with that? If there were a conservative philanthropist pouring millions of dollars into promoting conservative films, that would be great. This is just a matter of free expression."
Ken Tucker's new book
Guest: Author & critic Ken Tucker

TV critic Ken Tucker has written a book called "Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy: 100 Things to Love and Hate About TV." Appearing on The Factor to promote his book Tucker complimented O'Reilly. "I like the fact that you are a direct communicator who brings the audience over to your side. I compare you in the book to Arthur Godfrey and Art Linkletter, who talked directly to the audience." Tucker elaborated on his other TV likes and dislikes. One object of his derision--Miss Piggy. "To me she was too arrogant and was the downfall of the Muppets." On the plus side, Tucker is a big fan of humorist Andy Rooney and American Idol judge Simon Cowell. "I hate American Idol, but Cowell is one of the few guys who will look someone in the eye and tell them they have no talent." For the record: during his appearance on The Factor, Ken Tucker never kissed Bill O'Reilly.
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Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy: 100 Things to Love and Hate About TV
by Ken Tucker

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