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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
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Torture allegations & our troops
Guests: Fox News military analysts Col. David Hunt & Col. Bill Cowan

"All over the world the USA is being accused of torturing prisoners taken in the war on terror. Day after day the left wing media pound stories about America mistreating prisoners in Guantanamo, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Those reports are used to incite anti-American feeling and to recruit more terrorists. The truth is that some prisoners have been abused and maybe even tortured. The trouble is the continuing reportage of the allegations is putting lives in danger. Hyping the situation to undermine the Bush administration is disgraceful and should be condemned. But the administration bears some blame as well. It has resisted defining the terror war and explaining what is acceptable and what is not. Thus partisans like Senator Kennedy can legitimately wail away ? he called it a "crisis" that is "embarrassing the nation in the eyes of the world." Talking Points does not believe there is a torture crisis, but the administration does have a different view of how captured terrorists should be treated than Kennedy or the New York Times. We are in a kill or be killed situation that Kennedy and others fail to understand."


Fox News military analysts Col David Hunt and Col. Bill Cowan joined The Factor to expand on the torture controversy. "The reality is that there are instances of torture," Cowan claimed. "The FBI has expressed its own reservations about what's going on in interrogations at Guantanamo." Hunt said one problem is the lack of clear and coherent rules. "We have to have a policy on torture. We can't just make this up as we go. Torture is a tool, and we need a public discussion about it." Both military men said Senator Kennedy's recent statements undermine the morale of our troops and damage the war on terror. "Al-Jazeera will take comments like Senator Kennedy made," Cowan predicted, "and blow them out of proportion, detail all kind of abuse. And that certainly has a negative impact."
Update on Carisa Ashe
Guest: Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

The Factor previously reported the story of Carisa Ashe, the mother of eight who beat her 5-week old baby to death. She agreed to be sterilized, but received no jail time whatsoever. Fox News analyst Andrew Napolitano elaborated on the case. "From the point of view of the defense, the deal was too good to be true," Judge Napolitano said. "But it was an abomination, a free pass on murder. I suggest to you this is the anti-life mentality--partial birth abortion carried over onto the living. In my own view, she should get twenty years in jail." The Factor blamed District Attorney Paul Howard of Fulton County, Georgia, and urged his recall. "The DA didn't want to deal with this case, he knew no one was there to stick up for the baby. We can't have this--a five-week old baby murdered, and then this guy lets the murderer walk. He's got to pay a price for this."
Marine charged with murder
Guest: Attorney Charles Gittins

Another Marine has been charged with murder in Iraq. In this case, Lieutenant Ilario Pantano was accused by a second Marine of shooting an Iraqi captive in the back. Pantano's lawyer Charles Gittins presented Lt. Pantano's version of happened. "My client had two suspects in custody, and was having them searched. They began talking in Arabic, then moved toward him. They failed to obey his order to stop, and he killed them. They were unarmed, but he could not have known that." Gittins predicted that his client will be exonerated. "The individual who made the accusation against him was a disgruntled subordinate. This case should be dismissed."
University of Oregon cancels Churchill
Guest: David Horowitz, editor, FrontPage Magazine

The University of Oregon is the latest school to cancel a scheduled talk by professor Ward Churchill, who infamously compared 9/11 World Trade Center victims to Nazis. Meanwhile, conservative author David Horowitz went to Churchill's school--the University of Colorado at Boulder--to talk with students and assess the situation. "Churchill is a guy who says America is a genocidal nation," Horowitz told The Factor. "He is not just controversial--he's certifiable. He's a kook and a loon, and I think he should be fired for impersonating an Indian. He has no qualifications for teaching Ethnic Studies." Horowitz said it's not yet clear whether Churchill will actually be fired. "I think it depends on what the people of Colorado say. The school has already lost $12 to $15 million in revenue from fewer enrollments--parents don't want to subject their children to this."
A no-spin look at print media
Guests: Author Bob Kohn & columnist Debra Saunders

The Factor analyzed the editorial pages of ten leading newspapers, and discovered that liberal columnists outnumber conservatives by about 4-1. Author Bob Kohn and columnist Debra Saunders joined The Factor to explain the apparent imbalance. "This is an industry that is always looking for diversity," Saunders said, "but not diversity of opinion. People in this business are overwhelmingly liberal. And they will tell you that most journalists are liberal because smart people tend to be liberal." Kohn claimed the liberal bias isn't limited to the editorial pages. "These papers are providing a skewed view of public opinion. The bigger problem is when they slant their news on the news pages." The Factor contended that the major problem is that papers like the New York Times and Washington Post influence the rest of the media. "The newspapers set the agenda for the television people. So it bleeds over into local television, and the folks are getting group think. The propaganda value of having so many columnists on the left is overwhelming."
"Disney War"
Guest: Author James Stewart

Author James Stewart's new book examines the ruthless corporate culture of entertainment giant Disney. "Disney is not just another company. It supposedly embodies the best in human nature, where good triumphs over evil. And yet you have this huge divergence at corporate headquarters, where many of the most successful people end up getting fired." Stewart said the negative atmosphere is stifling Disney's creativity, and a wholesale change in leadership is necessary. "The animation studio is a shadow of its former self. Disney has lost its crown to rivals like Pixar and Dreamworks. CEO Michael Eisner has to leave, and the board has to find someone who will reignite the creative spirit that lies at the heart of the company."
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DisneyWar: The Battle for the Magic Kingdom
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Journalistic Fraud: How The New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted
by Bob Kohn

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