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Tuesday, March 15, 2005
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Recall D.A. Howard
Guests: Attorney Don Keenan

"We investigated Atlanta District Attorney Paul Howard because he allowed a woman who killed her baby to avoid jail time. And we have found hundreds of other problematic situations. The mass murder committed by Brian Nichols can also be laid partly at Howard's doorstep because he oversees justice in Fulton County. Howard thought it was fine to have a 51-year old female deputy to guard Nichols alone, even though Nichols was found with knives two days before. And even though Nichols murdered four law officers, Howard has not decided whether to seek the death penalty. Can you believe this guy? An accused rapist guns down four people and you don't seek the maximum sentence! There's no question the criminal justice system is out of control in Atlanta, which according to the FBI is among the most dangerous cities in the country. The Southeastern Legal Foundation has instituted a recall petition that could remove Howard from office. Eligible voters in Fulton County, Georgia can check out the petition at Paul Howard and his politically correct office present a clear and present danger to public safety in and around Atlanta. Something has to be done."


Atlanta attorney and child advocate Don Keenan joined The Factor to discuss the situation in Fulton County, where there are nearly 600 unresolved cases of crimes against women and children. "We have a District Attorney (Howard) who takes six years to prosecute a child death case," Keenan said, "and who recommended probation after a mother left her child to die in a 120 degree car. This comes down to priorities. If you say you're going to put kids first, they become a priority." Keenan contended that Paul Howard is simply incompetent. "He is in over his head..."
Illegal immigration campaign
Guests: Amanda Bowman, Coalition for a Secure Driver's License & Ahmed Younis, Muslim Public Affairs Council

A new advertising campaign, produced by the same team that created the Swift Boat Vet ads that damaged John Kerry, is targeted at illegal immigration. The ads advocate tougher ID requirements to obtain a driver's license and feature images of the Arab men behind the 9/11 terror attacks. Amanda Bowman of the Coalition for a Secure Driver's License defended the campaign. "We are trying to get authenticated identity behind a driver's license. The catalyst was the realization that 18 of the 19 terrorists had multiple drivers' licenses. And this was the document that you could argue launched the attacks." But Ahmed Younis of the Muslim Public Affairs Council claimed the advertisements are both improper and ineffective. "This is at best a shot in the dark. At worst it is an anti-immigrant, Islamo-phobic agenda. The commercial is scare-mongering, which is not the way to fight terrorism." The Factor agreed that the spots are meant to frighten, but contended that's not a bad thing. "I'm with Ms. Bowman and her group. We ought to be scared--the more frightened we are, the more things get done. Because right now nothing is getting done."
The MS-13 gang
Guest: Kris Kobach, University of Missouri

Federal authorities have arrested more than one hundred members of the Central American gang known as "MS-13," charging them with various felonies. Most of the gang members are illegal aliens, and committed their crimes in cities which have so-called "sanctuary policies." Kris Kobach, formerly an aide to Attorney General John Ashcroft, explained how sanctuary works. "Cities like Los Angeles prohibit police from even asking aliens if they're here illegally. And the cities are reaping what they have sown. Los Angeles was the first major city to adopt a sanctuary policy--and now 95% of outstanding homicide warrants in LA are for illegal aliens. It creates a magnet for criminals." The Factor cited this as one more example of government endangering its citizens by ignoring illegal immigration. "We have criminal aliens running around committing murders because the federal government will not do its job. And you've got the left-wing media who will demonize any politician who says we have to stop policies like sanctuary. This is a disgrace, and I have never seen anything like it in 30 years of reporting."
Why care about the Jackson trial?
Guests: Earl Ofari Hutchinson, & attorney Constance Rice

Why should ordinary folks care about the Michael Jackson trial? Attorney Constance Rice decried the emphasis of the reporting so far. "The way this is being covered, I would turn it off. This could be a platform for looking at pedophilia, for looking at race. There are issues that could be useful to talk about, but what we have now is just a media circus and salacious gossip." Writer Earl Ofari Hutchinson agreed. "There are underlying social issues. You have pedophilia and whether it's being underreported or over reported. You have the criminal justice system and whether there's a double standard for rich and poor. And some people are asking whether Jackson is on trial because he's black." The Factor strongly objected to any notion that Jackson's race plays a role in this case. "Anybody injecting race in this is wrong. If this were Eminem or a white singer, he would be in the same situation."
Prisoner pen pals?
Guests: Cindy & Mark Sconce

It's been more than four years since 12-year old Courtney Sconce was murdered by 18-year old Justin Weinberger in Atlanta. Now, despite being imprisoned Weinberger has posted an online personal ad, describing himself as "honest, outgoing, loving, and caring." Courtney Spence?s parents Cindy and Mark joined The Factor and expressed outrage at Weinberger's attempt to scour the Internet for pen pals. "Everybody says this is his right to freedom of speech," complained Cindy Sconce. "But in my mind, because he was convicted of kidnapping and raping and murdering our daughter, he should have no rights. He should have the same rights Courtney has right now." Cindy Sconce concluded with an explicit warning to other parents. "I want you to be aware that your child can come across these web sites and start corresponding with a criminal."
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