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Monday, April 18, 2005
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Another dead child in FL
Guest: Former prosecutor Jilliane Hoffman

"Last week Florida Judge Walter Heinrich released convicted sex offender David Onstott on cash bond of just $100 after he violated state law by failing to register as a sex offender. So Onstott, who had previously been convicted of brutally raping a woman, was walking around unsupervised before he strangled 13-year old Sarah Lunde. Judge Heinrich has done this before. In 2003 Mark Pickens stood before him charged with rape and battery against a law enforcement officer. Judge Heinrich allowed the guy's mother to post cash bond of less than $2,000 and Pickens walked out. Six months later he raped a mother of two. So now Heinrich has a rape and a murder on his sheet after letting criminals out on low bail. The judicial system in Florida has melted town. It's open season on women and children because there are so many violent offenders walking free. The Miami Herald reports the state has lost track of 1,800 sex offenders. The bottom line--children are dying all over the USA and judges are the last line of defense. Most of them are doing their sworn duty to protect us, but some like Heinrich are not, leading to unimaginable tragedy."


Former prosecutor Jilliane Hoffman, who helped write Florida's sexual predator laws, joined The Factor with more on the dire situation in her state. "I am outraged," Hoffman told The Factor. "With sex offenders it's not a question of if they're going to re-offend, but when. I helped put these laws on the books to require these sex offenders to register so people can find out where they're living and take the appropriate action to protect themselves." Hoffman said one solution to the chaos lies at the ballot box. "These judges are elected and this is the chance for people to go to the polling places and put in the right people. If you don't like what judges are doing in your county, then go out and do something about it." The Factor again denounced judges who set low bail for people accused of heinous crimes. "These aren't car thieves. These are violent people, stone cold rapists. What do the judges think they're going to do?"
Sarah Lunde's story
Guest: Matt Fontana, Lunde family's church youth minister

Sarah Lunde's mother Kelly May didn't report her daughter as missing for 36 hours - she thought her daughter was on an overnight church trip. Sarah had spent time in the foster care system and apparently had a very difficult home life. Matt Fontana, Sarah's youth minister, said the girl found solace with his church group. "I do know she needed a place of refuge and that's what she found at our church. I don't doubt that her mother cared for Sarah, but I also know things were difficult for her." The Factor suggested that sexual predator David Onstott may have singled out Sarah because he knew she had little support at home. "The father has been gone for ten years, and there's obviously something wrong with the mother. I think the mother should be charged with neglect. Outside of the church group, everyone else let this little girl down."
No charges in Lunsford case
Guest: Reporter Matt Mahar

As reported previously on The Factor, Florida State Attorney Brad King has thus far declined to file charges against three individuals who aided 9-year old Jessica Lunsford's killer John Couey. The three shared a trailer with Couey, but lied to the police about his whereabouts ? had they told the truth right away, it's possible Jessica would still be alive. Reporter Matt Meagher of Inside Edition interviewed one of Couey's acquaintances and told The Factor what he learned. "The three denied vehemently that they heard or saw anything that would lead them to believe the little girl was in that trailer. But they did not offer up the fact that a registered sex offender was living in that trailer." Meagher contended that King may still file charges. "I can't believe it's over. I know the police would like to see these three charged. The police are furious."
Gender problems at Harvard
Guest: Fired librarian Desiree Goodwin & attorney Richard Clarey

Harvard University librarian Desiree Goodwin claims she was denied promotions based at least partly on her race and gender. "I was given superficial reasons related to my appearance," Goodwin told The Factor. "I was told that people saw me as just a pretty girl. And that people wouldn't consider hiring me because they might have seen me in some of my sexier outfits. They were reasons completely unrelated to my qualifications. And people said I shouldn't have trouble finding a job elsewhere because people look for a qualified black person." Goodwin lost her discrimination lawsuit against Harvard and continues to work at the university.
"South Park Conservatives"
Guest: Author Brian Anderson

Author Brian Anderson's new book is called "South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias." Anderson joined The Factor with more on his book and its hypothesis. "The phrase South Park conservative refers to a new kind of anti-liberalism we're seeing on the show South Park, which goes after the left viciously. And I see it on college campuses. A South Park conservative looks at today's left and its political correctness, its elitism, its anti-Americanism and says that's not me. This is growing out of talk radio, cable news, and the blogosphere, all of which are allowing right-of-center views that had once been excluded from public debate." Anderson has written about the liberal radio network Air America, which started last year with a flurry of positive media coverage. "They received more free publicity than any project I've ever seen. But if you look at the latest ratings, they're down to 24th in New York City. They're doing much worse than the mainstream media is reporting. The reasons are the relentlessly pessimistic message, the anti-Americanism, and the lack of humor. There's a humorlessness to today's left."
The cruise from hell
Guests: Passengers Tony Rodano & Carol Berg

The cruise ship Norwegian Dawn was returning to New York from the Bahamas when it was struck by a series of massive waves, including one estimated at 70 feet high. Two of the ship's 2,500 passengers recalled their terrifying voyage. Carol Berg said she had no doubt the ship was about to capsize. "I knew we were going down. This ship was going back and forth and getting hit. It was horrendous." Tony Rodano compared the experience to being at war. "Parts were falling out of the ceiling. It went on for more than twelve hours. All night long it was like a battle against those waves."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Judging from your e-mails, many of you are extremely interested in the situation in Florida's justice system and The Factor's continuing coverage. Some excerpts:

Fiona Porter, Blackpool England: "I am horrified at the events in Florida. When a DA won't prosecute obvious law breaking, how are ordinary people ever going to be protected?"

Joanne Porter, Hudson FL: "O'Reilly, you miss the root problem - parents. Where was Jessica's father when she disappeared?"

Clint Costa, Chicago IL: "Bill, you are possibly the most unscrupulous person in the world. You attack (State Attorney) Brad King when he couldn't possibly get a conviction. Perhaps you should stop worrying about Florida and start worrying about your massive ego."

Viewers also weighed in on the story about the notorious rapper 50 Cent, who was hired by Reebok to promote its sneakers.

Marie Martinelli, Middletown RI: "50 Cent should be called filthy-cent. No one in my family will every buy a Reebok product again."

Jacob Peppers, Ocala FL: "Mr. O'Reilly, you admonish 50 Cent for using the capitalistic system you hold quite dear. Why don't you bash the tobacco companies instead of a young, black gangster rapper?"

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South Park Conservatives: The Revolt against Liberal Media Bias
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