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Thursday, April 21, 2005
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Cheap shots & unacceptable behavior
Guests: Christian radio host Teresa Tomeo & Fox News contributor Ellis Henican

"We've been telling you that something is very wrong at the Los Angeles Times and that Howard Dean is an irresponsible person. Those two situations have crystallized. First, the Times. Editorial director Michael Kinsley took what I think is a very cheap shot against the Catholic Church. Writing about a controversial statue in Venice, California, Kinsley began his editorial like this: "The College of Cardinals elected an ultraconservative pope under a ceiling replete with genitals, breasts and buttocks. Good thing Michelangelo painted his Sistine Chapel masterpieces in Rome and not Venice - California, that is.' Remember, the Church has nothing to do with the statue controversy. Yet Kinsley chose to put a negative spin on the conclave to make a foolish point about a foolish issue. If Kinsley had referenced Islam or Judaism that way, he might be out of a job right now. But denigrating a Christian religion is perfectly acceptable at the LA Times. And then there's Howard Dean. Speaking at an ACLU benefit in Minneapolis, the head of the Democratic Party mocked Rush Limbaugh and pantomimed him snorting cocaine. Dean did this for absolutely no reason other than to denigrate Mr. Limbaugh. Once again, imagine if the head of the Republican Party had done that to a prominent Democrat. You'd hear the screaming all the way from Hollywood to Boston. Talking Points is aware that ideological bomb throwers do this stuff all the time. But Kinsley and Dean are in positions of responsibility. They should both resign today, but they won't because they can get away with the tactics. Catholic bashing has become acceptable in the American media and character assassination is now a legitimate political weapon for the likes of Howard Dean. Shameful."


The Factor was joined by two observers with radically differing opinions on the Los Angeles Times' criticism of the Catholic Church. Christian radio host Teresa Tomeo contended that the editorial was totally out of line. "Michael Kinsley took a swipe at the Catholic Church and I think people should speak out. Catholics and others who are offended should write to the LA Times. There have to be some ethics here." Fox News contributor Ellis Henican countered that the new pope is fair game. "Criticizing the leader of the Church is not the same as being anti-Catholic. The pope is a very important figure and can be criticized. We ought to cover the Catholic Church the way we cover every other major institution." The Factor maintained that the media follow a stunning double standard when dealing with religion. "I resent the attacks on Christians. You can't do it to Judaism, Islam, or anyone else, but it's open season on Christians."
Dean attacks Limbaugh
Guest: Fox News political analyst Dick Morris

As mentioned in the Talking Points Memo, DNC Chairman Howard Dean mocked Rush Limbaugh by mimicking Limbaugh as if he were snorting cocaine. ACLU members in the audience found it amusing, but Fox News political analyst Dick Morris denounced Dean's attempt at humor. "This is so typical of the Democratic Party these days. This is all they can do - attack, mock, make fun of. They have no position on Social Security, no position on the war on terror, just this kind of garbage. What has happened to the Democratic Party where this is what its national chairman is reduced to doing?" The Factor predicted that Dean will continue to be a loose cannon, and Democrats may regret his elevation to party chairman. "I'm going to get thousands of e-mails and 90% are going to condemn Dean. Fair minded people, including Democrats, are not going to like this."
Vet spits on Jane Fonda
Guest: Vivien Jennings, bookstore owner

Also this week, Vietnam veteran Michael Smith spit tobacco juice at Jane Fonda while she was signing her new book. Smith later rationalized his action by saying this: "She gave aid and comfort to the enemy and she cost the lives of a lot of good men. She's been spitting in our faces for 35 years." Vivien Jennings, owner of the Kansas City book store where the incident took place, explained what happened. "It was really a 'spit and run.' He turned away as if he was going to leave, then flipped his head back and spat. I'm really puzzled and saddened by Mr. Smith's decision to express himself in that way. He could have stood there and said 'I hate you.' Everyone else was very upset and very frightened."
The lingering anti-Fonda sentiment
Guest: Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt

Obviously, many veterans have never forgiven Jane Fonda for her behavior during the Vietnam War. Fox News analyst Col. David Hunt tried to explain the enduring anger. "Jane Fonda represents a lot of things to us. She represents the anti-war movement that was against us for all those years. There's never been a thank you, and there's a lot of resentment for that. But I don't agree with spitting on anyone. It's not the way to express yourself." Hunt contended that Fonda's worst lapse was her attitude toward American prisoners of war. "She visited POWs at the Hanoi Hilton, and at the end of that visit she didn't praise them or try to get them released. She visited the enemy's camp while we were in combat, which is inexcusable."
Another girl sexually assaulted in FL
Guests: Karen Gievers, Child's Advocacy Foundation, Jamie Levine & attorney

There is yet another horror story in Florida involving a sexual predator and a little girl. A 12-year old girl in Broward County was sexually assaulted by 29-year old Pakistani Waqas Rehman. He confessed to the crime, but was released by immigration authorities and then fled to the Middle East. The girl's mother Jaemi Levine said she was stunned when she learned Rehman was released. "He had made a complete confession to seven felony counts against my daughter. He wasn't just released. He was released on his own recognizance. No bail, no bond, no anything." Child advocate Karen Gievers accused the state of simply not protecting its children. "Florida is a very dangerous place to be a child. It turns out we have sexual offenders who are not where they should be. Children are abused and murdered by them. If someone has been convicted of a sex crime, for them to be in a neighborhood where there are children is just unconscionable." The Factor was livid at this latest example of chaos in Florida. "We don't want excuses from the Broward County State Attorney's office. We want these guys to resign. They allowed the man who molested Ms. Levine's young daughter to walk out of prison and get on a plane and go back to the Middle East. The taxpayers of Florida should demand their resignations today. And Governor Bush has to do something about this."
Schwarzenegger clarifies his remarks
Guest: Univision anchor & author Jorge Ramos

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger recently said America's borders should be "closed." He then apologized for using the wrong word, saying he actually meant to say the borders should be "secured." Either way, Schwarzenegger's opinions aren't sitting well with some Americans. Univision anchor Jorge Ramos argued that the US should actually be open to more newcomers. "The reality is that this country needs more immigrants to pay into Social Security, to take jobs that Americans don't want, and to continue the expansion of the United States as an economic superpower. America should not become a country that despises immigrants."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about The Factor's interview with 16-year old James Herndon Wallace, the self-proclaimed Wiccan who was expelled from his California high school for wearing makeup and lipstick. Some excerpts:

Steve Olsen, Manchester NH: "Hey, Bill, you punked out with that Wiccan kid. You should have given him the 'no spin' treatment and told him he looked like an idiot."

Judy Soda, Del Norte CO: "As a practicing Wiccan, I can tell you that there is no Wiccan makeup. The kid was making a mockery of our religion."

Carolyn Goodwin, Charlotte, NC: "Bill, even the 'Factor for Kids' book will not help James because he obviously has no parental guidance."

Terence Byrne, Pearl Harbor HI: "Bill, kids are killing each other and you're worried about a kid wearing a little makeup."

Other viewers opined on the segment dealing with sexually suggestive high school cheerleaders.

Mona Shelton, Granbury TX: "I have seen behavior by cheerleaders that was far too sexual. The state has to confront this kind of behavior."

Angie Lester, The Villages FL: "Politicians don't have anything better to do? If you don't like the cheerleading, go to the concession stand."

Book Mentions
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Dying to Cross: The Worst Immigrant Tragedy in American History
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