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Monday, April 25, 2005
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The border & the American people
Guests: Sen. Tom Coburn & Rep. Tom Tancredo

"The most frequent question people ask me is what can everyday Americans do to force the government to secure the border. I've given this a lot of thought and mentioned on the Radio Factor that I had composed a letter to President Bush about the border chaos. That letter is still posted on and more than 90,000 of you have signed it. However, one letter is not going to move the feds. Right now there are approximately 11 million illegal aliens unaccounted for in the USA. Each month at least 100,000 more enter the country, most through the Mexican border. Thousands of Middle Eastern people have gotten into the USA via the southern border. It doesn't take a genius to ascertain the danger, not to mention the billions of dollars illegal aliens are costing the American taxpayer. Talking Points believes immigrants do help the USA, but they must respect the legal process. For decades politicians from both parties have refused to stop the madness. The only way the borders will become secure is if the American people demand it. Thus, there is a petition you can sign that will be sent to every member of Congress, as well as to the President and the head of Homeland Security. We will then ask those people to respond to the petition, and will report back to you over the next few months. The 'Secure Our Borders' petition is available at or you can go to where there is a link. This is a non-partisan people's movement, which is the best we can do."

The Factor was joined by two politicians who are staunch advocates of border reform. Colorado Representative Tom Tancredo said his colleagues fear the issue for two reasons. "This country has become hooked on cheap labor. A lot of pressure is put on individual congress people to not do anything about the borders for fear of impeding the flow of cheap labor. The other thing is the fear about the political backlash that would come from minority groups. Those two things have trumped national security." Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn added that many politicians are simply out of touch with their constituents. "A lot of people in Washington don't understand the feeling in the country, that people want the border closed. They want it closed for national security reasons but also for economic reasons. Their schools and hospitals are being overrun and we can't handle the flow of illegal immigrants." Representative Tancredo said the "Secure Our Borders" petition could play a major role in turning the tide. "The way things change in Washington is when people get upset and demand change."

Link: Bill's letter to President Bush
Denying "sanctuary"
Guest: New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson

New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has vetoed a bill that would have made the entire state a "sanctuary." Had the bill passed, local police would have been prohibited from cooperating with federal immigration authorities or even asking suspected criminals about their legal status. Governor Richardson joined The Factor and explained his objections to the bill. "This hamstrung state law enforcement. For example, if a state police officer saw someone illegally crossing the border he couldn't call the border patrol. The state legislature was overreaching." The Factor commended Governor Richardson for standing up to the ACLU and other organizations that favored the law. "You did the right thing. That was a very courageous veto. It would have been a catastrophe for your state."
City says "no" to sex offenders
Guest: Miami Beach Mayor David Dermer

In the wake of a series of gruesome crimes against children in Florida, Miami Beach is considering banishing all convicted sex offenders from the town. Mayor David Dermer has proposed a law that would have the effect of blocking registered sex offenders from residing in his city. "It's my duty," Mayor Dermer said, "to do everything I can to protect the safety and welfare of our entire community, especially our children. This is definitely a fight worth taking on." The Factor warned the mayor that he should expect a brutal legal battle. "You know that if you get this law passed the ACLU is going to come in and sue your shorts off. They're going to bring in a lot of high-priced attorneys and they'll try to demonize you as a bigot."
Tony Snow's cancer battle
Guest: Fox News contributor Tony Snow

Fox News Radio host Tony Snow has just returned to the air after receiving treatment for colon cancer. He joined The Factor with an update on his progress, joking that "I got down to my ideal weight." Snow expressed confidence in his future and gratitude for modern medicine. "Medical technology has come so far that if I had faced this fight twenty years ago I'd be a goner. But I've had my entire colon removed and have gone through two rounds of chemotherapy. It is so much better than it used to be and I'm feeling great. For people who have cancer, it's not a death sentence anymore. If you go after it with a positive attitude you can beat it."
A look at FL Prosecutor Brad King
Guest: Mike Carr, fmr. Collier County Prosecutor & Pat Campbell, WFLA

The Factor has frequently criticized Florida State Attorney Brad King for refusing to charge three people who lied to the police about sex offender John Couey, who murdered 9-year old Jessica Lunsford. King has refused to appear on The Factor, but defended himself on WFLA radio: "For anybody to say that I don't take seriously my obligation does not know me. For anyone to say that I do not care about children knows me even less." WFLA's Pat Campbell told The Factor that King seems to be under extreme pressure. "He became quite emotional and broke down twice during the interview. It really calls into question Brad King's judgment. And I want to thank you and your program because you're really putting the spotlight on him." Former Florida prosecutor Mike Carr explained that Couey's colleagues may be legally culpable for aiding in Jessica's murder. "If there's anything that shows that the people knew something was going on, then you have a basis to prosecute."
Bo Dietl's new book
Guest: Author & investigator Bo Dietl

Former New York City detective Bo Dietl has written a book explaining how he went from public servant to multi-millionaire after leaving the police force. Dietl made his money primarily by providing private security for famous and powerful people, among them celebrities and corporate executives. "Once I retired all this started to fall into place," Dietl explained. "It was my aggressiveness that made it happen. And networking, meeting different people. In this book I take common sense initiatives and show you how you can change your life. This book is for CEOs and for the normal worker out there."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, who mocked Rush Limbaugh as a drug user. Some excerpts:

Allison Miller, Athens GA: "I'm a Democrat and am appalled by Dean's comments. We need to focus on issues and leave the vilifying to the Republicans."

Dr. Lawrence Karson, Maui HI: "Unlike Doctor Dean, I actively practice medicine and therefore know that addiction is a serious medical problem. Dean should be embarrassed."

S.L. Tracy, Salisbury MD: "Bill, why are you whining about Limbaugh? He's only getting back a small portion of what he has dished out over the years."

Other viewers were angered by editorials in the Los Angeles Times and other papers that seemed harshly critical of Roman Catholicism:

Ina Steinman, Sherman Oaks CA: "I have been angry at the L.A. Times for years because it is anti-Semitic. Now they are Catholic bashing. Who do they like?"

M.J. Sullivan, Southington CT: "Catholic bashing is no surprise, it's been going on for years. Most Catholics have come to expect it - but we never get used to it."

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