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Wednesday, May 4, 2005
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Crime & illegal aliens
Guest: Kris Kobach, fmr. Ashcroft policy advisor

"Mary Nagle was a regular American - the mother of two small children living the dream in the suburbs north of New York City. Last Friday a power washing company showed up at Mary's house to clean the porch. One of the workers, an illegal alien, brutally murdered the 42-year old woman. The alien, 29-year old Ronald Castellanos, is a Guatemalan who overstayed his tourist visa four years ago and has been running around ever since. In 2002 he was arrested for beating up a woman, but the judge let him go and he skipped his court appearance. Despite that, he was still able to get a job with the washing company because he carried a California driver's license. So Mary Nagle becomes yet another victim of illegal alien killers. There are thousands of others you'll never hear about because the government doesn't keep statistics on murders by illegals and the liberal press doesn't want to report these stories. That's because the media generally supports lenient border policies, driver's licenses for illegals, and a 'humane' policy for those who come to America illegally. Most of us are under the illusion that the government will protect us from evil, that the people we elect will provide us some security against killers and terrorists. Sadly, that is not true any more. At least 11-million people are living here illegally and nobody knows how many of them are violent. It is long past time for the American people to rise up and demand that all governments enforce the law. No more porous borders, no more sanctuary cities, no more criminal aliens released by apathetic judges. Unless we the people demand this, more Americans like Mary Nagle will die. Even as the cowardly politicians and ideological media fiddle while immigration law burns."

Transcript/Video: TBR

Former Justice Department official Kris Kobach joined The Factor with more on the problem of illegal aliens committing serious crimes. "Twenty percent of all federal inmates are illegal aliens," Kobach said. "If you add in state and local jails, roughly one-third of the inmate population in the United States is alien." Kobach commented specifically on the case of Mary Nagle's alleged killer Ronald Castellanos, who perhaps could have been taken off the streets long ago. "A critical failure occurred in 2002 when another jurisdiction had him for an assault charge. They apparently did not call the Law Enforcement Support Center which is there to receive calls from local police who think they may have an illegal alien in custody."
Controversy over sex ed in Maryland
Guest: Steve Fisher, Citizens for Responsible Curriculum

There is a heated controversy in Montgomery County, Maryland, where graphic images are being used to teach sex ed. One video includes a demonstration of how to put a condom on a cucumber. Steve Fisher of Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum complained that the sex ed course is inappropriate and was instituted without parental input. "A lot of parents like me felt this is not something our school system should be involved in. The video mentions abstinence briefly, it really is a how-to on sex. We also saw things that are factually wrong - they overstate the effectiveness of condoms and don't mention that condoms don't protect you against a host of sexually transmitted diseases."
NYC teacher-student sex allegations
Guest: Dr. Charol Shakeshaf, Hofstra University

Each year approximately 200 New York City teachers allegedly have sex with their students, and there seems to be an epidemic of adult-student sex in schools across America. Author and professor Charol Shakeshaft conducted a national study indicating the problem is widespread. "About ten percent of kids," Shakeshaft told The Factor, "report that an adult who works in the school - not necessarily a teacher - has targeted them inappropriately." Shakeshaft suggested that schools and parents can do much more to prevent inappropriate contact. "We don't have good policies, and we have no education. There are no materials to show teachers how to identify adults who are at risk for offending. We could do a lot to cut down on the sexual abuse. And parents should pay close attention and talk to their kids about this."
Identifying Al Qaeda
Guest: Author Terry McDermott

Author Terry McDermott's new book "Perfect Soldiers" examines the backgrounds of the 9/11 hijackers. "They were not sophisticated," McDermott said. "They weren't brilliant, the plan wasn't well-executed. They succeeded because we failed to stop them." McDermott disputed the widespread notion that most of the hijackers were unaware that they were on a suicide mission. "They accepted the mission and knew they were going to die. They believed they were at war with the United States and the west, and it was an obligation to give up their lives. This really is a cult within Islam - people who think their job is to make the world right. I'm actually shocked that we haven't had more attacks."
Michael Jackson trial
Guest: Crime journalist Aphrodite Jones

Now that the prosecution has rested its case against Michael Jackson, crime reporter Aphrodite Jones and Harvey Levin of "Celebrity Justice" joined The Factor with their opinions on the trial. "I think the DA has made a compelling case," Jones contended, "that Michael Jackson molested this young boy. I say that because Jackson admitted in a documentary that he likes to sleep with young boys. Second, I think the jurors believed this child when he testified. And third, you have evidence that shows a pattern on the part of Michael Jackson. Person after person has come forward to testify." Levin had a totally different opinion of the case thus far. "The prosecution has had problems. A lot of the witnesses against Jackson come with baggage, and the defense has not begun to fight. They will present star witnesses with good will and believability."
Panning Laura Bush
Guest: Fox News analyst Michelle Malkin

Laura Bush wowed the audience last weekend with her jokes about her husband, but some social conservatives have given the First Lady less than glowing reviews. "I'm a huge fan of Laura Bush," Fox News analyst Michelle Malkin said. "But what was a little disturbing was that some of these jokes were a little beyond the line, especially at a time when we are trying to raise the level of discourse. We should be striving for more decency in the public square." The Factor praised the performance as a public relations tour de force. "This got across that Laura Bush and her husband are human beings just like the rest of us, and once in a while will take a naughty thing and have a little fun with it."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e-mails about Minnesota high school students who were suspended for wearing buttons inspired by the play "The Vagina Monologues." Some excerpts:

Dan Terrizzi, Arlington VA: "Bill, you sounded like an old lady objecting to the buttons. Could it be that you are out of touch?"

Michelle Schuyler, Madison MS: "If the girls were allowed to wear those buttons, then boys could wear slogans like 'I like breasts.' Where would it end?"

Sara Hammon, Las Vegas NV: "Bill, your comments set us back 15 years in the effort to move away from the shame associated with body parts."

Greg Oppedisano, Alberta, Canada: "Defying authority is a rite of passage for teens - assuming the role of Henny Penny is usually done by the elderly. Right, Bill?"

Heather Benodin, Lebanon NH: "Would the girls be allowed to wear an 'I love Jesus' button?"

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Perfect Soldiers: The Hijackers: Who They Were, Why They Did It
by Terry McDermott

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