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Friday, May 6, 2005
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Leave Laura Bush alone!
"A week after the First Lady delivered some funny lines at a press dinner in Washington, the political militants still can't get over it. The letters section of the New York Times is the bulletin board for the Kool-Aid left, and I can't believe what some of these people are saying. A letter-writer described Laura Bush's humor as a 'soft porn act," while another accused the First Lady of being a 'hypocrite.' And the extreme right is no better. One incensed conservative said Laura Bush's speech 'demands an apology to God,' while another said she could 'no longer think of Laura as a lady of good faith.' All Laura Bush did was provide a few laughs in a gentle, well-meaning way, and the ideologues go nuts. Extremism is obviously alive and well in the USA. We just hope it isn't growing."

Extremism in the media
Guest: Author Bill McGowan

As reported previously on The Factor, an illegal immigrant killed housewife and mother Mary Nagle outside of New York City. That would seem to be a major story, but it was barely covered by the local media. Author and journalism expert Bill McGowan said the lack of coverage fits a disturbing pattern. "The media coverage of our illegal immigration is as dysfunctional as the problem itself. Part of the reason is classic political correctness - they just don't want to offend ethnic sensibilities." The Factor claimed the media's political correctness is actually putting citizens in jeopardy. "I don't think Americans understand the danger that we're facing here, and the media is certainly not covering the story."
Hillary on abortion
Guest: Fox News analyst Geraldine Ferraro

Senator Hillary Clinton recently said the views of pro-life Americans should be respected. But at the same time, she reportedly opposes a proposed law that would ban an adult from transporting a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion. Fox News analyst Geraldine Ferraro defended Senator Clinton's position. "This bill wouldn't even allow an exception for grandparents or a member of the clergy. Hillary Clinton has always said abortions should be safe, legal, and rare. She does believe in reducing abortions, but she wants them to be safe." The Factor contended that while Senator Clinton is positioning herself as a moderate, on this issue she is an extremist. "She's a radical pro-abortion person. She votes against any protections at all for the parents or the fetus. If you vote against this law, you're basically saying to parents 'your parental rights are nowhere.' There's no justification for it."
Defense of Michael Jackson
Guest: Defense attorney Howard Weitzman

The prosecution has rested in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial, and now it's the defense's turn at bat. Noted attorney Howard Weitzman told The Factor how he would defend Jackson. "I would present the boys who allegedly were molested in the 90's - so far two have testified that what the prosecution said happened didn't happen. The defense should be short and to the point, then get this to the jury." Weitzman added that he would not have Jackson testify in his own defense. "There's no place to go but down. He's already denied it, and he would have to justify all the other things he's done - sleeping with kids, having them in the bedroom. And I think public morality and values work against him being able to justify that."
Are minorities too touchy?
Guest: Fernando Mateo, Hispanics Across America

When "runaway bride" Jennifer Wilbanks fabricated a story about being abducted, she claimed one perpetrator was an Hispanic man. Fernando Mateo told The Factor why he and other Hispanics were upset by the false accusation. "There's an anti-immigrant sentiment in this country and we don't need anyone adding fuel to the flames. We have to make an issue of this so that everyone else who is thinking of stereotyping against Hispanics knows that we're going to be there. I'm guarding the reputations of millions of Hispanics who have come to this country to work hard and be part of the society." The Factor sympathized, but warned Mateo against appearing overly sensitive. "If Wilbanks had said she was grabbed by an Irish guy who looked like O'Reilly, I wouldn't care. She's a loon, and what difference does it make what she says?"
Schwarzenegger takes heat over immigration
Guests: Fox News analyst Juan Williams & Art Torres, California Democratic Party

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has come under fire for praising the Minutemen, and for arguing that America's borders need to be secured. The Factor was joined by two men who are fiercely critical of the Governor's positions. "We've got a problem with immigration," said California Democratic Chairman Art Torres. "But it's got to be solved by putting the feet to the fire of the Mexican government. As a Latino, I'm tired of putting up with Mexico not doing its share to solve the problem. We also have to fine employers who hire illegal immigrants." Fox News analyst Juan Williams denounced Schwarzenegger for paying tribute to the Minutemen. "They are the worst. The Klan and all those racist organizations are flocking to the Minutemen." In response, The Factor accused Williams and Torres of unfairly demonizing the Minutemen and presenting no realistic solutions. "You're comparing the Minutemen to the Klan? They're not vigilantes and they haven't broken any laws. You two guys can't solve the problem, and I can - man the border with the National Guard backing up the Border Patrol."
Long live The King
Guest: Pat Boone

Twenty-eight years after his death, Elvis Presley's star power lives on - the latest example is a new network mini-series about the singer. TV Guide editor Lisa Chambers explained Presley's enduring popularity. "No matter what age you are, Elvis defines cool. He had the looks, the wardrobe, the voice. He basically had the whole package. Kids focus less on the old Elvis and more on the young Elvis when he was young and beautiful." Singer Pat Boone added that Presley had an innate sense of his own greatness. "Other entertainers reinvented themselves. Elvis was always himself and never tried to become anything but that. He looked like a Greek god, he could perform, and audiences always confirmed to him that he was the King."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your e-mails dealt with the Marine who was exonerated after killing a wounded insurgent in Iraq, and with Private Lynndie England, who pleaded guilty to abusing prisoners in Iraq. Some excerpts:

Amanda Moore, Independence OH: "Mr. O'Reilly, I definitely disagree with you that Private England should be punished. If she didn't obey orders, she could have been court-martialed."

Sgt. Gilbert Ramon, Bridgetown, Barbados: "Mr. O, thank you for looking out for my fellow Marine in Fallujah. From the very beginning, you were on his side and our motto 'Semper Fidelis' applies to you."

Other viewers continued to send e-mails about "runaway bride" Jennifer Wilbanks:

Julie Rezendes, Assonet MA: "O'Reilly, I love you but you are being mean to this troubled girl. Find a heart for yourself."

Diane Stewart, Palm Coast FL: "The appropriate punishment of Jennifer would be to force her to come on The Factor."

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Gray Lady Down: Jayson Blair and how the New York Times Broke Faith with America by Coloring the News
by William McGowan

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