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Monday, May 16, 2005
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Newsweek Magazine under fire
"Violent anti-American riots broke out in Afghanistan and other places after Newsweek reported that the Koran might have been disrespected by interrogators at Guantanamo Bay. Now the magazine has retracted the story in what is a huge embarrassment for the publication. Talking Points is on record as saying the American press is far too cavalier when it comes to publicizing alleged wrongdoing by the USA. The truth is that some news agencies can't wait to get dirt on the military so they can embarrass the Bush administration. Obviously Newsweek made a major mistake. We hope the lesson is not ignored."

Jesse Jackson's allegations
Guests: Lawrence Guillot, civil rights activist & Gregory Emerson, attorney

Jesse Jackson has returned to his familiar place in the media spotlight - he has condemned Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies for the shootout in which officers fired 120 rounds at the car of an unarmed black suspect. Jackson called it a "hate crime" and an "act of terrorism." Attorney Gregory Emerson, who represents some of the deputies, accused Jackson of reckless speech. "What Jesse Jackson is doing is irresponsible and defamatory. This suspect was engaged in felony evasion, and he clearly endangered the lives of the deputies." But civil rights activist Lawrence Guillot defended Jackson. "He is doing precisely what needs to be done when you have a police force that shows no restraint. No one does it better, and I support him unequivocally." The Factor said Jesse Jackson is fanning the flames of unrest with his charges. "It is race baiting and could lead to violence. Jackson has a right to do this, but he is wrong to do it."
Marine not charged in shooting
Guest: Attorney Charles Gittins & wife Jill Pantano

Marine officer Lt. Ilario Pantano shot and killed two Iraqi civilians more than a year ago - a military investigation has concluded that he acted in self defense, but added that Pantano disgraced the military by firing an estimated 50 bullets into the dead bodies. Pantano's wife Jill joined The Factor and justified his actions. "It's very hard for anyone to sit at a desk and make a judgment call on how many bullets it takes to kill somebody. My husband fired until he felt there was no longer a threat and stands behind what he did." The Factor concluded that Lt. Pantano deserves the benefit of the doubt: "We weren't there and we're not going to judge your husband. We're happy this case is not going to go to court martial."
Sami al-Arian trial begins
Guest: Terrorism expert Steve Emerson

The Factor was among the first to expose University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian and his alleged fundraising for terrorists. Al-Arian is now on trial, accused of raising money for an organization that bombed civilians in Israel. Terror expert Steve Emerson denounced both Al-Arian and the St. Petersburg Times, which has steadfastly supported the professor. "The paper consistently downplayed, denigrated, and actually tried to neutralize the government's case," Emerson said. "There was a pattern of intellectual dishonesty that deserves an investigation." The Factor accused the Times of consistently being on the wrong side of issues. "This paper was sympathetic to Al-Arian, and lately they've been sympathetic to the three people who enabled child killer John Couey. There's something very wrong with that newspaper."
Illegal alien escapes justice
Guest: Peter Boyles, KHOW

The Factor has reported on the case of illegal alien Raul Garcia-Gomez, who allegedly murdered Denver detective Donald Young. He had been picked up previously, but because Denver is a "sanctuary city" local police don't cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Denver radio talk show host Peter Boyles predicted there will be growing pressure on government officials to end sanctuary. "There is going to be a lot of anger about this case. And there are ten or eleven other cases where people have murdered law enforcement officers and gone back into Mexico." As before, The Factor urged politicians to trash the policy that protects illegals. "This sanctuary policy has to go, not only in Denver but in every city."
Bill talks to Barney Frank
Guest: Congressman Barney Frank

Democratic Party chairman Howard Dean said Tom Delay "ought to go back to Houston where he can serve his jail sentence." Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, also a Democrat, asserted that Dean's remarks were "out of line." Congressman Frank explained to The Factor why he chastised the leader of his own party: "I am a great critic of Tom DeLay's, but at this point there is no basis to say he's a criminal. I thought it was a very unfair and inappropriate thing for Howard Dean to say. It ought to be possible to say your opponent is a fool without saying he should be in the slammer."
Bill Cosby on bad behavior
Guest: Author Michael Eric Dyson

Bill Cosby has been speaking to black audiences, frequently criticizing their parenting skills and priorities. Author Michael Eric Dyson joined The Factor with his own criticism - of Cosby. "Nobody denies the necessity for responsibility, but Mr. Cosby distorts the way poor black people operate. The black middle class has historically waged war against poor people, and Mr. Cosby is part of a long history." The Factor suggested that Bill Cosby may be speaking truths that are both uncomfortable and valuable. "Some see this as his challenge to ask African Americans to reject out-of-wedlock births, to reject drug use, profanity, and gangsta' rap. He may be just using shock therapy, and maybe there's some value to that."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your e-mails dealt with the proposed new immigration bill co-sponsored by Senators John McCain and Ted Kennedy. Some excerpts:

Lou Kisch, Tucson, AZ: "I am a past McCain supporter but his proposed bill is a smokescreen. McCain, it seems, is only concerned about himself, not his constituents."

Maryella Vause, Blanco, TX: "Mr. O, it would be wrong to place the military on the border. That is a hostile act towards Mexico. Give the immigration authorities the resources to stop drugs, criminals and terrorists."

Chris Kidd, Fort Carson, CO: "I disagree with putting the National Guard on the border. The Guard is already stretched to the breaking point."

Pvt. Daniel Roletto, Baghdad, Iraq: "It is the law that entry to the United States must be done through proper channels. Anyone who looks the other way is turning his back on the American people."

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