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Thursday, June 2, 2005
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Confronting an injustice
"Mark Lunsford was in New York City this week and we spoke in private about his murdered daughter Jessica. He wanted to thank me for keeping the heat on Florida authorities who have totally botched the case. As you know, Florida prosecutor Brad King will not charge three people who protected Jessica's killer and helped him hide and flee from police. Most legal experts I've spoken with have told me that King could charge these people if he wanted to. Contrast this with the runaway bride situation in Georgia. Jennifer Wilbanks could have been allowed to walk, but the prosecutor wanted to send a message, so Miss Wilbanks will pay a fine and serve probation. But the three people involved in the Jessica Lunsford murder have paid no price. There's something desperately wrong here. I promised Mark Lunsford I would fight for justice for Jessica and for him. I will, and I hope you will too."

Fallout from "Deep Throat"
Guest: Fox News contributor Dick Morris

Fox News analyst Dick Morris joined The Factor with his opinions on two hot topics. First, Morris praised Mark Felt, a.k.a. Deep Throat, for his role in exposing Watergate. "I think this guy deserves the Congressional Medal of Honor. The whole idea of someone taking their life and career in their hands and risking it for what they think is right is very important." Morris also accused President Bush's enemies of playing politics with the continual allegations of torture. "This is a deliberate strategy to take Bush down. The war in Iraq is being waged in American public opinion. We're going to lose if the American people lose patience with this war." The Factor contended that torture accusations are part of a wider political strategy. "The strategy is to combine the human rights groups and the ACLU with the left-wing web sites who feed stuff to anti-Bush columnists. It's coordinated to create the impression that we Americans are the bad guys. This is dishonest, but it's brilliant. They want to dismantle the Bush administration and leave the door open for Hillary Clinton to walk in in 2008."
Is "Deep Throat" a hero?
Guest: Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

Since he has revealed himself to be "Deep Throat," Mark Felt has been lionized as a hero, vilified as a traitor. Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano suggested that Felt could actually be prosecuted for bribery. "If he accepts money from Woodward and Bernstein today, that would be the second half of a bribe. The first half was to do something inconsistent with your oath as a government officer, which he did when he passed secrets to a newspaper reporter." The Factor countered that there is no chance Felt will be indicted. "You've got a 91-year old guy who wants money. He's not going to be charged, we know that. No prosecutor is going to do that."
Federal involvement in the Lunsford case
Guest: Miles Malman, fmr. chief assistant US Attorney

As delineated in the Talking Points Memo, Florida prosecutors have refused to charge the three people who helped Jessica Lunsford's killer John Couey. Former prosecutor Myles Malman explained that federal authorities may decide to get involved. "They could come in and charge these three with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution, a federal offense." The Factor urged the feds to step in. "I want the federal authorities to arrest these people who aided and abetted Couey. No one believes they were in this trailer and didn't know what happened."
Closing arguments in Jackson trial
Guest: Crime journalist Aphrodite Jones

The Michael Jackson child molestation trial is nearing its conclusion. Prosecutors closed by portraying Jackson as a serial pedophile and a pornography-obsessed alcoholic. "It is like a heavyweight prize fight," reported crime journalist Aphrodite Jones. "The prosecutors painted Neverland as a sinister place and said this young accuser should be believed. On the other side, the defense is able to cast doubt on everything. And I honestly don't know where the jury is going to take this." The Factor commended the prosecution for noting that child molesters tend to prey on disturbed families. "Pedophiles usually choose screwed-up families and look for parents who are irresponsible. Then if they are accused, they can say it's a screwed-up family. And I thought that was a very powerful argument."
Religion and the conservatives
Guest: Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham

Some political observers argue that being affiliated with the so-called "religious right" is damaging Republicans. Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham joined The Factor to debate the issue. The Factor put forth the hypothesis that religious issues are bad for Republicans. "The argument is that if you go into a religious area - on stem cells, abortion, or other issues - that the independent American will turn away because they don't want public policy to be driven by religion." Ingraham countered that religion has always played a role in American politics. "We live in one of the most religious countries in the world, and if you're going to take religion out of politics, we would have had a difficult time with the civil rights movement, the emancipation movement, and the women's suffragette movement. So to say religious people have to keep their views quiet is unrealistic."
Graduation trip crime?
Guest: Child advocate Mark Klass

18-year old Natalee Holloway of Alabama vanished while on a high school graduation trip to the Caribbean island of Aruba. She reportedly met a man, accompanied him in his car, and hasn't been seen since. Child advocate Mark Klass expressed hope that Natalee will be found alive, but added that cases like this often end badly. "The reality is there is a certain kind of gutless coward who loves to victimize the weakest among us. And that tends to be women, young girls, and children." The Factor said this can serve as a warning to others. "Aruba is a very friendly island, but if you take up with a guy you meet and go in his car you're taking a chance. It's like hitchhiking. This is heartbreaking."
Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you expressed strong opinions about "Deep Throat" Mark Felt. Some excerpts from your e-mails:

Lorraine Bowden, Auburn, WA: "I find Mark Felt to be a hero. Who knows what the USA would have come to if Nixon and his men were not caught."

Jack Kincade, Mason, OH: "Felt is an informer. No lower form of life exists and now, like Judas, he wants his thirty pieces of silver."

Bob Zimmerman, Lafayette, CA: "Felt did this country a massive favor. He brought down a despicable administration that included Charles Colson. And since when do the guilty get to judge the courageous?"

Carol Miller, Jensen Beach, FL: "Bill, I think the discussion between you and Colson was right on. Felt did the right thing for the wrong reasons in the wrong way. Very little to be proud of there."

Toby DeBerry, Danbury, TX: "If Felt is a hero, then Linda Tripp should be elevated to sainthood."

Gary Kastner, Pittsburgh, PA: "Felt acted the only way he could act. He protected his family and exposed some powerful men."

Dr. Duff Austin, Florence, AL: "What is the statute of limitations for treachery?"

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Shut up and Sing: How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the U. N. Are Subverting America
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