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Tuesday, June 7, 2005
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American money in Africa
"President Bush met with British Prime Minister Tony Blair to hash out a policy to relieve the tremendous suffering in Africa. There's no question that Africa remains largely out of control, with tribal warfare, brutal dictators, rampant poverty and disease combining to create chaos. But that doesn't mean the wealthy nations should not try to help. The USA gives about $19 billion a year to help poor countries all over the world, far more than any other nation. America is also fighting a brutal war against terrorists, while most countries sit it out. So anyone who tells you we are not doing our part to make the world a better place is a deceiver. The solution to the problem is for the USA, Britain, and other European nations to dispense the African aid themselves, and work through private concerns who are on the ground in Africa. We must have assurances that our money will reach those who need it. Let's send a message to the world - no aid without that assurance."


Jackson jury information leaked
Guest: Jury consultant Carolyn Robbins

Information about jurors in the Michael Jackson case, including details about their personal lives and medical history, has been leaked to the media and is circulating on the Internet. One of the jurors reportedly has two nieces who were molested, another has a grandson who is a registered sex offender, while a third has visited Jackson's Neverland ranch. Jury consultant Carolyn Robbins explained to The Factor that most juries include unlikely members. "This is not a perfect world and you have to take the jurors as they come. But you can assume that both sides have jury consultants who have done research and have looked for profiles that they think are good or bad for their case."
Los Angeles car chase
Guest: Fox News chief judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano

There has been another wild car chase in southern California - in this case police ran the suspect off the road, surrounded his car, and threw a smoke grenade inside. Fox News analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano felt the cops did their job and commended them for their restraint. "The only thing the cops did wrong was that they were too patient, and let this guy sit their and tie up an enormous part of Los Angeles. But in terms of the patience with which they pursued him and forced his vehicle over, all was according to the book and highly professional." The Factor pointed out that police were handicapped because they were unable to see inside the suspect's car. "In New York City, because of the terrorism threat, you can't have tinted windows. But in California they couldn't see inside the car and didn't know what was going on."
Assessing the Gitmo Bay situation
Guest: Fox News military analyst Colonel David Hunt

Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt has been investigating the military's detention facility at Guantanamo Bay. He reported that, contrary to many media accounts, inmates are treated humanely and with respect. "I talked with a Taliban detainee who spent two years at Gitmo. He said he never lived as well before or since - he got three meals a day, clean clothes, and was very well treated. If a prisoner complains about treatment, the guard is pulled off and immediately investigated. There's no way we're mistreating people down there."

Carl's Jr. CEO speaks
Guest: Andrew Puzder, CEO, CKE Restaurants

Previously The Factor, reported on Carl's Jr. burger chain using Paris Hilton in a sexually suggestive commercial. Andrew Puzder, head of the restaurant's parent company, explained the marketing strategy. "The target of this ad is 18 to 34 year old males who are heavy fast food users and who buy a lot of burgers. This ad appeals to that age group very strongly, and there are a lot of women in that age group who find Paris Hilton very appealing." The Factor wondered whether the spot may be offending some customers. "This kind of strategy of using a woman who is not liked by a lot of people, and using her in a salacious way, is risky. You've got to know this isn't playing in the Bible Belt. They don't like it, and I know some people who aren't buying burgers because of this."
Pit bulls under attack
Guests: Actress Linda Blair & Lisa Lange, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

A 12-year old San Francisco boy was recently mauled to death by his pit bull, a breed known for attacking people. The Factor was joined by actress and animal rights activist Linda Blair, herself the owner of a pit bull. "A pit bull followed me home," Blair recounted, "and I learned his personality was far different than portrayed in the press. I have done a lot of research about the breed and they were never meant to be human aggressors." But Lisa Lange of PETA disputed the notion that pit bulls are no different than other dogs. "Pit bulls were bred to fight and kill other animals for human sport, and you have a lot of people who use pit bulls as macho symbols. Many of them live on chains, many are abused, and are aggressive as a result." The Factor pointed out there are statistics showing "they are twice as likely as other dogs to hurt people. You've got to be very careful with any stray dog, but particularly with that breed."

Schwarzenegger book controversy
Guest: Author Laurence Leamer

Laurence Leamer, author of a new book about Arnold Schwarzenegger, claims Schwarzenegger's wife Maria Shriver kept him from appearing on the Today show to publicize his book. "NBC gave her veto power over my appearance on the Today show. She was paranoid, but she comes out just fine in the book." Leamer contended that there is a long history of ill will between Governor Schwarzenegger and his Kennedy in-laws. "Arnold once said the person he likes the least is Ted Kennedy. And a lot of the Kennedys don't like him - he made himself, he's not an inheritor, and his love of America and free enterprise is from his heart. I think there is some jealousy about what Arnold has done. The Kennedy greatness is in the past, while this man's greatness is now and in the future."
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Factor Words of the Day
Many of your e-mails focused on segments about the alleged abuse at Guantanamo Bay. Some excerpts:

Mitch Nobles, Philippines: "Mr. Bill, Gitmo is not the problem. Anti-American people would find something else to complain about even if it was closed."

Vincent Curcuru, Simsbury, CT: "We are giving radical Islamists all the recruitment propaganda they need. The only purpose Gitmo serves is revenge for 9/11."
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Fantastic: The Life of Arnold Schwarzenegger
by Laurence Leamer

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