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Tuesday, June 14, 2005
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Jesse Jackson on Michael Jackson
"It took Jesse Jackson only a short time to make a fool out of himself after the Michael Jackson verdict came in. Rev. Jackson went on television and said this: 'You had the talk show hosts, whether it was Nancy Grace or O'Reilly, saying Michael was guilty.' In my case, that's a flat-out lie. I put forth time and again that Jackson's constitutional right to the presumption of innocence had to be protected. So, to no one's surprise, Jesse Jackson once again does not tell the truth and tries to exploit a tragedy for personal gain. Talking Points is fed up with dishonest individuals in the media and race hustlers who are feeding a bunch of bull to the American public. Enough's enough - we're going to call out the charlatans, starting with Jesse Jackson, no matter where we find them."


Natalee Holloway case update
Guests: Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal & Julia Renfroe, Aruba News

There are new developments in the case of Natalee Holloway, who vanished while vacationing in Aruba. Two men have been released from custody, and one prime suspect is reportedly 17-year old Joran Van Der Sloot. Reporting from Aruba, Fox News correspondent Rick Leventhal told The Factor that everyone on the island wants this case solved. "The police have made this a priority and the people of Aruba have also pitched in. There's a lot of sentiment on the island that they're getting a bad name and that it's unfair." The Factor was surprised by Prime Minister Nelson Oduber's seeming lack of knowledge about the case. "The Prime Minister of Aruba gave a television interview and looked clueless. The whole world is watching this story, it's huge for the island's economy. And the Prime Minister comes out and talks to millions of people and doesn't know what's going on. It didn't look good."

Geraldo on the Holloway case
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera recently spent time on Aruba, where he interviewed top officials about the Holloway case. "Aruba is a very na�ve place," Rivera declared. "This is unprecedented and the biggest domestic event ever." Rivera painted a damning portrait of the Dutch suspect Joran Van Der Sloot. "He is the playboy of the western world. He's got the hottest car on the island, he's a wild romancer, and has anger management problems." The Factor worried that Aruba's innocent citizens will wind up paying a steep price. "This case is going to burst wide open very shortly. But I don't want to see the island punished, and this is going to wreck the economy unless they wise up fast."

Geraldo on Michael Jackson
Guest: Geraldo Rivera

Geraldo Rivera also weighed in on his friend Michael Jackson - Rivera had maintained all along that Jackson would be acquitted. "It became absolutely clear to me that prosecutor Tom Sneddon was going to do anything he could to poison the atmosphere and convict Jackson in the court of public opinion. I was watching this process with Jackson being vilified and said there is no way they're going to prove this case." Rivera revealed that Michael Jackson told him the allegations were a smear job. The Factor countered that the verdict doesn't mean Jackson is innocent. "The jury itself - most of them still say they think he's a child molester."

Jackson juror speaks
Guest: Michael Stevens, Jackson juror

The Factor was joined by 21-year old Michael Stevens, a college student who sat on the Jackson jury. "It all goes back to the evidence," Stevens asserted. "It was all hearsay. If this happens again, I'll hope the prosecution will have evidence that is better than the evidence we had to work on. We all agreed that what we voted on was the right thing. But I know that if I had a child, I wouldn't want my child to be around Jackson."

New book smears the Clintons
Guests: Author Naomi Wolf & Kici McLean, former DNC Communications Director

An upcoming book by veteran journalist Edward Klein makes serious and scandalous allegations about Hillary Clinton. Two media experts joined The Factor with advice on how Senator Clinton should react. Kiki McLean said Mrs. Clinton should simply ignore the book. "She should continue to serve with dignity and character, and that's really the best thing to do when you have somebody who's involved in a cash for trash campaign." However, Naomi Wolf argued that Hillary Clinton should go on the offensive. "Mrs. Clinton should take this attack as an opportunity to draw a line. She should go out there and say this is a new low, and they're going after my family." The Factor suggested this book fits with an unfortunate pattern. "This is about an increasing trend in this country to destroy people with whom you disagree. I think this is going to help Mrs. Clinton because it makes her a victim."

Natalee Holloway case update
Guests: Factor producer Jesse Watters & trip organizer Jodi Beerman

While authorities in Aruba continue to pursue leads in the Natalee Holloway case, her friends and family in Alabama are in a virtual state of shock. The Factor spoke with Jodi Bearman, who helped organize the class trip. "We chose to have adults accompany the students," Bearman said. "We thought we were erring on the side of safety by having adults. But they were not expected to escort the students to every activity." Factor producer Jesse Watters, who went to Alabama to talk with Natalee's friends, reported that many residents are hostile toward the media. "People think the media have treated Natalee unfairly - that she's been made out to be promiscuous and was drinking to much. The Factor concluded that this incident will have an enduring impact on high schools around the country. "I think this is going to change a lot of trips and the way they are run in the United States."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Michael Jackson's acquittal was a favorite topic for your e-mails. Some excerpts:

Maria Henderson, MS: "It is very hard to tell if Jackson is guilty but I can say that I am happy he did not go to prison based on the testimony of a family of liars."

Brian Riordan, Blasdell, NY: "I think it would be a nice gesture if Jackson would invite the children and grandchildren of the jurors to Neverland."

Gretchen Matt, Binghamton, NY: "Thank you, Mr. O'Reilly, for covering all sides of the Jackson case. Every other network kowtowed to him once the verdict was read."

Mary Roy, Ireland: "One of the jurors indicated a severe dislike for the accuser's mother. If she acquitted on that, it was a poor decision."

Smith DeForce, Germantown, MD: "Another celebrity gets off. Simpson, Blake and now Michael Jackson. Our judicial system is broken."

John Ehrmann, New York, NY: "Saddam Hussein's lawyers would like a change of venue to California."

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