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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
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Nobody likes the Factor?
"Listen up, all you Kool-Aid liberals who think this program flacks for the right. Here's proof positive you are wrong. Republican Congressman Curt Weldon was invited to appear on this broadcast Monday, but he never showed up. He stiffed us! So I went on the air and told you exactly what Weldon did and that he was banned from future appearances. Weldon actually went to the House floor to criticize The Factor, and asked that his excuse for not showing up be placed in the Congressional Record. What a colossal waste of the people's time! This is not important, except to demonstrate that the truth has become elusive. When folks make mistakes, they should not attack - they should try to correct the mistake. Talking Points has nothing against Curt Weldon, but enough is enough with the propaganda. Let's stop the nonsense. And you can put that in the Congressional Record, Congressman."


Natalee Holloway case continues
Guest: Fox News hosts Greta Van Susteren & Alan Colmes

Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren joined The Factor from Aruba with more revelations about the Natalee Holloway case. Van Susteren sat down for an exclusive interview with the parents of Joren Van Der Sloot, the prime suspect in the case. "We did a long interview with the mother and father," Van Susteren reported. "They wanted a chance to say he is an honor student, has an academic scholarship, and has never gotten into trouble before." The Factor noted that the young man has another side that has been well documented. "This guy may be a good student, but he's a party boy. He's 17, he's in the casinos, and he's staying out late. All of Natalee's friends told me he left the bar with her after one o'clock in the morning."

Another Fox News anchor, Alan Colmes, also in Aruba, provided The Factor with his own perceptions. "A lot of people are putting down Aruba and there are boycotts, which is ridiculous. This is one of the safest islands." Colmes mentioned that a detective has speculated that Natalee Holloway may have engineered her own disappearance and could still be alive. The Factor argued that rumors like that are inappropriate. "If that detective had said that to me, I would have cut him to pieces. I want to cover this story in a very methodical way without speculation. It's so cruel to the family."

Christian hostility at the Indy Star?
Guests: James Patterson & Lisa Coffey, former Indianapolis Star writers

Reporters James Patterson and Lisa Coffee have sued their former employer the Indianapolis Star, claiming the newspaper is hostile to Christians. "Top management displayed an animus toward Christian employees," Patterson contended. "One supervisor was offended by an editorial I wrote asking the community to pray for our troops." The Factor pointed out that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found no evidence of discrimination, but vowed to pursue this story. "We're going to follow this and see what happens. The Indianapolis star is welcome to reply any time."

"How to Rent A Negro"
Guest: Author Damali Ayo

Author Damali Ayo has written a book with a very controversial title - "How To Rent A Negro." She explained that it is based on her own personal experiences and those of other blacks. "I've compiled these instances where people have turned to me for a black opinion, or invited me to a party as the only black person to liven things up." The Factor noted that many liberals disparage and insult black conservatives. "I get greatly offended when I hear people demean Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell. It makes me crazy, because it's brutally unfair."

Coming changes at PBS?
Guests: Fox News analyst Ellis Henican & Fox News host Cal Thomas

New PBS boss Kenneth Tomlinson has complained about liberal dominance on public television and has called for more balance, which has caused great consternation in some circles. Fox News contributors Ellis Henican and Cal Thomas joined The Factor with vastly different views on PBS. Thomas accused PBS of rampant and consistent liberal bias. "One person analyzed Bill Moyers' show on PBS - out of 75 segments, only 13 had opinions that differed from Mr. Moyers'. If that isn't bias, somebody give me a new standard." Henican argued that PBS is an invaluable institution that should be left alone. "Millions of Americans love PBS. They appreciate what it's done for their kids, they send in their money, and it's really done a lot of good things for America." The Factor questioned whether PBS deserves taxpayer support. "If Moyers were on Fox News or another cable channel, I wouldn't quibble. But if I'm paying for it, why is Bill Moyers allowed to ram this propaganda down our throats?"

Aruba prison life
Guest: Attorney Dick Atkins

17-year old Joren Van Der Sloot, the prime suspect in the Natalee Holloway case, has been transferred to Aruba's main prison. Attorney Dick Atkins explained that the jail is comfortable, clean, and inmate-friendly. "This is one of the better prisons in all of the Caribbean and one of the most modern in the whole world. The conditions there are incredible, better than almost any facility in the United States. It's very soft time."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of your e-mails focused on the Natalee Holloway case. Some excerpts:

A. Smith, Greenville, SC: "My family has cancelled vacation plans to Aruba. I feel the authorities there are trying to cover up."

Carolyn Cornie, Beaverton, OR: "My family departed Aruba the same day Natalee arrived. Tragedies do happen everywhere. Let's hope this doesn't cause permanent damage to that country."

Margie Gaffney, Siloam Springs, AR: "As a mother, I certainly would not sign a release allowing my daughter to travel to Aruba after seeing what the Holloway family has been through."

Larry Repass, Mexico: "Aruba has gotten a lot of publicity and people now know hoe easy it is for underage teens to party. That appeal will outweigh the danger."

Erik Provost, Windsor, CT: "America cares about Natalee because she had enormous potential. Aruba will pay if the government there doesn't start talking."

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How to Rent a Negro
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