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Thursday, July 14, 2005
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Natalee Holloway case update
Guest: Dave Holloway, Natalee's father

"Four judges have now ruled that Joren Van Der Sloot is somehow involved in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and will be kept in prison. Miss Holloway's case has captured the attention of the world because it's a very simple situation - she leaves a bar with Van Der Sloot and disappears. Her family demands answers, but no answers are forthcoming. Just imagine yourself losing a child and not knowing what's going on for months. That is cruel and unusual punishment. If the Aruba government does not level with the Holloway family, then all Americans should take it personally. That means thinking not twice, but many times, about traveling to Aruba. The Aruban government is now on notice - they had better figure this one out fast." The Factor was joined by Natalee's father David Holloway, who approved of the decision to keep Van Der Sloot in prison. "We're greatly relieved that the main suspect remains behind bars. The justice system is hopefully working to some extent." Holloway expressed great frustration with the Aruba justice system. "All the information about the investigation is kept confidential. They say that if they give us information they have to give it to the defense. It's hard on us not knowing what's happening." The Factor sympathized with Natalee's loved ones for what they have endured. "The Aruba government has not been kind to your family. We hope the Aruba authorities do the right thing, but we're not convinced this is a top priority for them."

Fox News Video:

Sentencing a terrorist
Guest: Author Dr. Tim Naftali, University of Virginia

A prominent American Muslim leader has been sentenced to life in prison. Ali al-Timimi of Fairfax, Virginia was convicted of soliciting treason and other charges. Author and professor Tim Naftali elaborated on al-Timimi's crimes. "Five days after the 9/11 attacks he told a group of young Muslim men that it was their duty to go to Afghanistan. And he said it was their duty to kill Americans." The Factor contrasted al-Timimi's life sentence with England's tendency to look the other way. "In Britain this happens every week in hundreds of mosques across the country. The British government created the problem by allowing hordes of people to come there who were uneducated and unprepared to compete in a very competitive society. That's another warning to the United States about our border situation."

Is there a border cover-up?
Guest: Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo

In January of 2004 President Bush advocated a new law that would allow illegal immigrants to earn their citizenship. That was followed by an immediate and dramatic increase in the number of illegals crossing from Mexico, and a government survey found that many were arriving because they expected amnesty. Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo accused the government of covering up the results of the survey. "45 percent of the people who crossed illegally said they did it based on rumors of the Bush administration amnesty. So the government shut the survey down and told its staff not to talk about amnesty. This is a cover up."

Taking aim at Sen. Santorum
Guest: Ray Flynn, fmr. US Ambassador to the Vatican

In 2002 Republican Senator Rick Santorum wrote an article about the pedophilia scandal that rocked the Catholic Church. The article included this sentence: " is no surprise that Boston, a seat of academic, political and cultural liberalism in America, lies at the center of the storm." Santorum has now come under harsh criticism from Senator Ted Kennedy and others for seemingly blaming the sex scandals on liberalism. Ray Flynn, former Ambassador to the Vatican, agreed that Santorum was out of bounds. "It was an unfortunate choice of words. Boston is the center of an immigrant heritage and working class people, and they don't deserve these kind of labels. You can't just let a charge like this go by." The Factor urged the Senator to explain exactly what he meant. "Senator Santorum, you're welcome on this program, and you're making a huge mistake if you don't come on and explain."

Analyzing the plight of children
Guest: Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera

Fox News anchor Geraldo Rivera joined The Factor to discuss recent high-profile crimes involving teens and young children. Regarding the Natalee Holloway case, Rivera revealed that her family wants a new prosecutor to start anew. "What the family hopes is that a special prosecutor from Holland will be brought in and re-investigate everything and come up with a convincing case. Because right now the case is very shaky." Rivera also broke news in the case of repeat sex offender Joseph Duncan, accused of killing 9-year old Dylan Groene and molesting his 8-year old sister Shasta. Rivera spoke with their father Steve Groene, who proposed a stunning deal. "Steve told me that he will agree to Duncan pleading guilty and copping to a life sentence on two conditions - that Shasta will not be forced to testify, and that Duncan confesses to every crime he has ever committed. He wants other mothers and fathers to have closure." The Factor again denounced Judge Thomas Schroeder, who let Duncan walk on $15,000 bail, and urged all states to enact mandatory sentencing laws. "The system has broken down, and the only ones who can make the system better are the governors. We're going to hold every single governor in the United States of America accountable."

More details from Aruba
Guest: Reporter Dilma Arends

Aruba investigative reporter Dilma Arends elaborated on the Natalee Holloway investigation, implying that Aruba authorities may have a stronger case than many people realize. "Aruba authorities have been using cell sites and the cell phone batteries to determine the movement of the boys involved. For example, they were able to determine that Joren Van Der Sloot got home at 4 AM. So I think they have more proof than they are telling us." The Factor asserted that Arends' claims will provide comfort to Natalee's family. "What you just told us makes a difference to the Holloway family because it gives them some hope. There should be a way for the government to get more information to the family that is not going to damage the case."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you continued to send e-mails about the BBC's coverage of the London terrorist attacks. Some excerpts:

George Altshuler, San Francisco, CA: "Mr. O'Reilly, I found your remarks about the BBC to be astonishing. If you actually watched them, you would see they are very honest in the way they describe terrorism."

Brenda Martin, Edwards, MS: "What's the difference between a Muslim terrorist in a black hood and a southern terrorist in a white hood? Do you think the BBC and other left-wing media would call a KKK person a 'southern fighter'?"

Charles Craig, Santa Monica, CA: "Bill, just curious, what do you think the families of Iraqis killed by U.S. bombs call us? Freedom fighters?"

Peter Camacho, Boca Raton, FL: "We need to learn more from the British on how they have kept a peaceful environment with such a diversity of religious faiths. Mr. Bush, the cowboy, is making the world more dangerous and is responsible for the London attack."

Other viewers wrote about the segment on reparations for slavery:

Stanton Smith, Matthews, NC: "Bill, you couldn't be more wrong saying the US government owes nothing to black Americans for slavery. If the U.S. government is not responsible, I don't know who is."

Bonita Santos, Phoenix, AZ: "African Americans should thank God their ancestors reached the USA. Would they prefer to be in Africa right now?"

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Blind Spot: The Secret History of American Counterterrorism
by Tim Naftali

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