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Monday, July 18, 2005
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Is Karl Rove a hero?
"My colleague John Gibson thinks Karl Rove was heroic in exposing the political agenda of Ambassador Joseph Wilson, who wrote an article slamming the Bush administration's pre-Iraq war strategy. Wilson's wife, CIA operative Valerie Plame, had ties to the Democrats that Rove wanted exposed. Gibson's a smart guy, but I disagree with him on this. Rove wasn't doing anything heroic, he was protecting his boss. If the grand jury indicts Rove, he should be fired and tried in a court of law. If the grand jury does not indict him, Rove will stay on. The reason Rove should not be praised is because there are ways to counter policy attacks that are above board. From the get-go, Talking Points has said Karl Rove should tell everyone what he did and why he did it. Our government should be as transparent as possible. Rove is neither a hero nor a villain - he's just a political guy doing what most of these guys do - attacking the opposition."

Fox News Video:

Refocusing on Iraq
Guest: P.J. Crowley, fmr. Air Force colonel

Some observers claim the terror attacks in London were a direct result of British support for the war in Iraq. Former Clinton advisor P. J. Crowley argued that the war is inciting terror attacks on the west. "Iraq is a training ground for the next generation of jihadists. It's not surprising that Al Qaeda would broaden from Iraq to try to use attacks like we saw last year in Madrid and this year in London to try to erode support international support for the war." The Factor noted that terror attacks began long before the invasion of Iraq. "Al Qaeda grew in ferocity and strength during the Clinton administration There was no Iraq, no impetus for them to do that other than hatred for America. These left-wing pinheads in London are saying it wouldn't have happened if not for Iraq, and that's just absurd. That's a lie."

The ACLU vs. the FBI
Guest: Harold Copus, Investigative Solutions, Inc.

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit demanding access to files the FBI has assembled on the ACLU, Greenpeace, and other organizations. Former FBI agent Harold Copus claimed the agency needs to needs to keep track of radical organizations, left and right, in a post-9/11 world. "Right wing groups are just as harmful to our country, and obviously they're under surveillance. You expect the FBI to connect the dots. They're not going to put themselves back in that September 11th situation where they're accused of not following through." The Factor speculated that the documents in question could prove damning to the ACLU. "I'm rooting for the ACLU to win this lawsuit because I want to see all the people that are using ACLU lawyers, and who the ACLU is hanging with. I don't trust those people at all."

What's happening in Washington
Guest: Fox News political analyst Dick Morris

Fox News analyst Dick Morris joined The Factor with his take on Karl Rove and other political happenings. Morris pronounced the Rove episode as irrelevant. "Nobody cares about this story anywhere in the United States. The only reason it's being run is that there's a reporter in jail. The Democrats are out for blood against Rove, but the voters don't care." Morris also commented on Hillary Clinton's new crusade against sexually graphic video games. "She's taking soft, easy targets - sex on television, sex in video games - to show moderation. But at the same time in the Senate she votes the doctrinaire liberal line."

Picking out bad politicians
Guest: Author Steve Malagna

Of all the politicians across America, does one stand out as the very worst? According to Steve Malanga of the conservative Manhattan Institute, that dubious distinction may belong to Sheldon Silver, Democratic speaker of the New York State Assembly. Malanga listed a few of Silver's shortcomings. "He works for trial lawyer firms, so New York State probably has the worst environment for lawsuits in the country. We also have a plague of insurance fraud, but can't get tougher laws. This is a very far-left Democratic Party in New York, so part of the ideology is that you don't increase any penalties." The Factor added that Sheldon Silver has actually blocked laws that would penalize sexual predators. "He stopped legislation that would have tracked the most dangerous sex offenders with electronic devices, and that would have mandated that communities be notified of sex offenders. Everyone should know that Sheldon Silver is blocking legislation that would protect children and be tougher on sex offenders. That's why we call this man the worst politician in office today."

100 People who are Screwing Up America
Guest: Author Bernard Goldberg

Former CBS News correspondent Bernard Goldberg has another best-selling book called "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America." Goldberg's list includes Michael Moore, Edward Kennedy, Jesse Jackson, and Al Franken. He told The Factor he and his book have been shunned by the mainstream media. "There are some people on the left who are really angry about my writing about how liberals are hurting America. The main point of this book is that the culture has gotten nasty and vulgar, and they don't think it has. This is not something that people on the left care about." The Factor applauded Goldberg's inclusion of rap "artists" Eminem and Ludacris. "If you were going to an art form that was going to set back achievement in the black community by thirty years, you would invent 'gangsta' rap."

Fox News Video:

Natalee Holloway case
Guest: Fox News host Greta Van Susteren

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren joined The Factor with one of her regular updates on the Natalee Holloway case. Van Susteren reported that Aruba police have found some strands of blonde hair, and are cooperating with American experts. "The Aruba authorities are letting the FBI have a portion of the hair, which will be analyzed in the United States. We have also just learned that an American woman found a bone with what appeared to be flesh on it. The police have this bone, which could be an interesting clue."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Some of you sent e-mails about Virginia Muslim leader Ali al-Timimi, who was sentenced to life for soliciting treason and other charges. Some excerpts:

Mitch Tyree, Newport News, VA: "Bill, I am a fan of your tough stance on terrorism and controlling the borders. So I am at a total loss at why you would question the life sentence given to al-Timimi in Virginia."

Joe Harris, Midland City, AL: "Bill, I agree the man should not be given life. He should be given death!"

Others e-mails dealt with Senator Rick Santorum, who wrote that the priest pedophilia scandals and Boston liberalism were related.

Virginia McHenry, Kansas City, MO: "I think Senator Santorum judged Boston unfairly but his comments about liberalism affecting priests has some merit."

Paul Correll, Clearwater, FL: "The proof that Santorum is right is in the voting booth. The people of Boston keep electing the likes of Kennedy and Kerry."

Book Mentions
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100 People Who Are Screwing up America (and Al Franken is #37)
by Bernard Goldberg

The New New Left: How American Politics Works Today
by Steven Malanga

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