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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
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School officials hurting children?
"The San Bernardino School District, west of LA, is not doing well. Its average test scores for African-American and Latino students are a disaster and they're not much better for white kids. And here's the latest brainstorm by the school board out there? ebonics, slang that some blacks use instead of proper English. The San Bernardino School District wants to teach Ebonics as part of a supplemental reading program. Every school official who wants to teach ebonics in any way should be fired immediately. The only way poor American children are going to succeed in our very competitive society is to teach those kids academic discipline and the skills they need to secure a good job. Fighting your way out of poverty is incredibly difficult and ebonics is not going to help you. Only a classic education and learning how to think clearly will give you the opportunity to rise."

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Santorum's controversial remarks
Guest: Sen. Rick Santorum (R-PA)

Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) has stirred up controversy by linking liberalism in Boston to the priest pedophilia scandal in the Catholic Church. Santorum defended his remarks by saying cultural changes effect everyone in society. "Changes in the culture, the effect of cultural liberalism and the sexual freedom of the 1960's and '70's, had an impact, and that's what I was saying. I was not criticizing Boston anymore then you could put in the name of any other major city. The influence of society has an influence on all of us." The Factor questioned the connection Santorum made. "I don't know whether the linkage between a sexually permissive society, which we absolutely have here in America, and a crime of child molestation? I don't know if you can make that linkage."

Barney Frank speaks on Santorum
Guest: Congressman Barney Frank

The Factor sought a reply from Massachusetts Democrat Barney Frank. "You disagree that the permissive society, the sexual revolution of the '60's and '70's had anything to do with priest pedophilia?" Frank disagreed with Santorum's contention. "There is no scientific correlation drawn, there were places where there was no social liberalism where it happened, there were places which were quite socially liberal, Berkeley California and elsewhere, where it didn't seem to be a big issue. This is where I disagree very much with Senator Santorum's whole approach to this. He tends to equate consensual sexual behavior between adults with bestiality, with child abuse."

The search for Natalee Holloway
Guest: Tim Miller, EquuSearch

A Texas-based company called EquuSearch spent three weeks in Aruba looking for Natalee Holloway, the American teenager who has been missing now for 51 days. EquuSearch founder Tim Miller said the Aruban authorities did not do a competent job searching for Natalee. "Ten days went by, a lot of evidence was probably lost, a lot of stories got practiced over and over and over. I don't know what they took it as, a runaway case or whatever." Miller also said he believes Natalee was buried and then her body was moved. "I truly feel as though that site we found that we believe is a gravesite, I believe that Natalee was buried in that for a day or two, somebody hired somebody else to go ahead and dig her up and then dispose of her."

The debate over taxes
Guest: Author Steve Forbes

Steve Forbes is the author of the new book "Flat Tax Revolution: Using a Postcard to Abolish the IRS." "What we do is just get rid of the whole code, so you can actually take a sheet of paper or a postcard, put your income down, figure what your tax is, and then pay the tax, it's that simple. You don't have to have a nine million word tax code that's rife with corruption, unfairness and just is a way of stealing money from the American people."

Cracking down on child molesters
Guest: Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell defended his state's record of protecting children from sexual abuse. "We put up a Web site, and we've gotten hundreds of thousands of hits on it since we put it up. The parole board has adopted the rules and regulations that will now let us do GPS monitoring of all Megan Law registrants and all violent sexual offenders. And Pennsylvania has two mandatory minimum sentences, one for anybody who rapes or commits involuntary deviant sexual intercourse on someone 16 years or below and one for deviant assault." The Factor said more was necessary to insure judges and prosecutors don't let sex offenders off easy. "You have a Web site identifying sexual offenders, correct? Put up a Web site identifying judges who do that. I guarantee you, Governor, they'll stop doing it."

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Flat Tax Revolution: Using a Postcard to Abolish the IRS
by Steve Forbes

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