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Thursday, August 18, 2005
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John Couey writes to the Factor
Guest: Attorney Herb Cohen

"Florida has released documents relating to the murder of 9-year old Jessica Lunsford, and among the papers is a letter confessed killer John Couey apparently wrote to me but never sent. Here is an excerpt: 'Dear Bill O'Reilly ... there were more than three people in the house at the time. I know one of them knows more than what he is saying.' From the git-go, I knew that the three people living with Couey in the trailer knew a lot more than they told authorities. Before Jessica was buried alive by Couey, she spent a considerable amount of time in his room being sexually abused by him. Anyone in the trailer should have heard something. The fact that prosecutor Brad King hasn't charged Couey's housemates is one of the worst examples of incompetence I have ever seen. Now Couey himself is on record as saying there is more to the murder than the authorities want to tell us. Talking Points is demanding action against those who helped Couey and any others who may be involved. Jessica Lunsford's death must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent."

Fox News Video:

For reaction to the Couey letter, The Factor was joined by Herb Cohen, attorney for Jessica Lunsford's father Mark. Cohen expressed hope that this new evidence may lead to more convictions. "From the beginning, Bill, you were very active talking about the people in the trailer. And I think this confirms that they might have known something. So it certainly is a smoking gun, and something to look at carefully. It's another piece to the puzzle." The Factor urged state authorities to take over the case. "That little girl was horribly abused, and I think this letter shows that there's another person involved. But because of all of this small-town politics in Citrus County, we can't leave it in their hands anymore."

Cindy Sheehan in the press
Guest: Darrell West, Brown University

Anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan has received generally glowing coverage in the press, despite her over-the-top verbal attacks on President Bush, the United States, and Israel. Professor Darrell West provided an explanation for the favorable treatment. "Cindy Sheehan is the perfect anti-war symbol - a mother grieving for her son. The anti-war movement has been looking for someone to put a human face on this, and they have jumped behind her." The Factor castigated the press for ignoring Sheehan's radical views and questionable associations. "From the very beginning the press jumped on her bandwagon and didn't inform the public of her radical connections. I think there is deceit in play here. I think the mainstream media, in its blind hatred of President Bush, is buying into the deceit."

Taking action in Iraq
Guest: Author Seymour Hersh

Polls indicate that Americans are increasingly demanding evidence of genuine progress in Iraq. Author Seymour Hersh, generally a critic of the war, suggested there is some reason for optimism. "It is not all bleak. This government doing a lot of aggressive and tough stuff in North Africa and East Asia, and we are effective against terror organizations. Osama Bin Laden has been marginalized." Hersh cautioned, however, that insurgents may be gearing up for another major offensive, and The Factor warned of a possible confrontation in the future. "There have been some good things happening that have not been reported - oil production is way up. But the big problem is that Iran is stepping up their help to the insurgents. We're going to have to deal with Iran sooner or later."

BTK Killer sentenced today
Guest: Crime journalist Aphrodite Jones

Serial killer Dennis Rader, aka the BTK killer has been sentenced to ten consecutive life terms, one for each of his ten murders. Relatives of the victims took advantage of the sentencing hearing to speak directly to Rader, denouncing him as a depraved and unfeeling monster. Journalist Aphrodite Jones described the dramatic courtroom scene. "I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. There was no closure today. This man is evil incarnate, and a man even Stephen King couldn't make up. He is a psychotic mind who will be studied for years to come." While Rader wasn't eligible for the death sentence, The Factor predicted that may be his ultimate punishment. "I don't think Rader is going to survive in prison. I think, like Jeffrey Dahmer, someone is going to kill him."

Thursdays with Geraldo
Guest: Fox News host Geraldo Rivera

Fox News host Geraldo Rivera joined The Factor with his opinions on various subjects. First, the case against Joren Van Der Sloot, the prime suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. "Aruba could get him right now on obstruction of justice because he lied to the authorities. The problem is that if they go after him and fail, they can't charge him again. So I believe Van Der Sloot will be released." Rivera also commented on Cindy Sheehan and the radical groups that have joined her. "What I fear isn't that these organizations are using her - that's what they do, and she's the latest prop. What I fear are the poll numbers on Iraq, and that people are talking about halving our military commitment to Iraq. Instead of cutting it in half, I believe we should double it. Anyone who thinks we can cut and run from Iraq doesn't have America's best interest in mind." The Factor contended that some radical anti-war groups are blinded by their hatred of George Bush. "Right now the side that is putting national security in jeopardy is the left. The Buchanan wing on the right isn't saying cut and run."

Jessica's Law in Oregon
Guests: Oregon State Representative Kevin Cameron & Steve Dole, Crime Victims United of Oregon

The Factor has challenged lawmakers in all fifty states to pass some version of "Jessica's Law," which mandates long minimum sentences for child abusers. Oregon representatives voted in favor of such a law, but it was then blocked by Senate Majority Leader Kate Brown. Representative Kevin Cameron raised the possibility of a state referendum. "We need to move forward because the citizens of this state need this passed. And we are going to explore putting it on the ballot." Steve Dole, whose 12-year old daughter was murdered, explained why Jessica's Law is vital. "My daughter lost her life, but I also look at the poor children who are raped by these despicable individuals. To me it is the murder of a soul - the fallout from people who are raped as children is unbelievable." The Factor denounced Senator Brown and demanded that Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski call a special session to pass legislation. "The people of Oregon have to wise up and get this Kate Brown out. Every parent whose kid is molested from this day forward in Oregon should go to her house. And Governor Kunongoski is up for re-election next year. If he doesn't get this done, I'm going to go on a campaign to knock him out."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent opinions about the revelation that Clinton administration officials were warned about Osama Bin Laden long before 9/11. Some excerpts:

Laura Williams, O'Fallon, IL: "Mr. O, bravo on your assessment that 9/11 wasn't an intelligence failure but rather a failure of our elected leaders to act. Those of us who served in the intelligence profession know both Presidents Clinton and Bush were warned."

Steve Lombardi, Simsbury, CT: "There is no question the Clinton administration's utter failure of leadership led to 9/11. We owe it to our children to record this accurately."

Mary Olthoff, Henderson, NV: "Mr. O'Reilly, you were so busy bashing Bill Clinton for not acting on intelligence reports you forgot to mention President Bush did the same thing."

Chuck Crain, Santa Monica, CA: "Bill, bottom line is that Bin Laden is still at large after 4 and a half years of Bush."

Jim Davis, Orland Park, IL: "Bill, don't you realize that Bush may have been behind the 9/11 attacks."

Linda Rapoza, Fall River, MA: "The left will never admit Clinton made mistakes regarding bin Laden. They're going to come after you big time, Bill."

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Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib
by Seymour Hersh

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