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Tuesday, September 20, 2005
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More bad news for Pres. Bush
"A new Gallup poll shows the president's job approval at 40%, while 58% of Americans say his performance is not good. Despite those dismal numbers, the far left has failed to capitalize. The reason Americans are not taking a left turn is because that movement is simply creepy. Cindy Sheehan, Howard Dean, and George Soros are not exactly winning the hearts and minds of everyday folks. In fact, the radical bomb throwers are on the run. For example, the LA Times fired far left Michael Kinsley as editorial director and endorsed John Roberts for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The Air America left wing network could be on its last legs, and the radical web sites are just desperate. Here's an example - on the Radio Factor, I jokingly said this: 'I just wish Katrina had hit only the United Nations and flooded them out.' One of those nutty far left web sites called United Nations Foundation chief Tim Wirth, who demanded a public apology. It was a jest, sir! Chances are the former senator never even heard the broadcast; he just took the word of an unbelievably irresponsible web site. This ridiculous incident just points out how desperate and dishonest the far left is. Truth be told, they are the Republican party's best friend."

Fox News Video:

Hurricane Rita heads for the coast
Guest: Meteorologist Bernie Rayno

With another major storm developing, meteorologist Bernie Rayno warned that Rita bears a striking resemblance to Katrina. "It is eerily similar in that Katrina, when it came across south Florida, started to strengthen. Wouldn't you know it, Rita is going to go in that same area, and it is not out of the question that Rita can reach category 5 status later this week. We're looking for a land fall Friday night or Saturday morning at the Galveston coastline or Houston. The impact on the area and the oil platforms could be extreme."

Hurricanes pound the Florida Keys
Guests: Fox News correspondents Orlando Salinas & Rick Leventhal

Fox News correspondents Orlando Salinas and Rick Leventhal reported on Hurricane Rita from the Florida Keys. Leventhal said that while some residents had evacuated, many others are staying put. "These are veterans down here, and category means a lot to them. If it's a Category 2, they're not going anywhere. If it's a Category 4, some people say they will get out of town." Salinas reported that, even in the midst of a hurricane, Key West retains its special character. "Fifty percent of the population has evacuated, but the other half are partying. People are drinking beer, having a blast. A couple of people leaned out of the car and mooned us." The Factor worried that some residents may be in for a rude awakening if Rita changes course. "If that thing turns, death is in the air. But we'll hope for the best, and we have to watch Texas."

Another try for John Kerry?
Guests: Author Doug Brinkley & Fox News analyst Nina Easton

John Kerry issued a blistering attack on President Bush this week. Fox News analyst Nina Easton viewed it as a sign that Kerry is preparing for another presidential run. "I think he was testing the waters. His entire family was there, and it looked very much like a kickoff to the 2008 campaign. But people in Washington don't consider Kerry a leading candidate for 2008." Historian Douglas Brinkley disagreed about Kerry's chances. "There's absolutely no doubt that John Kerry's running for president. Unless someone catapults to the top, it's going to be a Hillary Clinton - John Kerry square off. They're the two that can raise the money, and Kerry wants to be seen as the alternative to Hillary." The Factor agreed that Kerry wants to occupy the Oval Office. "All his speeches will be designed to say to Americans that you made the wrong choice and now you're paying the price. His only chance is to run to the left of Hillary Clinton."

13-year old girl killed in Ohio
Guest: Major John Newsom, Warren County Sheriff's Office

Another youngster has apparently been victimized by a child predator. In Ohio, 13-year old Katelind Caudill was shot to death in her own house, allegedly by 43-year old neighbor Melvin Keeling. John Newsom of the Warren County Sheriff's Office revealed Keeling's possible motive. "The victim was instrumental in an ongoing investigation concerning Melvin Keeling and the molestation of some other minors in the neighborhood." Newsom added that Keeling is armed, dangerous, and still at large. The Factor cited this as one more example of the dangers posed by child molesters. "We have another sexual predator who allegedly committed these horrendous murders and took this young girl's life."

Is oil price gouging reality?
Guests: Jon Berger, Fortune Magazine & Elizabeth MacDonald, Forbes Magazine

In a poll taken on, 89% of respondents agreed that oil companies are engaged in unfair price gouging. Elizabeth MacDonald of Forbes Magazine claimed that perception is right on the money. "I'm reporting what gas station owners are telling me. Because of mergers, they're saying there is a lack of competition and consumers are getting gouged." Fortune Magazine's Jon Berger vehemently disagreed. "There are no big tables where a cabal of oil moguls are setting prices. These prices are set on open markets by traders and investors all around the globe buying and selling oil. The chairman of Chevron doesn't wake up one morning and say the price is going to be three dollars a gallon." The Factor called for an investigation into possible price fixing. "I believe major oil companies are telling gas stations this is what we're going to charge you, and we don't care if you buy it or not. If you don't like it, you're not getting any gas. The greedy oil companies are making the money."

Unruly students out of control
Guest: Former teacher Brandy Stokes

In school districts across America, a few rowdy students can disrupt an entire classroom, and teachers are often powerless to do anything about it. The Factor was joined by former 8th grade English teacher Brandy Stokes, who is suing her school district for refusing to discipline dangerous students. "I was subjected to horrible racial comments," Stokes said. "I was sexually harassed, threatened to be raped and killed. The principal told me I had to accept these kids' behavior, that it's part of their culture." The Factor complained that situations like these are far too common. "This happens all over, and unfortunately it happens in the poorest schools. I don't see how anyone could teach anything in an atmosphere like that."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you sent e mails about the segment with Joanne Pratt, whose husband was arrested for child molestation. Some excerpts:

Robin Thomas, Durham, NC: "As a mother of two young children, I was outraged at Mrs. Pratt's defense of sex offenders. The public has the right to know where these people are."

Ann Scianna, Reading, PA: "Hats off to you, Bill, for taking heat on your unwavering stand concerning penalties for child sex offenders. God help us all if the civil rights of predators become more important than protecting children."

Others wrote about the interview with radical British politician George Galloway.

Jerome Bulkan, Coconut Creek, FL: "Bill, you are the first journalist who has successfully dissected George Galloway. You nailed him, congratulations."

T. Michael Johnson, Oak Lawn, IL: "You met your match, Mr. Unfair and Unbalanced, with George Galloway. He showed you just what a simpleton bully you are."

Book Mentions
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John F. Kerry: The Complete Biography by the Boston Globe Reporters Who Know Him Best
by Michael Kranish, Nina J. Easton, Brian C. Mooney

Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War
by Douglas Brinkley

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