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Monday, October 17, 2005
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A tale of two demonstrations
Guests: Malik Shabazz, Black Panther Party & attorney Martin Garbus

"Authorities in Toledo, Ohio foolishly allowed a small group of Nazis to demonstrate in a neighborhood, and the results were predictable. Scores of mostly black men used the occasion to attack police, loot stores, and generally create mayhem. The vile Nazis love to watch these kinds of scenes - the more bad behavior on display from groups the Nazis loathe, the better it is for them. American decision makers need to wise up - public safety trumps freedom of expression. If a group of dopey fascists want to hold a rally, find a field someplace away from the public. Meanwhile, in DC the Nation of Islam sponsored another 'million person march.' In contrast to Toledo, this demonstration was peaceful and didn?t amount to much. In an age where educated and hard-working African Americans are making great economic strides, it's hard to promote a 60's-type protest. And even harder for a guy like Farrakhan to sell his whacked-out conspiracy theories like the government blowing up the New Orleans levees. I do admire people who believe in causes and are willing to go public. But nutty Nazis and black power loons should be watched closely and be denied the opportunity to do damage to innocent people. Freedom's a great thing, but it does come with responsibility."

Fox News Video:

Malik Shabazz of the Black Panther Party joined The Factor and defended Louis Farrakhan's New Orleans conspiracy theory. "It's inappropriate for you to put out racist garbage mischaracterizing what I consider a beautiful march. The Millions More Movement is going to file a class action lawsuit against Homeland Security and FEMA and is calling for an investigation into what happened to the levees in New Orleans. Every death and injury in New Orleans can be attributed to negligence." The Factor challenged Shabazz to present even a shred of evidence, but none was forthcoming. As for Toledo, attorney Martin Garbus suggested the city should have prevented the rioting. "As soon as the mayor learned gangs were coming into the area, he could have gone to court. It's clear that there's a great deal of tension in Toledo." The Factor agreed that city officials were negligent. "Innocent people got hurt and it should have never happened. That was nuts for Toledo to allow that. Shouldn't these officials know by now that you don't let the public be threatened?"

Issues for the Bush administration
Guest: Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich

Fox News analyst Newt Gingrich joined The Factor with his opinions on a wide variety of hot-button issues.

First, the former Speaker of the House on the constitutional vote in Iraq: "The bias on the left is so large that when something really great happens they can't bring themselves to report it. But in all fairness to the president and the United States, this vote was a huge success and a great moral victory. The Iraqi people are proving they have a lot of courage."

On Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers: "The Senate Judiciary Committee can be a very tough place - look at what they did to Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork. She's got folks on the left and the right looking to trip her up, and if she does well she's going to be approved."

On gas prices: "People feel gasoline prices and heating oil, they're right in their lives. This is a sensitive issue, not just for the president but for all Republicans."

On his own presidential prospects: "I don't think the country wants personality candidates right now. The country wants to know what you're going to do about immigration, about the cost of health care, about energy. I'm going around the country talking about how to solve these things."

Of all the challenges facing President Bush, The Factor declared that oil prices may be the most damaging. "People don't understand why they have to pay a dollar a gallon more at the pump, and they're going to hold the president accountable for not explaining it."

Jessica's Law in Montana & Washington
Guests: Former police officer Chuck Pillon & parent Joseph Poulillo

In Seattle, 38-year old youth counselor Kenneth Bell admitted to raping three boys age 12 to 15, but was sentenced to just six months under a plea bargain. Joseph Paolillo, whose son was among the victims, described his reaction. "My guts dropped. This was personally devastating to me, because I spent eight years trying to get this guy convicted. My son is destroyed." Former police officer Chuck Pillon claimed Washington has a history of endangering children. "This case is not an anomaly. Washington constantly places kids in situations where they are apt to be abused. This kind of abuse reaches into the highest level of the state. Years ago there was a place called the Boy's Ranch where scores of young boys were held and kept basically as concubines to be used by some highly placed people in this state." The Factor pointed out that Washington has no mandatory minimum sentences for child predators, and called this case a painful illustration of why Jessica's Law is needed in every state.

O'Reilly vs. Cavuto
Guest: Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto

The Factor has accused oil companies of gouging consumers, but Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto took exception to that allegation. "Do you honestly think, Bill, that oil companies sit around and ask how they can screw Americans? There is no gouging going on. The price of oil rises based on supply and demand." The Factor insisted that gas prices will take a heavy toll. "There is going to be a recession because people don't have enough money to spend on other things." The affable argument continued as Cavuto posed a personal question. "Should someone put a cap on your salary, Bill? Let's be honest - what you don't like is when an industry is making money in an area that hits you." The Factor's response: "What I make doesn't affect anybody else. I want oil companies to do something for the good of the country." Noting that Cavuto's new book includes a photo of him posing with a gun, a la James Bond, The Factor offered one final piece of friendly advice. "Don't commit suicide after getting your butt kicked on this program."

Daniel Horowitz' wife murdered
Guest: Harvey Levin,

Pamela Vitale, the wife of prominent attorney Daniel Horowitz, was found murdered in their California home, killed by blunt trauma to the head. Harvey Levin provided some inside information about the case. "I talked with a cop who said this was an incredibly violent attack, an exceptionally gruesome crime scene. Horowitz had tried to take out a restraining order on a man who has been questioned, but is not officially a suspect. He feared that this guy would commit violence."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Your e-mails dealt with many recent segments. Some excerpts:

D.J. Black, Wilmington, NC: "Mr. O, I was informed that the Blair Elementary School will not allow a Halloween party for my first grader, but they can have a 'harvest party.'"

Geoff Albert, West Sacramento, CA: "Bill, as a police officer, I think your coverage of judges has been unfair in child molestation cases. There are all kinds of variables and maybe you should look into the individual cases before you pass judgment."

Howard O'Toole, Daytona Beach, FL: "Americans need to boycott Aruba now! Only that kind of pressure will make the authorities there do what is right in the Natalee Holloway case."

Steve Daniels, Stamford, CT: "As an annual vacationer to Aruba, I know the island is safe with friendly people. It does not have a drug problem. Get your facts straight before you run off at the mouth, O'Reilly."

Joseph Calitri, North Port, FL: "Bill, you have been fair in your analysis of the Bush administration. But I take issue with strange polls that claim most citizens disagree with the direction is going. You're not focusing on the President's many accomplishments."

Mike Rykowski, Placentia, CA: "Mr. O, lizards and pythons and fire ants? What's next, you wrestling an alligator?

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