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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
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The politics of hate
Guests: Dr. Raul Hinojosa, UCLA; Jeff McCall, DePauw University; Darrell Ankarlo, KLIF

"A few weeks ago six Mexican farm workers were murdered in Georgia. The town's mayor responded by flying the Mexican flag in sympathy, and apparently some residents complained about that. Enter Dallas Morning News columnist Macarena Hernandez, who wrote these astounding words: 'Were the complainers angrier about the red, white and green Mexican flag fluttering in the Georgia air than they were about the horrific murders? Do they watch Fox's The O'Reilly Factor, where the anchor and the callers constantly point to the southern border as the birth of all America's ills? ... such rhetoric gives criminals like those in southern Georgia license to kill.' What Ms. Hernandez is telling her readers that this program preaches hate and encourages murder. That's what this dishonest woman is doing. First of all, we have no callers, as anyone who watches the program knows. Secondly, I'm on record time and again as sympathizing with Mexican workers. Macarena Hernandez is a liar and this is a matter of deceit. She failed to report that the alleged killers of the six Mexicans in Georgia are criminal thugs who wanted money - immigration had nothing to do with it. Shockingly, the Dallas Morning News allowed the column to be printed. Talk about promoting hate! The publisher has dodged our calls and Hernandez refused to appear. Talking Points realizes that American journalism is disintegrating quickly. But for Ms. Hernandez to write a column this vile is beyond the pale."

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Analyzing the Big Lie
For more reaction to the column, The Factor was joined by Professors Raul Hinojosa and Jeff McCall. "It's a competitive media world," McCall asserted, "and there's a false sense that you have to be shrill in order to get attention. I don't think this kind of a column is helpful, but she's not the only one practicing attack journalism." While Hinojosa concurred that Hernandez' column was unfair, he also denounced the overall tenor of the immigration debate. "I would not have written that myself, because I think you genuinely care for immigrants and their plight. But the general tone of the discussion about immigration is one that frames it as a battle. People all over the media spectrum are trying to get people scared and riled up."

A Newspaper in Decline
Dallas talk show host Darrell Ankario joined in with a local view of the Dallas Morning News. "The Morning News has slowly become a liberal paper. If these kinds of stories continue unabated without shows like yours calling attention to it, the Morning News will continue to slip in that direction. Illegal immigration is a huge problem in this area, but you have the paper refusing to call them criminals or 'illegal.'" The Factor reiterated that editors of a major daily should never have allowed the column to run. "This woman accused this program of being partially responsible for the murder of six human beings. This is grossly irresponsible. I'm going to call for people to stop subscribing to the Morning News if they don't apologize."

Handling sex offenders in New York
Guest: Mike Myers, New York Civil Rights Coalition

New York Governor George Pataki has been trying to keep violent sexual predators off the streets by confining them in mental institutions after their jail terms are completed. The governor's strategy has come under fire from civil rights activists such as Michael Myers, who called it a dangerous precedent. "I share your anger about sexual offenders and criminals. But this 'Clockwork Orange' approach where the governor tells a psychiatrist to confirm that these people are dangerous is wrong. We should make sure there's a tough and certain punishment, but we can't use psychiatrists to predict future criminal behavior." The Factor countered that Governor Pataki has a responsibility to keep dangerous criminals under supervision. "One of these guys raped a 3-year old boy and he's out in less than ten years. These guys are repeat offenders, and they're coming back out. We shouldn't have child rapists on the street."

Frontline on Abu Ghraib situation
Guest: Michael Kirk, Frontline

The PBS series "Frontline" has investigated the abuses that took place at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison. Producer Michael Kirk explained what he and his colleagues discovered. "There was a totally confusing environment for soldiers on the ground. In the thirst for intelligence, rules and protections were whittled away. And this was going on all over Iraq before, during, and after Abu Ghraib." The Factor asserted that American soldiers need a set of definitive guidelines covering treatment of enemy combatants. "There's bitterness among our forces because these insurgents will do anything and are not fighting fair. You have terrorists who are not in uniform blowing up civilians, not abiding by any rules of warfare."

Investigating the Taylor Behl case
Guests: Parent Janet Pelasara & attorney George Peterson

A month after she was reported missing, 17-year old Taylor Behl was found murdered in Richmond. 38-year old Ben Fawley, an acquaintance of Behl's, is in custody but has not yet been charged. Behl's mother Janet Pelasara told The Factor she's certain that Fawley killed her daughter. "I've been told by several of her girlfriends that they were intimate once, but after that she was not interested. I think Taylor rejected him and he became obsessive and murdered her for that reason. She was a good student, she was bright and she was beautiful." Pelasara's attorney George Peterson predicted Fawley will soon be indicted for murder. "This is a man who has a very violent past with women. There are reports that he has choked ex-girlfriends and broken into their homes." The Factor urged parents of other young women to be vigilant. "This is similar to the Natalee Holloway case. She was also a good student and well behaved, but one night she fell in with the wrong guys and she's gone. People have to advise their children that it only takes one time."

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Vince Flynn
Guest: Novelist Vince Flynn

Novelist Vince Flynn's latest work is a spy novel called "Consent to Kill," in which he paints a troubling portrait of Saudi Arabia. Flynn elaborated on his political outlook. "After 9/11 I started looking into Wahhabism, the radical sect of Islam. The Wahhabis have made a Faustian deal with the Saudi royal family and they export terrorism." Flynn added that while his books seem perfect for Hollywood, major studios have been unwilling to turn them into films. "I'm waiting for the day when Hollywood will do a movie that examines Islam the way they examine the Catholic Church. But they think they will be targeted for assassination if they make a movie like this." The Factor praised Flynn for his research and writing. "This is like reading non-fiction. You've been to these places and you're painting a very vivid picture."

Viewers sound off
Factor Words of the Day
Many of you commented on the amiable Bill O'Reilly-Neil Cavuto shootout over oil profits and price gouging. Some excerpts:

John Vale, Aylesbury, England: "Bill, my usual respect for you took a beating as I watched your hectoring interview with Neil. Try living in a country where gas costs six dollars a gallon."

Fred White, Quincy, MA: "O'Reilly, tell Neil if oil prices double and the oil companies double their price to the consumer, profits should stay the same - not jump dramatically."

Lorraine Kay, Australia: "Nice segment with Cavuto, Bill. We like guys with common sense and humor."

Jeff Reid, Rocky Hill, CT: "Cavuto is right, Bill, if your bloated salary is cut, folks may get a break on their cable bills."

Jack Williams, Silverthorne, CO: "Cavuto 10, O'Reilly 0. Get a life, Bill."

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